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“Coming Next Turn: the SNES Classic Edition”


“There was no arguing with a man’s faith in the legends of his childhood.”
-Steven Saylor



Out of all of the publishers and developers that have ever made an impact on the video game industry, there’s no one quite like Nintendo. No one ever gets as many second chances.

After the debacle that was the lack of availability of the NES Classic Edition, which effectively turned it into the Holy Grail of retail stores last Christmas, Nintendo rebounded today with yet another announcement that has a lot of people forgetting their past mistakes, excited for their product all over again. Can nothing bring them down? That product is none other than the SNES Classic Edition. Yes, we’re talking about the greatest console of all time returning to store shelves, hopefully, everywhere. I only hope that Nintendo has learned something and that they produce twice as many units as they did before to meet the obvious oncoming demand.


Region specific models are set to roll out.

The SNES Classic Edition will feature 21 games (compared to the NES Classic’s 30), include two controllers and the previously unreleased Star Fox 2. It’s set to arrive September 29th and will cost $80 (or $800 if you can’t find one and have to pay a heartless gouger). Now that we know the NES Classic was a temporary product, and the SNES may only last till the end of 2017, I’m taking no chances with the 16bit mini and I’m getting it as soon as pre-orders are available. Every crossable member on my body is being crossed for luck up till September. No way I can pass on this, even after being burned by the NES Classic.


Here is a list of the games set to appear on the SNES Classic. There are quite a few 10’s, but more importantly, several of the titles I guessed would make it to the mini system are actually slated to appear!


How does this news strike you? Are you fed up with Nintendo’s business practices or do they have you in their pocket all over again? What are some games you wish had made the cut? I just wish Chrono Trigger could see the light of day again.

-The Well-Red Mage


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  1. *dusts off her soul and hands it to Nintendo* The Big N should change its name to the Big NO as in “NO virtual consoles for you.”

    I’d pay $80 for FFVI/III alone. The instant you can preorder I’m doing it even if I have to summon ye olde credit card.

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  2. Speaking as someone who works as a retailer (of videos games and the like), we are NOT as excited as you guys are. Please remember to take it easy on the poor retailers who have already heard what you have to say 900 billion times that day. Direct any frustration or rediculous requests to Nintendo. Not them. Their minimum wage job does not allow them them privilege of conjuring a mini SNES from the either, or custom caiter to everyone’s requests.
    If you get one – have fun. Let me know if it’s all you remembered. 😉

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  3. “Can nothing bring them down? ”



    I have set notifications on every site that has a product page up, I’ll be hunting one of these down come hell or high water as I don’t think I’ll just luck in to one like I did with the NES Classic.

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    • Clearly no. Forever no. I have a Sony-exclusive friend who I chatted with recently and they remarked that any other company would’ve gone under a long time ago if they adopted the practices and made the same mistakes that Nintendo has and does. We just love Nintendo too much to let them fail! That’s the definition of an industry giant.

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      • We have a saying in my store (yes I sell this stuff). “Because Nintendo…”. Everyone seems to agree, fans and non fans alike.

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        • I completely empathize with my friends in retail. I worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years and made it to upper management, and I’ve been chewed out for so many things outside of my control (like my chain not carrying nachos, for example: a Panera Bread not carrying nachos…). Consumers can really be the worst so I actually think that it should be a requirement to serve in dining or retail for a year in order to be a member of civilization.

          “Because Nintendo…” is a highly appropriate explanation of the gaming world, in more ways than one. Thanks for your comment!

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  4. When I saw the announcement I thought to myself: “That’s awesome, but I am trying to save money so I think I will pass”.

    Then I saw it contained Star Fox 2 and I cried. =P

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  5. I WANT this really, really badly, but I know Big N will only make 5 of them. I want to hate them as a company, but I still love them 😦 I’m shocked there’s a brand new SNES game on it too! I was not expecting to see a Star Fox 2. I would have liked to see Chrono Trigger as well since I missed out on that gem.

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  6. I love Nintendo products, but I hate the company’s business decisions.

    If the SNES mini ends up being a scalp-fest, I’ll ignore it like I did the NES Classic. However, this is a *great* list of SNES games. I’m a bit baffled at the lack of Chrono Trigger (since it’s still the best version, along with the DS port — the PS ports are trash) and their decision to include Street Fighter 2 Turbo instead of the newer Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. Super Mario All-Stars’ absence is odd as well. More multiplayer games would be nice, since it comes with two controllers — particularly Mortal Kombat 2 or 3 and NBA Jam: Tournament Edition.

