“How To Reach 500 Posts Without Knowing Where You’re Going”



Well, it’s happened, NPCs. I’ve become my father.

Today The Well-Red Mage blog reaches its 500th post, this post you’re reading right now! Nearly a fifth of all the articles that have appeared here are courtesy of contributors, so a massive debt of gratitude goes to our writing mages for enabling TWRM to reach this milestone. Thank you, all! Contributors, this achievement is yours.

Writing alongside other writers whose work inspires, challenges, and makes me think is a joy unlike any other. If I did this alone, I might have already given this up. It’s a lot of work to keep all this going and I surely envy the talent and enthusiasm with which the many other bloggers out there maintain their solo work with such consistency. I owe a lot to our contributors for stoking the flames, for brainstorming, for bring their own ideas to the table. TWRM as it is now is entirely different than I thought it would be because people I’ve never met placed parts of themselves in it.

As time marches on, TWRM seems to me like a crimson train bearing down on me and I’ve only to lay down the tracks in front of it as it goes. I don’t know where it’s all headed but I do know that our vision has begun to coalesce and the fog has begun to clear.

What I’ve learned in 500 posts is how to find the happiness in what I’m doing. I won’t put up the façade that blogging is some infinitely blissful thing. Sometimes it can feel a lot like work. When I set deadlines and standards for myself, when I receive a game key I must provide a service for, there’s a new kind of responsibility that comes into play, but with it comes a new kind of satisfaction, the satisfaction from the act of creation, from work, from the art of writing itself.

So thank you, dear readers and patrons, for hopping aboard this train. Wherever you got on and wherever you get off, I hope while you’re here that we’re able to provide the kind of support, community, thoughtfulness, analysis, and engaging writing that you’re looking for. Thank you for all the kind words you’ve shared and the encouragement that has built up TWRM, comment by comment.

Oh and before I head off to the next project, I do have a special announcement… which will be made in full in the days to come. For now, here’s a teaser:


In your service,
-The Well-Red Mage


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41 thoughts on ““How To Reach 500 Posts Without Knowing Where You’re Going”

  1. Hoobloominray!!! We realise that, as we are writin *Spooky Voice* from the future!!!
    *Normal* that you’ve undoubtably done much better by now, but, like all these comments (especially the milestones/events)
    We’re just glad that A, you’re here, & B, your archives are so easy to tear through (Lord C is a Voracious Reader!)
    Ooh! & also C, that you continue to exist & be doin well (otherwise site woulda gone, & we woulda cried!) Ohh! & also also D, that you actually take time to notice & reply.. (mostly on twitter but still! *Grins*)
    We are truly grateful to bear witness to this ‘Mage Train Runnin’ Choo Choo!!!! Kudos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks very much! I liked conducting those blogger interviews, I just feel like I needed to do more research on how to be a better interviewer, so I didn’t keep asking the same questions or even kinds of questions. The blogger interviews series sort of ran out of steam but maybe we’ll start it up again someday. Thank you for the positive feedback!


  2. Congratulations and celebrations are in order! 🍾 🎊 🍰 🎉

    Your tireless work and dedication has created a much needed
    oasis in the digital desert. It has been a great pleasure to see
    your horizons expanding and your community flourishing. You
    have created something unique and more importantly needed
    for such a diverse, passionate entourage of gamers worldwide!

    Looking forward to the next big milestone and the many adventures
    in-between. Three cheers for the Well-Red Mage! Hip Hip Horray 📢

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on the milestone, it’s always nice to reach a big round number like that. Back on my old blog I made it to 2,541 daily posts… beat that 😀 I’ve settled down a bit since I started to focus on MoeGamer rather than directionless personal blogging and only post on (most) weekdays now, but I’m up to 328 posts so far.

    It’s a fun feeling to see how much you’ve managed to create — or inspire others to create, in your case — and I have no shame in admitting that I actually quite enjoy just hitting the “random” button on my site and re-reading old stuff 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m so tired just looking at that four digit number! Haha thank you so much for the encouraging comment! It’s always a pleasure to see you interacting here even though you’ve moved on from video games, you’re still dropping in. That’s awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

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