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“What it’s Like Hosting a Podcast for the First Time, and Other MAGE CAST Info!”

Your comfort zone is a place where you keep yourself in a self-illusion and nothing can grow there but your potentiality can grow only when you can think and grow out of that zone.
-Rashedur Ryan Rahman



HEY! Did you know that we post a weekly update (nearly) every Monday over on Patreon? Well, here’s the update today with some info on MAGE CAST:


…Air five me, NPCs, it’s Monday and that means it’s time again for an update about TWRM and the goings ons behind the scenes.

There are a lot of things happening in the WP blogging community right now, so I appreciate that you’re stealing time away just to read this. Since Sunday, I’ve been trying to think more about humility but the thing about being humble is you can’t actually be humble if you think you’re humble. It’s kind of a weird paradox and I recognize I’m not humble at all. So, I’ve been trying to spend some time thinking about how TWRM is only one small component in the massive world of game blogging on WordPress, and WordPress itself is only one portion of this huge monstrosity we call the internet, and what I write is at a scale that’s immeasurably small when compared to the totality of games writing as a whole! It’s kind of mindboggling but all this comes out of me to say that there are many incredible and talented writers doing the Lord’s work right now, proverbially, and you should really find them and check them out. The best part of what I do is being a part of what everyone is doing, in other words: community and interaction.

Of course, as this is an update about what I happen to be doing, I realize I’d better get on with that. There are quite a few things I’ve been really excited to talk about.
One of them is I’m in talks with two more writers who have expressed interest in joining the team of mages at TWRM! Contributors are the lifeblood of our site and I really consider this whole thing to be a collaborative project. Collaboration and brainstorming has shaped TWRM into what it is today, so I’m looking forward to reading the articles these two have pitched to me and welcome them officially aboard.

Joining TWRM is easy, in case you were wondering. We’re always looking for more mages and really our only concern is that our vision, themes, and structural decisions line up with what a potential contributor has in mind. For more info, you can check out our Join the Party page. I also think it’s important to understand what we’re all about if you plan to write alongside us, so here’s another link for you: About TWRM. Of course our main Patreon page emphasizes key points, too.

On Twitter, I’ll be starting a new set of lists this week! I’m looking forward to that a lot, since I felt a nagging sense of emptiness after finishing up my list of favorites… hahaha well it’s not that bad. I just want something consistent to tweet about after #TWRMtop101!

So we’re looking at…

#TWRMtunes on Mondays highlighting some video game music…

#TWRMhonorables on Tuesdays replacing hidden gems for something with more longevity and flexibility, basically games I enjoyed that weren’t on my top 111

#TWRMdishonorables on Wednesdays to mention games I dislike…

#TWRMbaddies on Thursdays for the villains I love to hate…

#TWRMgoodies on Fridays to close out our week with the heroes. If you want to be tagged, if you don’t want to be tagged, just let me know. I’m kind of notorious for blowing up notifications, so just inform me if you’d rather bite or dodge that bullet!

And finally, the big news right now is MAGE CAST (yeah I guess capitalizing the whole thing is a requirement now)! The Timely Mage (@protoavi) and the Black Humor Mage (@blackhumormage) joined me to talk about Journey, one of our favorite games. I think the conversation went really well and at a few points became really sobering, without getting too heady or pretentious.

In this very first episode, “Sand People”, we discussed our thoughts on: minimalism, what it means, how it’s become trendy, and how it is often merely superficial; spirituality in video games; Journey in the context of thatgamecompany’s other titles; Journey as a metaphor for both the lifetime and the recurring human experience; how Journey underscores our basic need for presence; how we can get more games like Journey; and, of course, whether Ebert was right or wrong when he said games can never be art.

We’re looking at just over an hour long for this first episode. I plan to post these podcasts monthly and have them go up on a Monday. I expect to post it later today hopefully within four or five hours after I take care of some other things… like? Well, tonight I’m appearing on ANOTHER podcast! Woohoo! I’ll be joining an old friend on Opinioneering, so keep an eye out for that. Not sure exactly what we’ll be getting into, especially since I forgot I’d told him a while back we could chat about Journey and I just did a Journey talk on my own podcast (terrible memory), but I can BS my way through anything, so it should be fine hahaha!

With MAGE CAST soon on its way and editing wrapping up tonight, I’ll be uploading it to SoundCloud and then filtering it out across the media-sphere. I’m conducting a poll on Twitter right now about where you listen to podcasts, so I’d appreciate your input: check it out and vote!

All I can say beyond that is keep your eyes and ears peeled for the big announcement when our podcast launches. It’ll be soon! I do want to say what I’ve told a few others today that it is rough audibly. The sound quality isn’t where I want it but I did my best and hope to keep improving. Three mages and one mic isn’t the best set up but it’s the one I can afford right now.

Rest assured that our next goal on Patreon is to reach a point where we can start picking up more and better equipment (I went and priced some of it this weekend)!

If you enjoy our work and want to see what we can accomplish, you can check out our main page on Patreon for info on becoming a Warrior of Light patron, exclusives, rewards, Mage Chat, where the support goes, and our vision for the future.
Thanks so much for reading and supporting small creators!


  SPECIAL THANKS as always to our Warriors of Light patrons, former and current!
1st: Tony Brave
2nd: Adrienne Figenbaum
3rd: Bradley Keene
4th: Ellen “Lightning” Hennigar
5th: Cameron Kim
6th: Geddy Lee
7th: NekoJonez
8th: Jennifer Arola
9th: Elizabeth L. Cesaletti 
10th: Chuck Norton 
11th: Rus Gordon
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15th: Julius King Chua
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18th: TheTrueDonnieG
19th: I am the Cheese
20th: Normal Happenings

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