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“Why the ghost of the Super Nintendo is still around 27 years later”

No blogger is an island, NPCs! We help each other. We need each other. That’s why I’m subbing for one of my fellow writing friends in his absence over at Nerd Speaker. Check out this piece I wrote there about the influence of the Super Nintendo, even after all this time has passed.

See you there!


Nerd Speaker


“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know…”
―Pema Chödrön

Hi there, readership I’m not familiar with. The Well-Red Mage has officially crossed inter-dimensional borders to interact with you at Nerd Speaker, at the behoove and behest of my dear friend Jeowulf, who is probably sipping down a caviar margarita on some white sandy beach somewhere in the Galapagos on vacation. It’s my pleasure to rise to the occasion in his well-deserved absence and submit for your approval the following message.

The Super Nintendo is one of the greatest systems ever made. I’ll prove it to you.


Imagine the tittering delight with which my heart leapt inside my breast when the SNES Classic Edition was announced. This is not only objectively the best system ever but it’s also my personal favorite (which may or may not have some bearing on these statements). I…

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