“Radical Dreamers – Unstolen Jewel” lyrics (Chrono Cross)

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Continuing an irregular tradition based on one of the most popular posts of all time, at least here at The Well-Red Mage, we’re going to take a momentary reprieve to dive into a translation for a non-English song from a popular game. We’ve already tackled Journey’s “I Was Born For This” and then Metal Gear Solid’s “The Best Is Yet To Come”, so this time we’re headed back in time to examine the closing track from Chrono Cross, “Radical Dreamers – Unstolen Jewel”.

Beyond the peculiarity of its subtitle, the track is significant for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it crystallizes the musical beauty of Chrono Cross. It may have been a JRPG which ultimately failed to live up to its prequel, Chrono Trigger, but it’s most remembered for its otherworldly soundtrack. Secondly, it is composed by the legendary Yasunori Mitsuda, the composer of dreams whose contribution to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 we’re looking forward to with anticipation. Thirdly, this track featured the same guitarist from Xenogears, Tomohiko Kira. And fourthly, Noriko Mitose’s vocals and the atmosphere of “Unstolen Jewel” point to the poignant sense of reminiscing that Chrono Cross pulled off so nicely.

Enjoy the Japanese lyrics, the English translation and the track itself below:

Osanai te ni tsutsunda
I’ve followed this far in search of
Furueteru, sono hikari o
That glimmering light
Koko made tadotte kita
Clasped in the hands of a child
Jikan no fuchi o samayoi
Wandering the brink of time

Sagashitsuzukete kita yo
I have continued searching for you
Namae sae shiranai keredo
Though I know not your name
Tada hitotsu no omoi o
Because I wanted to share
Anata ni tewatashitakute
This feeling with you

Toki wa ai mo itami mo
Time envelops both love and pain
Fukaku dakitome
Until they fade away
Keshiteku kedo
But I still remember them
Watashi wa oboeteiru zutto…
And I always will…

Watashi no mune no oku ni
Though I cannot remember when
Itsukara ka hibiiteita…
A whisper began echoing
Yuzugu no shizuku yori mo
Deep within my heart
Kasuka na sasayaki da kedo
Fainter than drops of evening dew

Itetsuku hoshi no yami e
May this prayer I spin
Tsumugu inori ga
Weave through the darkness of the frozen stars
Tooi anata no sora ni todoku you ni…
And reach the skies above you, so far away…


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12 thoughts on ““Radical Dreamers – Unstolen Jewel” lyrics (Chrono Cross)

  1. ‘Radical Dreamers’ has been one of my most favorite songs since the first time I heard it, along with the opening song from CC, ‘Times Scar’. Actually, the whole CC soundtrack is really fantastic, with likely a couple dozen tunes that are really well done and get stuck in the head. (Edge of Death, Dream of the Shore Near Another World, DRAGON GOD(!!!), Star-Stealing Girl). Actually, nearly EVERY track on the OST is unique and awesome!

    I miss Chrono Cross. I haven’t played it in a long time, and I only just recently found a video that explains the insanely confusing way Cross ties into Chrono Trigger.

    I doubt we will ever see a re-release of Cross, and the updated Trigger was cancelled long ago (much to my dismay). I may have to see if I have a…um…alternate method of going back and playing both.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Haunting” is a good way to describe it. I didn’t really enjoy Chrono Cross, even though I played through it a few times, but when those credits rolled the wistful sadness of this song really stuck with me. It still has after all these years. When I thought about returning to this sub-series of lyrics and translations, I knew this song would be the next one to examine.

      Liked by 1 person

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