TWRM Radio

TWRM Radio: “Propulsion” – 1.25hrs of SHMUP music

Hai-wae 2 thuh … DAYNJAH ZOWN-ah!
-Kenny Loggins



I got my hearing back! Oh you didn’t know I was momentarily deaf? Yep. I was. I won’t tell you what I had shoved up inside of my ears but it was not, contrary to popular opinion, hedgehogs.

That means I can hear just in time for this week’s TWRM Radio entry! “Propulsion” promises to be a blast, too. It’s a collection of fast-paced, electronic music as it appears in Shoot ’em Ups, or SHMUPS for short. These are the kind of songs that are perfect for driving or exercising. They’re tunes that seem to push you forward, motivate. If you need to get pumped for anything, this is your mix.

I organized the songs to create a kind of imaginary, super-SHMUP, starting from weapon selection, through to take off, then the opening stages moving toward the final fortress and blazing glory. What comes after that ultimate sacrifice and the way of all flesh?

Thanks again to everyone who contributed songs to this mix!

Next week’s theme is going to be Jazz, specifically leaning toward the big band style! Special thanks to ABXY Reviews for suggesting that one. You can contribute to next week’s mix by telling us about your favorite video game Jazz/Big Band music in the comments below (original songs only, no covers). Maybe your tunes will end up in the final playlist?

Play it with feeling,
-The Well-Red Mage


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