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Reviews of March (2017)

Uppercut March in the face, cuz it’s K.O.’d! March was an interesting month for us here at The Well-Red Mage. We took a large step toward writing opinion pieces over reviews, influenced highly by the release of the magnanimous glass hammer, the Nintendo Switch. Here are the reviews we did complete this month:


First off, I have to expend by deepest gratitude to the three contributors who made March exceptional.

Time Mage 8-bit right A huge thank you to the Timely Mage for taking the time out of his busy schedule to write for us on Horizon Zero Dawn, which by all accounts looks like a highly polished sci-fi masterpiece. It may give Breath of the Wild a run for its money in the GOTY realm. His review has inspired some great conversation, so don’t forget to check out that comment section! TM also contributed a fun little fantasy piece to encourage some thought in his post “If life was an RPG…” Stop and smell the escapism, especially if you’re an RPG fan.

mystic_knight1 I owe a debt of gratitude to the Midnight Mystic Mage (of Sublime Game Reviews) for his third consecutive month of contributing! Not one to blush at the scariest of entertainment, MMM will go down in magely history as the one to break us into the realm of book reviews with I Am Legend and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward! Yes, the blog equivalent of a renaissance man is now open to reviewing the written word. Let’s call it “textual healing”. Bookaga!

ff3-nes-sage2 Not one, not four, but three contributors this month were rounded out by our newest party member, the ever-verbose Evergreen Sage Mage (Wakalapi)! This guy seriously awed me with an articulate comment he shared once and I’m glad we have him aboard. Be sure to check out his treatment of wit upon Mother Russia Bleeds, which by all accounts looks like a bonkers beat ’em up. Da! …And that’s all the Russian I know.allthemageslrgupdatedblackI’ll mention again that we’re always welcoming in more contributors. If you’re interested in writing but not interested in sustaining your own blog, or even if you’d like to reach a wider audience, you’re welcome to join our team and contribute reviews! Contributions do not need to be consistent and there’s no pressure from me beyond formatting. Please check out our Join the Party page for details.

Rage Mage right Of course I can’t forget about that thorn in my side (his ransom notes won’t let me), the perpetually petulant Rage Mage. He graced us with two venomous articles this month: “A Review of the Reviewers of the Nintendo Switch” poking bad-tempered fun at all those Sony and Microsoft purists out there and the assailants of Nintendo, regardless of affiliation, and “5 Disney Movies that need a Live Action Version!”, spoken into the current obsession with live action Disney adaptations. Only for true Disney fans… and also people who appreciate satire.

This past month I had the pleasure of chatting with two giants in the blogosphere: the highly accomplished Matt Doyle and the goddess of wisdom Athena Veta! Check out their interviews to learn more about two people who are clearly a cut above the commonfolk!


March was a month in which I couldn’t stay away from controversy. Not that the stuff particularly bothers me. It just gets stuck in my teeth. Case in point, a trilogy of articles about what Nintendo can learn from their past successes and mistakes (now renamed to better get the point across) and a mouthful in which I still struggled to make my point: “Critical aggrandizement or how being comfortable with 10-point scores has atrophied due to hyperbole”. Realize that that one isn’t some kind of apologetic for our grading system, but more of an observation about how the 10-point score has been rendered meaningless due to widespread exaggerations.


Finishing up Breath of the Wild? Check out our post “The Adventure of Link after the Breath of the Wild” for several recommendations on other Zelda games from the past.


The Nintendo Switch was of course a big focus in March, since its launch on the 3rd. If you’re on the fence or just looking for more information, I penned two posts on the Switch. The first represents immediate first impressions, inklings, and the second reflects upon (hopeful) effects that the Switch may have on the gaming world.

I am delighted to say thank you to the following bloggers for these awards! Some of these are a month late, so I apologize for taking so long to recognize you, my friends. Also, if there are any other nominations floating out there that I missed, I apologize for not seeing them!



