“All your NES Classic Editions are not belong to us”


“Let the hate flow through you.”
-Emperor Palpatine



Good day, NPCs, the Well-Red Mage here.

A little background for this post, if you please. Last week we found out that Nintendo was discontinuing the NES Classic Edition. An entire world of gamers was dumbfounded and at a loss for words. Many of us were angry at Nintendo for discontinuing the product but it’s not like it was readily available anywhere, anyway. I decided, as a fan, collector, and retrogamer, to go ahead and pay off a price gouger on Amazon.com for my own NES Classic. I paid $170, well over the retail price of $60.

Here’s the fun part: a few days ago (almost a week after purchasing the NES mini) I decided to track my package via the FedEx website, which reported that the seller had cancelled my order two days after they supposedly shipped it out. I contacted the seller, GoodDeal Electronics, by email and asked if they had cancelled my order without telling me. Their reply: “Sorry, there was a sudden order increase and it’s out of stock. Full refund has been issued.” I left some feedback with Amazon and I’m awaiting my refund but this is clearly ridiculous. Were they going to skip notifying me the order was cancelled so they could avoid a $170 refund? Did they just cancel it so they could resell the product at a higher price? I haven’t had problems ordering from Amazon before but this smacks of the early days of buying on eBay. So yeah, I’m a little mad.


In the end, I’m not going to pay over $200 for an NES Classic and the cheapest I can find are over that price. GoodDeal Electronics, I hope that somehow you lose out on business because of your unprofessional dealings, and for breaking the widdle heart of this mage I hope you stub your pinkie toe this night. You can be sure that I’m not recommending anyone purchase from you as often and as loudly as I can.

But since wielding my consumerial power of the free market is not enough to sate this mage become wroth, I will remind you, GoodDeal Electronics, that the pen is truly mightier than the sword. Sic ’em, Rage Mage!


ragemage  Dear GoodDeal Electronics,

I hate your stinking guts. You make me want to throw up in a water-recycling purifier and feed you the sloshy, drinkable remains through an unused horse intestine. Feel the wrath of 2017-level riotous anger, you bald-headed charlatans, and see if you can look past the angular bloviation of your own conceited indifference to read my words! Way to turn a Nintendo dumpster fire into a full-blown, unkempt forest blaze by wizzing on it with your acrid, gasoline-infused urine, you smug, self-righteous, slovenly, unintelligent, egotistic, skankish, wretched, diseased, cretinous, whalish, viscous, amateurish, awkward, fraudulent, smelly, boorish, bazaar-hawking, medieval-quality, fly-infested, lickspittle kissing booth for miscreants! In all my years of spending money never have I seen anyone spend money on such a group of prepubescent, acne’d, ninnyhammerish, snollygostering shysters parading around products you don’t even have to sell! I hope you suddenly wake up from your stupidity-induced stupor to find a mysterious, translucent, poisonous, glistening liquid leaking from the raw, pestilential orifices of your greasy countenances, you cellulitey, spider-veined monsters. How do you sleep at night, other than on a comfy albeit haphazard waterbed full of the tears of children? Way to callously crush the hopes and dreams of an innocent and unapologetically handsome young man, you hemroidal petty-fodder stoking the fires of rampant greed. I don’t know who you are but I will find you and I will high-five you in the genitals with a wrecking ball made of air because violence is unacceptable.

Back to you, Red.


Thanks, Rage Mage. I feel a little better now.

Have a nice day, GoodDeal Electronics. And, dang it, change your name! Now to start a crowdfunding project to get me a NES mini…
-The Well-Red Mage


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  1. I would 100% summon Sephiroth or Meteor for you to smite those arrogant bastards. That is (forgive my language) unadulterated horse shit. I sincerely hope you at least receive your refund in a timely manner, because another blogger friend was utterly screwed over by GameStop with a Switch, and she hasn’t received her refund after months of waiting and getting the runaround. It’s completely messed up that they cancelled your order because the product is in higher demand. That’s poor business and terrible customer service, regardless of how much more of a profit they’ll make. I’ll remember the name of that company for they will see not one gil or dollar of my precious fantasy or real money.

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    • I appreciate your sharing in my frustration! Thanks for boycotting them alongside me! We can make a difference!!! Haha, well anyway, I feel better for writing it. Wifey said she saw the refund went through fine but yeah this was pretty awful service. Shopping online can be so convenient until crap like this happens.

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      • I’m glad you got your refund, but that’s still incredibly shoddy service and an utter disregard for a customer in favor of a potentially higher paying one. Not any way to do business and not a company I’d want to give my business to. Writing can be cathartic, and the more people who read this, the less who’ll want to deal with that company. Word of mouth is really the greatest advertisement or the biggest bane!

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  2. Unfortunately, nothing you can do. Amazon almost certainly doesn’t want to lose a bigtime seller since they’re having a huge influx of fake sellers and scammers right now. And the seller will just chalk it up to a error when almost certainly they thought (or already have) they could get more money out of someone. Probably didn’t contact you so that you wouldn’t watch their inventory and see that they had Classics in stock at a higher price.
    If you haven’t gotten your money back yet, hopefully you can file your A to Z Guarantee right now. If you can’t file because it hasn’t passed the delivery estimate, contact CS and show them your communications. Don’t let the seller refund you on their time.

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  3. If someone named Snow works at this shady reseller place, I’d more than happy to go punch them in face for you. Let me know! 🙂

    It’s never a good idea to bottle up potent rage and this was an entertaining release. I’m sorry this happened to you. I still have a small hope they will make more in the future. A good old fashioned backlash sometimes brings Nintendo back to their senses.

