“The Final Fantasy Project” – Community Event


“Come tuhgethaaaa… right naaahoooww…. over Final Fantasy.”



*UPDATE: we’re no longer accepting new participants!



The crystals call, NPCs!

We’re currently looking for interested writers for a new community event centered around the Final Fantasy franchise. This is going to play out similarly to the recent Zelda project led by NekoJonez (check out the community hub for that). Here’s my contribution to that project for further comparison. The basic idea will be to write on every game in the FF franchise (within reason). Writers are claiming the specific titles that they want to write on. Their final articles can be reviews, opinion pieces, history lessons, memoirs, whatever, but the final posts will all go live simultaneously and link back to a central hub. The project is being headed up by OverThinker Y and myself, the former on administrative and the latter on PR responsibilities.

If you’re interested, we would be delighted to have you aboard! The games are getting claimed quickly but there are still many of them left. You can send me a private message at the following locations and I’ll invite you to our Discord channel conclave where we’re voting on a project title and where our roster is featured:

Twitter message me: @thewellredmage
FB message me: facebook.com/thewellredmage
Cut out the middle-man and message me on Discord: the Well-Red Mage#2986

Our deadline has yet to be projected since we’re still gathering talents but rest assured that we’ll allow enough time for everyone to participate, play, and write. I’ll try to respond to each request to join as expediently as possible.

In your service,
-The Well-Red Mage


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  1. Ahhhh I missed out on a opportunity here! Oh well… That’s what happens when life gets in the way… I would have loved to contribute to this! I’ll settle for waiting for you and the other talented bloggers involved to talk about my favourite series instead.

    Looking forward to your contribution Red, I bet like your piece on A Link to the Past for Neko’s Zelda project, it’ll be awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Otaku J! I appreciate the gesture and I think you’ve got a slew of excellent work here but unfortunately we’ve already turned down two writers who proposed using older posts for their entries. I’m also sharing admin duties on this project so I can’t make the call to change that this late in the game and on my ownsome. My apologies. Thank you, though!

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    • If it’s any consolation, our deadline is set for some time in December, to give everyone as big a window for participating as possible. There are some of the obscurer games left but if you’re wanting to join the project, there’s plenty of time! Let me know if you’re interested!

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  2. Ah, dear ol’ Final Fantasy! Always interested to hear people’s thoughts and memories on this series, particularly the lesser-appreciated installments like XIII (and to a lesser degree XII, although The Zodiac Age has helped people remember what a great game that is!) Will look forward to reading all these articles. I’d throw my hat in the ring but I have my hands full with my own stuff at present 🙂

    If you’re interested, I covered FFXV in great detail shortly after its launch, including a full history of the mainline series: https://moegamer.net/all-games/final-fantasy-xv/

    Slightly more recently, I also covered FFXIV’s most recent expansion Stormblood in a similar amount of detail: https://moegamer.net/all-games/final-fantasy-xiv-stormblood/

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    • This is shaping up to be pretty epic… 24 writers are currently on board and one of them worked for Square on several FF titles! There will be lots to read, that’s for certain. Thanks for the linkage!


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