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“SNES Classic Edition reportedly coming soon and 30 games we want to see!”


“Sheol and Abaddon are never satisfied, and never satisfied are the eyes of man.”
Proverbs 27:20 [ESV]



…I’m so tired of spending money. But of course, if Nintendo were to ever release a Super Nintendo Classic Edition, I’d try so hard to preorder it. It’d sit pretty right next to my actual SNES. It’s a retrograming collector’s dream! Well, now it’s been reported that such a mini console is indeed coming later this year. Nintendo sure knows how to grab my attention.

After the fiasco failure catastrophe disaster debacle mess that was the NES Classic Edition launch, what with it being nearly impossible to find in stores or online, and what with it being price gouged as high as $1,000 (I kid you not), I hope that Nintendo has a much smoother roll out for the SNES Classic. Fingers crossed. Maybe they’ll even make hardware improvements like controllers with longer cords or the ability to connect online.

This is my favorite console in existence and one of the greatest ever made with some of the greatest games ever made. It had stellar first and third party software. It deserves all the care and attention Nintendo can give it like the legend that it is. Stop trying to be Apple, Nintendo! I mean, what do I need to do? Sell my last kidney?

Time for a listicle! Assuming that there will still be 30 preloaded games on the SNES mini, below are thirty of my predictions and wish list for games that ought to make the cut. I hope you share your own wish list for the miniature system with us, as well!




#1. Super Mario World

Obviously. This was the definitive SNES game, right from launch. If there’s no Super Mario World then Nintendo has lost their minds.



#2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The only Zelda game on the SNES is the definitive title and the standard for the series in terms of structure and gameplay, especially for the 2D entries. Given the popularity of Breath of the Wild, and the Zelda franchise in general, this is a shoe-in for the SNES mini. And that’s good, because like many titles on this list it’s one of the best games ever.


Super Metroid cover art

#3. Super Metroid

Nintendo may be sitting on their hands on the Metroid franchise, but we don’t expect they’ll ever top Super Metroid anyway. It’s a frightening, moody, atmospheric game so unlike Nintendo that it emphasized variety that made the SNES awesome.



#4. Final Fantasy VI

Squaresoft was a big supporter of the SNES before breaking ties with Nintendo over the N64 and the PlayStation. At least they gave us the best Final Fantasy game in III/VI. I’ll never get tired of playing this game and it’s the most precious cart in my collection.



#5. Chrono Trigger

The best game of all time on the best system of all time is the greatest RPG of all time… there can be only one and it’s Chrono Trigger. Beyond beautiful, musically inspired by dreams, open-ended, traditional and innovative, uniquely storied, and memorable to the point of being haunting.



#6. Mega Man X

How do you reboot a franchise? Like Mega Man X.



#7. Earthworm Jim

Unforgettably weird, Earthworm Jim had its best version on the SNES and it’d be wonderful to see the intergalactic invertebrate back in action again.



#8. Zombies Ate My Neighbors

This would be a wacky multiplayer game to feature on an SNES mini. Could we ask that the miniature console come bundled with two controllers? Too much?



#9. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

Very much unlike a normal Super Mario game, except in terms of its characteristic magic, gameplay, platforming, and charm.


#10. Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting

As good as they are, there was more to the SNES than just platformers and RPGs. Turbo would be representative of 90’s Street Fighter games.


s-l1000 (1)

#11. Donkey Kong Country

The SNES had some perfect games from a variety of IPs. Many of them the system dusted off and quickened with new life. DKC remains one of the gold standards for platforming and one of the best DK games ever.



#12. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

The sequel to the first DKC is about as polished and refined a sequel as you could ever find.



#13. Super Mario Kart

Another obvious choice for an SNES Classic, Mario Kart would occupy the spot for racing games and provide more diversity on the mini system.



#14. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

This dream team collab between Nintendo and Square is the Super Mario/Final Fantasy fusion the world needed and it’s a great introductory RPG for genre-newcomers. A delightful, innocent role-playing adventure.



