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Reviews of May (2018): The Call


Hey so that’s another month for the history books! May is over and I’m already looking forward to June with incalculable anticipation. You know, the kind we used to live with when we were children in anticipation of the games we loved. That’s a feeling we could afford to have a bit more of, thank you.

Here’s what TWRM reviewed through the merry month of May:






Our amazing contributors had a strong showing this month with the ABXY Mage (aka ABXY Reviews) leading the way with a hard-eyed and honest look at the second Metroid game, Metroid II: Return of Samus for the Game Boy. The Moronic Cheese Mage (aka Mr. Wapojif) crafted a compelling review that convinced me I need to get around to playing indie-darling INSIDE, stat! The Sometimes Vaguely Philosophical Mage (of Overthinker Y) made his debut this month with a well-written piece on Overcooked and humanity’s relationship to disorder (“philosophical” is right!).

abxy1 FF3-NES-OnionKnight.png FF3-NES-Scholar mystic_knight1 ninjamage InfernalMage

Survivalist Midnight Mystic Mage (of Sublime Reviews) took us on a zombie-encrusted jaunt up north with Death Road to Canada and the ABXY Mage (aka ABXY Reviews) struck back with a review of South Korean indie Survive! Mr. Cube. Quite a few survival games this month. Rounding out a great month of contributions was the Mail Order Ninja Mage (of Home Button) with a detailed and inspiring review of a game which looks fondly back to the golden age of JRPGs, Earthlock, re-released in an extended edition. The Infernal Accountant Mage (of Popzara) did due diligence with his weekly gamer culture column, with readers’ attentions directed most prominently to his piece about Final Fantasy VIII and unpopular opinions.

I’ve got a few mentionables of my own from May.


Foremost among them is a video I am very proud of because it features one of the people I love the most in this world, my own son, Kal! He’s two now and he had a good time playing with Nintendo Labo (follow the link for my review), despite being a little young for the toy. The product was a lovely reminder that there oughtn’t be gatekeeping in gaming, that games can be for all ages and for anyone. Here’s a father and his son enjoying this thing together, adultish pretentiousness aside. Enjoy the video and look forward to more Kidsplaining sessions in the near future!



We featured two TWRM Radio entries this month, “Ignition” and “Cithara”. These were mixes of racing themes and acoustic guitar tracks, respectively. We’re already working on a noir jazz mix for our next musical adventure.

We took some time to celebrate mothers and talk about the different maternal forms. I spent some words on the subject of individualism, faith, and Breath of Fire II. Our Big Question of the month concerned Sequelitis, or Duff McWhalen syndrome as I like to call it.

Speaking of calling things, we put out THE Call in May.

You can read all about joining the party and what being a contributor is like. As we’ve written extensively about it elsewhere, I won’t belabor the issue here. Basically all you need to know if that our community is growing and if you’re a writer interested in taking a shot at long-form content with us then you can send me a line.


That takes us nicely to the end of May and the start of June.

I’m pleased to announce that the 30-Day Console Challenge is set to begin tomorrow on the 1st! This project will (hopefully!) involve 30 different writers and 30 different consoles. We’re using the term console as it’s literal definition: a device for playing computerized games. Therefore, our month-long challenge is going to include home consoles as well as handhelds and personal computers.

There are also some loose ground rules to lay down.

#1. The writers will each be sharing their Top 7 best games ranked from 7th to 1st for the console they’re covering. Not the top hidden gems but the best of the best, the games most representative of their console, and so on. Of course, favorites and “best” overlap quite frequently so this first is an example of taking a rule not perfectly literally. Minimal ports, no remasters but full remakes are allowed.

#2. The Top 7 games should be released originally for the consoles in question unless there’s good reason otherwise.

#3. Keep an eye out for parallel lists appearing in the blogosphere!


Here is our list of writers and consoles. I plan to enjoy this!


6/1: Personal Computers! – the Purple Prose Mage
6/2: Atari 2600 (1977) – the Badly Backlogged Mage
6/3: Commodore 64 (1982) – TheDeviot
6/4: Nintendo Entertainment System (1983) – Richenbaum
6/5: Atari ST (June 1985) – the Hopeful Sega Mage
6/6: Sega Master System (Oct 1985) – Hungry Goriya
6/7: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (1988) – Game Boy Guru
6/8: Game Boy (1989) – Blue Williams
6/9: Game Gear (Oct 1990) – Esper Dreams
6/10: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Nov 1990) – the Well-Red Mage
6/11: Nintendo 64 (1996) – the ABXY Mage
6/12: PlayStation 1 (Dec 1994) – the Hyperactive Coffee Mage
6/13: Sega Saturn (Nov 1994) – Trashlevania
6/14: Game Boy Color (Oct 1998) – 16-bit Dad
6/15: Dreamcast (Nov 1998) – Edwin @ Player2Reviews
6/16: Game Boy Advance (Mar 2001) – the Iron Mage
6/17: GameCube (Sept 2001) – the Midnight Mystic Mage
6/18: Xbox (Nov 2001) – the Green Screen Mage
6/19: PlayStation 2 (2000) – the Infernal Accountant Mage
6/20: Nintendo DS (Nov, 2004) – Normal Happenings
6/21: PlayStation Portable (Dec, 2004) – the Black Humor Mage
6/22: Xbox 360 (2005) – Trashlevania
6/23: PlayStation 3 (Nov 11, 2006) – the Final Fourteenth Mage
6/24: Nintendo Wii (Nov 19, 2006) – the Sometimes Vaguely Philosophical Mage
6/25: Nintendo 3DS (2011) – the Valiant Vision Mage
6/26: PlayStion Vita (Dec 2011) – the Over-Caffeinated Nostalgia Mage
6/27: Nintendo Wii U (2012) – the Moronic Cheese Mage
6/28: PlayStation 4 (Nov 15, 2013) – the Timely Mage
6/29: Xbox One (Nov 22, 2013) – the Mail Order Ninja Mage
6/30: Nintendo Switch (2017) – Mr. Panda


See you tomorrow!
-The Well-Red Mage


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