“Broadcasting MAGE CAST podcast with a cast of magic-casting mages!”

-The Well-Red Mage


Here it is, the official announcement!

TWRM has reached its second monthly goal on Patreon, which means we are finally going to launch MAGE CAST! No, I guess I really don’t have to caps lock it every time I spell it… but I’m just super jazzed for MAGE CAST! Our next monthly goal to reach will be $150, at which I’ll begin purchasing some better audio/visual equipment, and at $200 I’ll begin paying our contributors. Oh yeah! Who knows what’s after that? Maybe at $300 I’ll hire a very part-time assistant to help with admin and organization stuff. The point is that with Patreon I want to make it more than just sitting on money coming in and buying video games. Why should people pay me to buy video games? I know our supporters trusted us with their support because we’re building something… That won’t change.

I want to thank ALL of our patrons, the ineffable Warriors of Light, former and current, for helping us reach this goal (in order of appearance):

So here is some info about the upcoming podcast. I’ll have more information as we get closer to launch but I plan to have it hosted in as many places as I can!

#1. MAGE CAST will be a monthly ensemble podcast feat. various guests and myself. It may range from interviews to conversations, we’re open to see what happens, and several people have come forward in saying they’d be interested in appearing on the cast!

#2. One thing I spent a lot of time thinking about was the theme of the podcast. In conversation, I think we’ve hit on it. The overarching themes of the show are going to be gems and argumentation, to highlight our focus on the games and on civil disagreement at TWRM (when it crops up in natural conversation). Each episode will focus on a specific game. This will not be a news cycle podcast or general culture podcast, at least for now. There are a lot of podcasts chasing news in the industry and they do a better job at it than I ever could.

#3. Our very first episode is going to be called “Sand People” and will feature the founding members of TWRM (which I thought was an appropriate start): the Black Humor Mage, the Timely Mage, and the Well-Red Mage. We’re going to be talking about Journey, its artistry, its impact, its emotional heft, its music and presentation, everything! Expect a fun chat cast that will sit around 30 minutes to an hour. If you like, you can peep our YT video “Magesplaining 100 Games!”, which featured the three of us founding members yucking it up in a mini-game show of sorts.

#4. As we grow and I get more accustomed to the process of podcastery, I’ll reach out to those of you who expressed interest in joining the cast for specific games.

#5. Right now I’m thinking an episode a month will be plenty to keep me busy on top of writing, editing, YouTube, Patreon, Twitter, and Discord. Editing is still time-consuming for me as I continue to learn it but I think I can manage once a month.


Here is a sneak peek of our upcoming logo, and I’ll leave you with that. See you in the airwaves! Bonus points if you get the visual reference…

-The Well-Red Mage


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  1. Great stuff! Soundcloud is a great choice for hosting as they take care of the annoying stuff like RSS feeds and suchlike. Those are not fun to do manually — I speak from experience from a previous podcasting endeavour.

    If you host it on Soundcloud, you probably don’t need to worry about putting it on Podbean as well, since the important thing with a podcast is the RSS feed rather than where it is hosted/listed. iTunes doesn’t actually host podcasts itself, it just pulls from RSS feeds, so once you have Soundcloud set up you can submit to iTunes easily.

    The only downside of Soundcloud is its basic free package isn’t really anywhere near enough for a podcast on a regular basis, so you’ll have to pay to even get started; this is why I’ve been hesitant so far.

    My podcast is currently only on YouTube, but after payday this month I’m going to get audio-only versions of the episodes to date uploaded to Soundcloud for the benefit of people like iplayedthegame here, and future episodes will be in both audio and video format.

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    • Thanks and oh man thank you for the info! All this stuff is new to me since I’ve only just appeared on a podcast but never made one myself.

      One of the reasons why we waited so long to launch the podcast and why we set it as a goal on Patreon was to help cover the fees of SoundCloud. YouTube is at least a huge platform that’s free to upload stuff to. Thank you for the tidbits!

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