Red Mage Briefs

Red Mage Briefs #41 – “Swimming Pools of Mayonnaise”

Execution is more important than perfection.


HEY! Did you know that we post a weekly update (nearly) every Monday over on Patreon? Well, we do and here it is.


As the poet Shia Labeouf once said: “JUST DO IT!!” (You know someone’s not famous anymore when you have to Google how to spell their weird name.)

Anyway, welcome to another Red Mage Briefs where you get a chance to peek at the undergirdings of The Well-Red Mage! This weekly update was brought to you by cheddar, podcast enthusiasm, sudden inspiration to sit down and write, and a complete lack of plagiarism. Enjoy the salty smell.

Down to business:

It’s always a big upset to one’s regular rhythm when launching some new project, so I’m personally attempting to get back into the swing of things in regards to writing and editing duties at TWRM. I’m currently working my way through Cosmic Star Heroine and The Frozen Wilds again after taking about a week off to research podcasts, podcasting, and podcastery.

On the contributor front, we’ve got all kinds of content on the way. The Moronic Cheese Mage just yelled for Dead Cells this morning, so check that out for a great read. The Hopeful Sega Mage had previously constructed a critique of Altered Beast. The Hyperactive Coffee Mage is on the cusp of concluding his take on Soul Blade way back on PS1. I’ll be looking forward with anticipation to The Blue Moon Mage’s address of Rage Quits. A few new contributors are set to appear soon so I won’t spoil that except to say that they’re going to be “pulpy” and “fritzy”, in some order.

Last week saw the conclusion of Podcast Week at TWRM. I was delighted to watch my very first live podcast ever thanks to Retro Game Brews! That was a lot of fun and I even got to ask a question. Plus, I was very appreciative of the kind words they had to say regarding our hosting the Beer Mage’s post about his best friend, Shane (which you absolutely must read if you haven’t yet).

Also, I got to appear on not one but two Opinioneering podcast episodes! There are still more to come but for now, you can listen to some great conversations about Superman, Nerdom, and TWRM/Moses Norton origins. I can’t wait for you to hear me audibly exhaust myself talking about my beloved Final Fantasy franchise. Keep your ears out for that.

Finally, there’s MAGE CAST. Yes, it must be spelled with caps lock firmly indented.

The first episode is available across a bunch of platformers and catchers, though iTunes continues to elude due to iTunes issues. You can visit our newly dedicated MAGE CAST page for links to places where you can listen to and download our debut. I’m looking forward to and planning for more episodes!

Speaking of, here’s our title card for episode 2!!

The Warriors of Light, our illustrious Patreon patrons, have helped make MAGE CAST and so much more possible at TWRM. As we begin to build up our auditory frontier, patron support is going to become crucial. It’s about time for new goals to be created here in our Patreon campaign but for now, the next one is accumulating better sound equipment for better audio quality, especially. The big goal of paying our contributors for their writing work and foiling the mechanisms of freelancing/capitulating to the big names… that one is still on the horizon.

All this aspiration is expensive so I’m so thankful for the patrons that have and continue to support our work and vision. I did the math and a $1 monthly pledge is about 0.0333 cents a day, which is enough liters of mayonnaise to fill an entire Olympic swimming pool. What is the value of a dollar? You could get a fraction of a pack of bubble gum or you could support a budding community to create more and better content with higher sound quality for the newly christened MAGE CAST.

The power… is yours!


SPECIAL THANKS as always to our Warriors of Light patrons, former and current!


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