The Green Onion Blog for the Blogger Recognition:
Blogger Recognition Award



NekoJonez for the Blogger Recognition:



Deez Wurds for the Real Neat Blog:


And finally, April is going to be a challenging month for me personally in terms of keeping up this blog. I will be taking a momentary break from our quest to combat ignorance (see our Lore page if that sounds slightly offensive) due to our baby’s impending birth. I want to thank many of my fellow writers who reached out with well-wishes! It’s greatly appreciated! We can’t wait to meet our little Retchen Wellington Rouge Norton! (spoilers: highlight to reveal) April Fool’s. That name is ridiculous.

Below are the rankings for the titles we reviewed in March. I can’t recommend Breath of the Wild enough. I still can’t put it down and I’ve already beaten it a handful of times!
-The Well-Red Mage


Ranked best to worst: 

Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)  9.9

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017)  9.8

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (1941)  8.8

I Am Legend (1954)  8.3

Mother Russia Bleeds (2016)  8.3

Stardew Valley (2016)  8.1

Alien vs. Predator (1994)  8.0

Tumblepop (1991)  6.1

Breath of Fire (1993)  5.0


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      • Thanks my Well-Red friend! March has been big for me too, and it’s not even just because of the Switch this time, haha. YouTube is full of challenges, and if I didn’t have such a wonderful wife and awesome supporters like you, I would burn out fast. It’s a lot of work, but seeing the completed videos and having people enjoy them makes me happy. I’m posting a new video of a Zelda spoilercast my wife and I recorded after beating the game, so we’ll see how that does, haha. Congrats again on all your awards and another successful month!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’ve got to hand it to you for the purity of your content and for putting your face out, too. That’s not something I’d personally be comfortable with and I know that takes a large measure of bravery. Wives (or significant others for that matter) are incredibly important. My own wife is helping me to get through my writing drought currently. I’m interested on what you think of Breath of the Wild’s place in the Zelda timeline. Have you written on that at all or is it to be in a video at all?

          Liked by 1 person

          • Thanks! It’s very nerve-wracking, being the shy, quiet introvert that I am, so I appreciate that you can recognize the effort I’m putting in to put myself out there, so to speak. My own wife has been a true sport, not only supporting me throughout this venture, but even being a part of it. I have to owe all of this to her, for sure! And I’m very happy that your wife has also been a great help for your drought. Aren’t they wonderful? I need to thank my wife often and always!

            As for the timeline, funny enough, I did write on it in my initial E3 2016 preview of Zelda. And even funnier, I haven’t changed my stance. But it would definitely be interesting to do a video on it, so I’ll have to look into that. I know there’s some kind of revised timeline, so I feel I should know what that is before assuming that BotW could possibly fit on the properly sensible timeline we have now, haha!

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  1. Reblogged this on Sublime Reviews and commented:

    Check out the Reviews of March on The Well Red Mage, featuring my reviews on The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by H.P. Lovecraft &a I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. It has been a rough month for me working a lot of hours but I am looking forward to getting some more reviews out soon now that we are finishing inventory and going back to a regular schedule.

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  2. Oh wow, Horizon: Zero Dawn received a higher rating than Breath of the Wild :O Chances are I’ll be playing the former before the latter since I have the system for HZD, but I’m still on the hunt for a Switch. I can’t wait to compare and contrast notes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • About that: the review for HZD was completed by our Timely Mage. I haven’t played it myself so I can’t say either way. I’ll admit I was fully tempted to up my review for BotW by a single decimal digit but in the end I figured the difference between 9.8 and 9.9 is practically moot. I think Zelda is just fine without me tinkering with my final score 😉 and hopefully it’ll go on to win GOTY this year. I can’t wait to compare notes, too!

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  3. What a name XD Maybe in the future there could be a post of how parents can juggle responsibility with gaming? I’m a new parent myself and I’m getting on-the-job self-training in how to be a responsible dad while still finding some time to play games 🙂 It’s not easy but it’s possible!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The name was the weirdest thing I could think of for an April Fool’s joke hahaha! That would be a really great post. I don’t feel like I’m an expert on it, though. I’ll try to brainstorm some sort of post that’s open to input and collaboration on the subject. I need to learn more about how to balance fatherhood and gaming too! It is possible, though, like you said! Thanks for the encouraging words.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats on another successful month! I especially enjoyed your Goddess of Wisdom interview, and BoTW & HZD reviews. I can’t believe March is over already… I wish you all the best with your upcoming party member 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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