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Reviews of July (2017)

July was bigger than ever here at The Well-Red Mage and what a joy it was to be a part of this team that’s as delighted as I to talk about entertainment, to raise high the banner of civil discussion in a world starving for it! 42 posts, 31 days of our Elemental Challenge, 6 new contributors, over 7000 views, 3500 visitors, 900 likes, 1100 comments, and 1050 total followers! Oh, and 1 very tired, very excited Red Mage.

There’s a lot to talk about in this special edition monthly summary, so let’s crack those knuckles and dig in, beginning with our reviews:



My sincerest thank you to our contributors who wrote and published reviews this month! Clearly I was overwhelmed with the Elemental Challenge and… preparations… so thanks to some wonderful co-authors we were able to keep on offering analyses and reviews this month.

finalfourteenthmage  We saw two new contributors make their debut posts here in July! The Final Fourteenth Mage (Cilla vs. Games) paved her way into magedom with her take on the recent Crash Bandicoot: N’ Sane Trilogy. This review is exactly why I work with contributors! I didn’t experience any Crash Bandicoot games back in the day, so I couldn’t very well provide the kind of insight and nostalgic take on the remaster that the FF Mage could. Hurrah for diversity of thought! I definitely look forward to working with Cilla in the future but if you like her style, go ahead and check out her blog: Cilla vs. Games!

nostalgiamage Our newest newly published contributor I want to welcome is the Over-Caffeinated Nostalgia Mage (Nostalgia Trigger), whose sprite is modeled after the Conjurer class from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Not to be outdone by anyone (even myself), the OCN Mage launched his debut review on the 3DS adventure-RPG Ever Oasis, which has now received over 1000 views! Holy frijoles! That’s an insane number which easily put his review at the top of the list of best-viewed reviews of all time on The Well-Red Mage! Yet again, this is why I love working with contributors and featuring their talents! For more from Geddy check out his blog: Nostalgia Trigger.

mystic_knight1  And of course it wouldn’t be a true month in review without mentioning the Midnight Mystic Mage (Sublime Reviews), our resident horror-expert who has become a veritable staple here. With his ninth insightful review of a unique title, Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa), a game produced in part by the indigenous people whose folktales the title is based on, MMM has become our most frequently-posting contributor! I admire his collected thoughts and the fact that he can regularly find the time to write them down as part of this team. I guess the theme of July was really being thankful for this magely crew of contributors! Learn more about the Midnight Mystic Mage via his headquarters at: Sublime Reviews.elementalchallengeSo speaking of working on a team, as a team together we put together a month’s worth of consistent content in a 31-Day Elemental Challenge and now we bring that community event to a close! Follow that link to view all 31 days where we talk about and share our favorite games in genres, categories, and different classifications of games from Adventures to Two-Player Co-op.

I know I definitely had my memory put to the test trying to come up with an answer for every day’s genre, and for those who didn’t make it for every single day, I applaud you nonetheless for taking on this robust Challenge. I hope you, dear reader, maybe learned a little more about gaming classifications alongside us, or learned more about yourself and what areas of gaming you’ve never experienced, and of course picked up a few more choice titles to add to your backlog. I know I did. I was delightedly surprised by how many times games that came out before my 5th gen retro-cut-off date were mentioned, as well as how influential Nintendo games clearly were in defining genres and in remaining people’s favorites.

Here are some metrics. Retro games (nothing 5th gen or later, arbitrarily) occupied 30% of our favorites. Nintendo exclusives (including timed) occupied 35% of our favorites, whereas Sony was 12%, Microsoft was 7%, Sega was 5%, then came everything else. Sorry not sorry, Atari. There were 266 total games named. It’s not too late to share your own favorites, so you can head back in time and check out each day in the Elemental Challenge! OR if 31 days wasn’t enough for you (and you want an Extreme mode) you can go back to 2016’s 31-Day Mage Challenge!

There was so much content in July that I suspect some of it might’ve flown under the radar. You have got to check out this conversational interview I got to participate in with that wonderful artist and cartoonist, Tony Single of Crumble Cult! The dude’s a national treasure, as well as a thoughtful thinker.


A few last things to tidy up: I’m unaccustomed to critiquing films but I gave it my best shot twice this month with reviews on two movies I enjoyed, War for the Planet of the Apes and Dunkirk. If you’ve seen these two, I’d love to talk details with you, so leave me a comment on those posts! Thanks!

For fans for vintage systems and retro gaming, be sure to check out the hardware review I did for the Vectrex I recently purchased. What an incredibly innovative and short-lived system. If you haven’t heard of the Vectrex, you must remedy that immediately! This is a vector display portable home console with its own screen that also had a light pen and 3D imaging goggles! In 1982!


Ah and also I cannot forget that the Spoony Bard Mage (secret singer-deluxe at Nerd Speaker) permitted me to write in his absence for his blog, a post called “Why the ghost of the Super Nintendo is still around 27 years later”. Many of us might’ve had our SNES Classic preorders from Walmart cancelled but at least we can warm our hearts by the fire, so to speak, knowing that the beloved system remains so beloved almost three decades after its launch.



As much as I enjoyed this past month’s Challenge, I’m glad to get back to what we are all about: crafting reviews. Look out for more content coming: analyses, essays, contributions, opinion pieces, my first commissioned work, but ultimately, NPCs, we’ve got a huge announcement coming… TOMORROW! We’ve been counting down the days. A few more hours and it’ll be here!

Be sure to jot down a return visit in your busy itinerary so you can come back to check it out. It’s a Well-Red Expansion Pack! No spamming F5, please, and don’t crash my website.


See you next August! Magic is never too far away.

-The Well-Red Mage


Ranked best to worst:

Dunkirk (2017)  9.1

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)  8.8

Ever Oasis (2017)  8.1

Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy (2017)  8.0

Never Alone (2014)  6.8

Spider-Man: the Videogame (1991)  6.8

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas (2017)  4.1


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