#15. Secret of Mana

Man, Square made some epic games for the Super Nintendo. This multiplayer action-RPG is a legend for good reason.



#16. EarthBound

Moar RPGs! Hahahahahaha! EarthBound would be a great traditional RPG to see on the SNES mini.



#17. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

Highly coveted and pretty rare, Turtles in Time would be another great multiplayer game to include plus it’s a side-scrolling beat ’em up. Doesn’t get much more classic than that.



#18. Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

Ghosts ‘n Goblins was included on the NES Classic Edition so it only makes sense than an SNES mini would include its brutal sequel.



#19. Kirby Super Star

Super Star or Dream Land 3? We can’t be sure which Kirby game would be featured but at least Super Star is a collection of games of all kinds.



#20. Harvest Moon

The game that helped kick off the obsession with farming sims has got to make an appearance on the SNES Classic.



#21. Final Fantasy IV

This influential RPG is not one to be missed for historical purposes and it’s yet another powerful Square RPG that should appear on the mini console.



#22. F-Zero

This is one I’m pretty confident we’ll see make the cut, considering its status as a launch title and its impressive use of the Super Nintendo’s Mode 7 graphics capabilities.



#23. Super Castlevania IV

We could have some back and forth on the SNES Castlevanias but the point is at heart that there must be some kind of Castlevania representative on an SNES Classic.



#24. Soul Blazer

With but one Zelda game on the SNES, Nintendo could go the “hidden gem” route and include Zelda-esque Soul Blazer to sate adventure game fans.



#25. Star Fox

Star Fox was mind-blowing back in the day with its 3D graphics and I’ve little doubt it’ll appear on the final list.



#26. The Lost Vikings

How about a puzzle game for more variety? Lost Vikings would be a welcome brain-teaser.



#27. Super Punch-Out!!

I think this cover art smells like sweat but considering there was an obligatory sports game in Tecmo Bowl for the NES Classic, this could occupy that category and actually be a sports game I’d look forward to playing.



#28. Killer Instinct

It was a toss up between this and Mortal Kombat, but I ended up going with Rare’s Killer Instinct over the inferior port and inaccurate Mortal Kombat for a hyper-violent tourney fighter for the SNES mini.



#29. Breath of Fire II

Okay so this is straight up self-indulgent of me but I love this RPG and I want to see a representative from Capcom’s franchise make an appearance. And it better not be the first Breath of Fire.



#30. Out of this World

And finally, the game that inspired Hideo Kojima and Fumito Ueda, the cinematic indie sci-fi Another World/Out of this World would be an obscure crown jewel to bring back to light.



Hopefully there’s more than 30 games because who wouldn’t want to see the likes of Contra IIIE.V.O.: Search for Eden, Super BombermanIllusion of GaiaMortal KombatKnights of the RoundSuper Earth Defense ForceTiny Toon AdventuresGradius IIIFinal FightThe Lion KingCaptain CommandoDracula XAladdinPilotwingsBreath of FireMega Man X2Mystic QuestMaximum Carnage, Rock n’ Roll RacingDemon’s CrestKirby’s Dream Land 3, Sunset Riders, or frickin’ Sim Ant?!

Just make sure consumers can actually FIND the product this time, Nintendo! Here’s an idea: maybe try sending out more than three or four units to a retailer every day. You’re sitting on a gold mine.

And what about you, dear readers? Does this news titillate or did the NES mini fiasco turn you off? What are some SNES titles you’d love to see in a Super Nintendo Classic Edition? Let me know in the comments below, my friends, and as always, thanks for reading!
-The Well-Red Mage


