“COMPLETE: No More Recruiting for our June Collab Project!”

**UPDATE** We have found all the writers we need. This is now an announcement as to the nature of our June project, the 30-Day Console Challenge.


Good day to you, NPCs!

I’ll keep this short, which by TWRM standards means this will be somewhere between a jaunt and a rigorous hike.

I’m recruiting a few last writers for our collaborative project coming in June: the 30-Day Console Challenge which will see a different writer each day throughout the entire month delivering their Top 7 picks for the best games for their system! These will be ranked picks and they must have been released for the console in question originally (no ports, no remasters, but fundamentally revamped remakes count).

Right now, only a few consoles are still left. Below is our roster as it looks right now, complete with dates and who will be participating:


6/1: Magnavox Odyssey (1972) – potentially claimed
6/2: Atari 2600 (1977) – the Badly Backlogged Mage
6/3: Commodore 64 (1982) – TheDeviot
6/4: Nintendo Entertainment System (1983) – Richenbaum
6/5: Atari ST (June 1985) – the Hopeful Sega Mage
6/6: Sega Master System (Oct 1985) – Hungry Goriya
6/7: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (1988) – Game Boy Guru
6/8: Game Boy (1989) – Blue Williams
6/9: Game Gear (Oct 1990) – Kate @ Esper Dreams
6/10: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Nov 1990) – the Well-Red Mage
6/11: Sega Saturn (Nov 1994) – RetroBoyJon
6/12: PlayStation 1 (Dec 1994) – the Hyperactive Coffee Mage
6/13: Nintendo 64 (1996) – the ABXY Mage
6/14: Game Boy Color (Oct 1998) – 16-bit Dad
6/15: Dreamcast (Nov 1998) – Edwin @ Player2Reviews
6/16: PlayStation 2 (2000) – the Infernal Accountant Mage
6/17: Game Boy Advance (Mar 2001) – the Iron Mage
6/18: GameCube (Sept 2001) – the Midnight Mystic Mage
6/19: Xbox (Nov 2001) – the Green Screen Mage
6/20: Nintendo DS (Nov, 2004) – Normal Happenings
6/21: PlayStation Portable (Dec, 2004) – the Black Humor Mage
6/22: Xbox 360 (2005) – Trashlevania
6/23: PlayStation 3 (Nov 11, 2006) – the Final Fourteenth Mage
6/24: Nintendo Wii (Nov 19, 2006) – the Sometimes Vaguely Philosophical Mage
6/25: Nintendo 3DS (2011) – the Valiant Vision Mage
6/26: PlayStion Vita (Dec 2011) – the Over-Caffeinated Nostalgia Mage
6/27: Nintendo Wii U (2012) – the Moronic Cheese Mage
6/28: PlayStation 4 (Nov 15, 2013) – the Timely Mage
6/29: Xbox One (Nov 22, 2013) – the Mail Order Ninja Mage
6/30: Nintendo Switch (2017) – Mr. Panda


The Game Gear and Vectrex have yet to be claimed and I’m waiting to hear back from some folks about the Odyssey and the Dreamcast. If you don’t see a console you’re familiar with on this list, I don’t mind swapping out Game Gear or Vectrex to accommodate you, if we can! I’ve unfortunately had to turn some people away who wanted to contribute because this is a limited project of 30 writers. Rest assured that we will continue to do projects after this one and the nature of this specific project is first come, first serve.

Thanks for reading!


In your service,
-The Well-Red Mage


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  1. *snaps fingers*
    Well darn, since an epic duel isn’t an option, I’ll just…
    *re-reads list a dozen times.*
    Where is the Nintendo DS?? You know, the OG sales record-breaking two-screened handheld of awesome? I want to do a list for that, if possible!

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