    If I can find one of these, I’ll definitely snatch it up. I *adored* the SNES. I’ll likely get the similar Genesis model too.

    However… I’d much rather have all of these available in one location, like the Switch, instead of buying another console to plug in.

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    • Boy, you said it. Where’s my streaming services and virtual console on my Switch, Nintendo? Promises are NOT meant to be broken. Seeing Chrono Trigger trending today was so delightful, though, so if anything at least that bit of nostalgia sunshine came of this possible fiasco! I thought of that about the two controllers as well. Zombies At My Neighbors would’ve made the dual controllers beyond worth it. I’m interested in hearing why they opted for 21 games instead of 30 but so far the only statement I’ve seen from Nintendo was about the SNES mini’s possible discontinuation at the end of this year… ugh.

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      • Yep. And it made me look to my shelf and salute my Ouya lol. I have nearly every emulator on that thing and it pairs with 360/PS3 controllers, so it’s sort of a SNES Mini Deluxe. I wonder if the 8bitdo controller works with Ouya…

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          • I received one from Ouya to review their games about 3 or 4 years ago and I had a lot of fun, but I never had to pay for anything (games, console, controllers, etc) so I could be a bit biased. I had good memories with it, though, and it’s a stellar emulator box that you can sideload ROMS in via USB stick.

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                • Nah, it was a microconsole that ran off Android software. Had its own marketplace and everything that worked like an Ouya App Store. Think a Nintendo console that only offered games on the eShop. You can buy/download emulators as well that let you play roms stored on a thumb drive/USB stick. The Ouya controller is decently comfortable on its own, but you can also pair PS3 and 360 controllers for multiplayer games/personal preference.

                  When Ouya started to tumble, a lot of the good indie games ported themselves to Steam and other consoles, like TowerFall, Duck Game, Meltdown, Gunslugs, and Amazing Frog.

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                • Yeah, I just sent them a tweet yesterday asking if their current run of controllers work with Ouya, but didn’t get a reply. As soon as I saw the SNES mini price, lineup, and it not shipping with an AC adapter, I remembered my Ouya and its emulation capabilities. Hopefully the 8bitdo stuff works. I’d *love* to have their SNES controller for emulation.

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      • Well it was joy, followed by dread: “What if they only make a million of them again?!” – Apparently, they’ve confirmed they will be making a lot more of them this time. I believe it’s still a limited edition deal, though; a one off for 2017 only. Get two?!

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        • I’ll be happy just getting one, if that’s even possible! They’ll need to do a lot more than tripling the amount compared to the NES mini in order to satisfy demand for this influential and formative console. I mean, this system is the reason why so many gamers even got into gaming! It’s a piece of history, Nintendo!!

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  7. You knew it was coming, and the line-up of games is pretty good, but … from the size of it in the pic, I’m gonna have the same problem with this as I did with the NES Mini: no cartridge support. It just feels like such a missed opportunity to me.

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    • No cart support for me is actually a blessing since I’ve already got working SNES and NES consoles that can play those, and this way I don’t have to buy more expensive cartridges. There are a few third party consoles that play the carts and have modern HD connections, so I think the only difference would be making that direct from Nintendo. Do you not have a working NES or do the third party consoles not appeal to you? They’ve might’ve added cart support but that probably would’ve jacked up the price and $80 for 21 great SNES games is a steal, if one can even find it at that price. I heard preorders are up for the UK.

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      • They are indeed up for pre-order, if my Twitter feed is to be believed. I wasn’t actually aware that there were third party consoles. I don’t have the old consoles myself, though I do see them about from time to time. The price is so variable though, depending on where you find them.
        It’s certainly priced well for what you get, I can’t deny that, especially if you’re not as dead set on cart support as me. I would think that a fair few will buy it for Starfox 2 alone.

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  8. This really does look cool, and I am almost tempted to buy it, even though my gaming days are over. Still, I won’t. But I can understand people getting really excited over this. I have never owned a Nintendo console before (not counting the many gameboy variations), but seeing the cool games that will be released for it, it does get my retro gaming heart pumping again. As said it looks very cool, hopefully it will get enough release so that everyone can enjoy it 😊

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  9. Very fed up with Nintendo’s artificial scarcity nonsense BUT I will try with every fiber in my being to procure one of these beautiful gadgets! Even growing up with an SNES, there are some of those games I never got to experience, and the issue with the SNES now is the picture looks like mud while stretched over an HD TV. First world problems!

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