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  1. The SNES is my favorite console, so I would definitely buy an SNES mini! And that’s an excellent list of games you have! One weird game I have for the SNES is Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday. It was really strange, but I played it a lot when I was younger. It had an awesome, spooky vibe to it! Wouldn’t mind seeing it re-released in some form, even though I still have the original cart 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s my favorite console too! That’s probably why we get along so well. Well, that and you’re Kirby. I do remember Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday! I’ll have to dig it out and review it someday in your honor! The first time I played that game I was fascinated with the changing seasons in the backgrounds of the stages (I think it was the first stage if I remember right?). And I always thought he looked weird when he jumped. There are so many odd and wonderful Looney Tunes games from back in the day, it’d be nice to see a dedicated collection for those.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha aww you’re funny! 😉 That’s awesome that you remember Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday! I feel like that wasn’t a really well-known game or anything. You are right, the seasons changing in the first stage was awesome! I used to love playing because I never knew what season it was gonna be. I remember the 3rd stage (part of it was underwater, go figure) was a real pain! Oh, I’d love to see a Looney Tunes Collection too! That would be awesome! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • I think I researched it once and it’s something like the duration of time you spend before pressing start and loading the actual game determines the season of the first stage. I think I still have my copy of it somewhere? I’ll have to dig it out and give it the ol’ analysis one of these days. So much time, so little games! Wait… scratch that… reverse it.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Oh really? Huh, I never knew that! I’ll have to test out that theory myself! It’s been so long since I’ve played it… but after talking about it, I think I need to give it another go! Ah, I almost wish there was so much time, so little games! It did seem a little simpler when I was a kid and all I had was an SNES and a GameBoy! 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

            • Right? Now there are so many avenues to go down and so many games coming out at once it’s impossible to stay on top of all the games you want to play, not to mention now there’s 30 years worth of gaming history to delve into.

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  2. I wasn’t interested in the NES Classic; it’s a touch before my time. The Super Nintendo though? Oh boy. I’ll be getting one of those (assuming Nintendo makes enough of them).

    Now to the games. I’m obviously hoping for the all-time-classics, but more than anything I’m hoping they offer a large enough selection that I get to go back and play some of those games that I missed out on when I was a kid (who only got games for Christmas). I adore Super Mario Kart, but I really want to take a run at A Link to the Past.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was born in 85 for the NES was already at the end of its lifespan when I got into gaming, just about, but it was still the first system I had in the home. The SNES though. That’s my boy. Maybe we’ll be able to see more than 30 games on the system. Nobody knows yet but that’d be nice. The big names, especially Nintendo’s main IPs, we can be sure will make an appearance but I wish with all my heart that there will be more room for the other gems. That and availability so it’s not another embarrassment.


  3. I’m not making the same mistake I did with the NES Classic (though thanks to a good friend I still wound up with one); I’m pre-ordering this as soon as I can. It would be a travesty NOT to have an SNES to sit next to my NES mini. I was going to chime in with Final Fantasy IV, but I saw Final Fantasy II, which is IV on the SNES. Silly numbering issue.

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  4. I have 2 sets of nephews. One set has X-box, Wii, Nintendo DS, Ipads, (all the skylanders) etc.
    The other set have books & board-games. So I was rather surprised when I saw a Mini NES set
    -up in the lounge. What is more funny is that the nephews with all the systems only
    wanted to play classic NES all weekend! My mind was blown. 💥

    Having purchased my first NES at a yard sale in California for $20. The SNES had already been out
    for a year or so. So it is funny in 2017 everything comes full circle. All the bells, whistles, extras,
    & hype, get sidelined for the CLASSICS. It was very enjoyable watching them go on Double Dragon
    & the classic Mario Bros Games. They had already figured out the warp cheats! Good TImes

    Having never purchased a SNES, if this comes out it is definitely worth picking up.

    Before that day arrives, it might be time to hunt down that N64 that has been in storage & show
    them some multiplayer fun for 4 gamers! Nintendo is sitting on a cash cow re-releasing these updated
    mini-systems. Give the people what they want is the easiest business model in the universe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah when the classics drop it’s a big deal. We saw what that kind of reputation can do to propel the sales of a new game capitalizing on the old with Breath of the Wild. Nintendo could make billions, they just need to provide the people with the products they want simply by making them available. Because who DIDN’T want an NES mini?


  5. Excellent list of classics for the Classic, Well-Red! I see we have a lot of the same wishes for the SNES Classic! I hope Nintendo makes it, but that it doesn’t disappear super fast like the NES Classic did.