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    • I’m pretty sure the seller was North Korea. Pretty sure. I’m considering taking further action or not. I don’t know. Thanks for your kind words. I’ve dealt with a lot of pent up anger and put it behind me thanks to the ability I was given to write and the example of Christ forgiving others, and this was another instance where writing it out made me feel better afterward. I got a laugh in, too, so that helped! Now to figure out how to get the seller to read this! Haha!

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      • That wouldn’t surprise me if they were from North Korea, haha. I’m glad you’ve been able to put that behind you, and that you have found such powerful inspiration! I have also dealt with anger problems in the past. I learned that holding onto anger towards others just damages myself, no one else. Forgiveness is definitely the best way to move on. Writing does wonders for the soul 🙂

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        • Bitterness eats away at nobody but yourself. Truer words have never been said, L.E. I hope we can both champion forgiveness in our separate lives. The world could use a lot more of it. I was moved by an interview recently on CNN with the Godwin family of that elderly man who was shot on Facebook live. I recommend watching it. Inspiring in terms of forgiving those who’ve wronged us, and in that case very, very deeply.

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  4. Wow, that’s a really low blow. You pay over the retail price and they still have the balls to cancel your order? Sounds like you got out-bid on a non-auction website, which is absolutely absurd. I hope they actually get in trouble for doing this.

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    • Thanks for your understanding. I’m not sure what I can do about it since now the product is way out of my budget and they shot me down like that. Should I get Amazon involved? Biggest thing is they cancelled my order without telling me and it wasn’t until a week later that they responded to the email I initiated sending them. Were they even planning on telling me at all?


  5. There most certainly should have been more made to meet demand. But what can you do? Hopefully the Super NES mini doesn’t suffer the same fate. Personally I hope AtGames makes an Atari 7800 flashback with HDMI. Ninja Golf is something everyone should experience.

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    • Ninja Golf? That’s a new one on me, but then I was never an Atari guy very much. Maybe if I could get my 2600 to work. Actually, I’ve been wanting to ask you about alternatives to the NES Classic since you mentioned some in a previous comment. What’s your opinion of NVIDIA Shield? I saw it while looking up alternatives but a lot of the jargon turns me off.

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      • The shield is a nice device. In fact, the Nintendo Switch is based off of its hardware. The thing is, it’s still a tablet. So you’ll be on predominantly tablet games/apps. The one thing it has over most tablets, is the hardware will let you stream from your PC, much like Steam Link does to your TV. So you can play your computer games THROUGH the Shield. But that’s on your home network. Doing it through the internet will add a bunch of input lag. So it’s not as awesome when you bring it to Starbucks. Still, it’s one of the nicest tablets available. I’d get it over an ipad or Galaxy tablet for the streaming features.

        That said, at the higher price points, I would consider either a Microsoft Surface PRO 4 (It’s traditional intel PC hardware in a tablet. So you can run Steam, and traditional PC games/software on it. BUT You’ll need an external hard disk to store it all) or a laptop with a discrete graphics card that can handle some games. Of course the cost dwarfs that of building your own desktop PC, which would also be more powerful.

        In terms of NES hardware, the Retro AVS will emulate it well, and it outputs in 720p on HDMI. So everything is crisp, and nice. It can also run Famicom carts, and the Famicom Disk System.

        The Analogue NT (Not the new mini) was actually built with the MOS 6502 processor in it. The same chip that ran the original NES, and many competitors. So you get 1:1 performance with the original NES. But it’s also fully digital on the output. So like the RetroAVS there’s no real input lag to speak of. It’s more expensive than the RetroAVS, but if you’re a purist it could be worth it to you.

        The Analogue NT Mini doesn’t use the MOS 6502. Like the RetroAVS it opts to go with an FPGA chip that emulates a MOS 6502 environment. It’s still a great device, but for the money it costs, the original is a better option.

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        • Wow well that’s a lot to think about and research. Thanks! I appreciate the info! I don’t have the best internet at home (thanks, Spectrum, for having a monopoly on servicing my neighborhood) so I’m not sure how that’d effect the Shield. What I read is the thing can run emulators, which at this point I’m upset at Nintendo enough to re-reconsider. I have a working NES that looks fine enough to me so the units that run the actual carts aren’t of huge interest to me. The NES mini appealed to me with its digital games.


  6. I lucked out and found it on Amazon Prime Now in the Orlando area a couple weeks before the holidays. It was gone within 20 minutes of me noticing it. Here’s hoping that the rumored SNES mini will have way more stock produced.

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  7. Yeah, this was sort of a garbage move by Nintendo. I kind of feel this their way of keeping their eggs in one basket, especially with The Switch being the new hot item. This might be a missed opportunity at a major profit for them. But if they don’t put all of their efforts into Switch it could be their final failure in the console market.

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      • That’s the Nintendo strategy, and I truly feel consumers are tired of this tactic. The general market will begin to forget the either completely or next Christmas rush will see a flood of the product. They gamble like this EVERY TIME a game system comes out.

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  8. Gee whiz, that sounds terrible. I’ve had a few unfortunate occasions with Amazon, but definitely nothing like that. I definitely feel the same way about Ebay though and steer clear of it. I once purchased the entire X-Men series on DVD there and none of the discs worked. It was pretty sad. Nintendo definitely discontinued the NES Classic way too soon. I didn’t get to nab one either and I’m not willing to pay such a high price for it. Maybe someday I suppose.

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    • Maybe someday… it was a terrible run and a terrible experience trying to buy one. We both missed our window, unless they manage to go down in price, which I doubt. I’m not planning on paying anything over $200, which is a ton of money for me. Thanks for reading, though! 😀

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