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  6. I love your list of 30 games. Hopefully, Nintendo learns from their mistakes and produces more units. Still, this news is a kick in the groin considering they just discontinued the NES classic while so many people were left out in the cold.

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  7. It has to happen, although I’d be happy for all these games to make it to the Switch anyway so I can download them all. I love the SNES dearly and still own my old one, but a diddy portable console would be amazeballs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Switch would be the ultimate choice and it would be great to have so many titles on one portable system! Virtual Console needs to happen but maybe they’re whetting the world’s appetite for the classics before updating the Switch with VC. It’s so hard to guess what Nintendo is up to sometimes…


  8. I NEED this!! Take my money and make lots of damn stock (for once), Nintendo! The SNES was my first video game console so the nostalgia is heavy with this one. I so want all of these games to happen too!! A lot of those rare game cartridges are expensive today, and I would love to be able to play these games on a SNES mini 😀

    You also reminded me that Earthworm Jim was very groovy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Are you paying attention, Nintendo? EWJ is super groovy. One of my favorites!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I was going to write a long comment about these games, on which my childhood is partially built, but I didn’t want to consume so much page space. I may post something on my own blog in response to this, as it would be a joy to go over the memories. Ah the hours spent in front of the old, CRT television, SNES controller firmly in one hand, Pepsi in the other. It could be a long, long post.

    Hoping to see a SNES mini, not likely to get one, but will continue enjoying these games through “other means”. (other means are not as fun as a SNES mini, though).

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Excellent choices there, both in the predictions and the wishlist. In particular, Chrono Trigger, Earthworm Jim and Tiny Toons were all games that I’ve palyed to death at different times.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Battletoads: Battlemaniacs make it in, as well as Animaniacs, Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, Micro Machines and Rock N Roll Racing. No, they aren’t exactly the best games released, but they provided me with some enjoyment at least. If they want to translate FEDA: Emblem of Justice too, I’m all for it.

    Liked by 1 person

        • Absolutely one of the best consoles in history. I think it’s the closest Nintendo came to a PlayStation in terms of variety and selection, though I think the SNES tops all four of Sony’s consoles. I wondered about the N64 mini as well. Personally, I’d be comfortable if they stopped here. If they do this to all their consoles then it becomes less special that they gave the treatment to the consoles of the golden age. Just my opinion and I’d probably still scoop up an N64 mini anyway, but imagine how silly a Wii mini would be, especially since the name sounds… unflattering.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ha! I’d hope that they don’t do all of them, and I do think that stopping at the SNES would be wise, though I to would interested in an N64…though again, I’d be also be trekked to just grab the original console if out didn’t allow cartridge use.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Yeah, stopping at the SNES would be a good idea, maybe do an original Game Boy mini somehow (without it being microscopic) but not going into 3D would sit fine with me. Besides, a mini could be pretty awkward with four players. Not say I wouldn’t buy it….

              Liked by 1 person

  11. That certainly is a great list. I did not get an NES Mini much to the disappointment of my collector side, but I’d much prefer a mini SNES anyway, as that’s the system that got me into gaming!

    Definitely a good list that I can’t imagine will be too far off base, if this thing actually gets made, and IF they make more than 14 of them.

    If I had to cast my vote, I’d definitely want to add Aladdin and The Lion King, those were two of my favorites growing up (and I see you included them at the end as well!). They certainly made some great TV/movie game adaptations back on the SNES, you just don’t see that as much today. Now they’re move shovelware than anything else.

    Also, Road Runner’s Death Valley Rally was one of the best and insanely difficult games ever. I recently beat it on an emulator and even with Save States, it took me nothing short of an eternity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had to break down and pay off a gouger for an NES mini but I’ll do my darndest to get this SNES mini if it does indeed come out. If it was this exact list I’d be catatonically impressed! I’m counting on at least half of these titles appearing on the final product.

      Aladdin would be great to see! I’m not betting too much on a lot of the licensed games but it’s a lovely wish. I haven’t played that Death Valley Rally. I’ll need to look it up! Thanks for the indirect recommendation.

      Liked by 1 person

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