“Writing Through Paine”



Ho ho! I hope you appreciate the Final Fantasy-related pun in the title of this post. And no, this is not some kind of “I live in a constant state of low HP” pity-piece. I am not fishing for sympathy, though I of course empathize with people in suffering even while taking a slight jab at the other legitimate whiners out there. You know who you are.

Anyway, so it’s not any kind of emotional or depressive pain I’m having to blog through. It’s a physical pain. While I’d love to blog much, much more and daily create the “long-winded” style of analyses and reviews we have come to be known for, I’ve developed an acute discomfort in the muscle of my left wrist, below the base of the thumb. I am quite sure the pain is not the result of wielding my scarlet rapier. I’m convinced it is from writing. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

So then why write to make it worse? The only reason I’m writing about it is to see if anyone has a Hi-Potion I could maybe borrow and not give back? Barring the pharmaceuticals, maybe someone out there can relate. Have you had to wrestle through a similar pain? If so, what have you done about it?

I’ve already tried mayonnaise, salty balut, and the feces of a Catoblepas but nothing has alleviated it.

I was tormented (to evoke 2017 hyperbole) by this pain several months ago. Tediously stretching the muscle over the course of a quarter of a fortnight and liberally applying heating pads staved off the utter anguish for a little while. Now it seems the old nemesis of chronic uncomfortableness has returned. And as a child of the modern era, I refuse to abide uncomfortableness! Is it carpet-tunnel?

Help! I shall not be silenced by a mere tendon!

With love,
-The Well-Red Mage


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  1. Obvs Lord C cannot empathise as, bein a Socio, feelin no pain, is usually a base level in all things.
    However, I’ll just echo other commenters above, a brace may be a good idea or a wild surgery may attack! I don’t brush my teeth cos of bleedin gums, & am currently livin in fear of what dentist’s gonna say when I go.. & also of Root Canal!!! Gyargh!!! *Sobs in Fear*

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  2. Aww, hope you feel better soon! I have carpal tunnel (had a test done where they stuck needles into my skin and sent electric shocks through them- not exactly fun!). I had a really bad time with it last year where I had to wear a brace constantly and I could hardly move my hand at all for like 2 months. I ended up getting two cortisone shots, one in my wrist and one in my elbow (I have cubital tunnel also) and those really helped! I’m trying to avoid surgery for as long as possible. I know I’ve done too much when my fingertips start tingling, so I just try to rest and do some stretches that help relieve the pain. Also, wearing a brace to bed helps! Good luck to you! 🙂

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    • Oh my, I’m terribly sorry to hear you’ve had to suffer through all of that. My own discomfort pales in comparison to that! I did get a cheap little brace to use when banging out these reviews, so that’s seemed to help so much so far. Thanks for sharing your story! I hope you can avoid surgery! As someone who’s had kidney surgery, I can attest to it not being a fun process.

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      • Well that’s good, I’m glad the brace is helping you! With the exercises and the shots, it really seems like I won’t have to have surgery for quite some time. I also have arthritis so that aggravates everything too. I’m a real mess! 😉 Aw, sorry you had to have kidney surgery! That is no fun at all. The only surgeries I’ve had were to get my tonsils removed and my wisdom teeth removed, and both were not exactly fun 😦

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  3. Sorry dude. I used all my Hi-potions walking to work this morning. We had a snowstorm here last night and the sidewalks weren’t plowed… I do hope you get all healed up soon. I’m studying to learn Curaja in the meantime.

    One a side note, I followed your link and noticed you did review FFXIII. Dare I read it? 🙂

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    • Ooh hey well stay safe. I read in the news there were some weather related deaths. Thanks for your well-wishes! As for the FFXIII review… well… it was the first thing I wrote for this blog and it’s over a year old now so it’s not up to writing snuff, which is probably the biggest reason why I wouldn’t recommend it. Also, I played through FFXIII once and didn’t like it as much as I had previous games, so there’s that too. I took some jabs at it humorously but I think it still encapsulates everything I feel about that game. But as time has gone on I do think I’m more open to hearing more about other perspectives on the game than I was. Just be prepared if you do read it! 😀

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  4. I wish I could go there and give you an Ex-Potion! Or if only I knew Curaga to help you out. I don’t know what to tell you to help your wrist, but I hope you can rest it out. Health is definitely important, and I’d prefer you felt better than pushed yourself. There are places in my body that ache sometimes too, so I resonate with that chronic Paine feeling. Either way, well-wishes to you and hopefully, a white mage will come to your aid!

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    • Thanks, Panda! It’s the thought that counts. I appreciate your well-wishes. I’m the kind of person who can maintain only a few things in life but I throw myself headfirst into one or two things. Writing is one of them. I still want to post once daily but I’m afraid if I injure myself irreparably then I won’t be able to pursue the dream of writing ever again. I went out and bought a wrist brace today, so fingers crossed! You know what would be helpful is if we had some kind of a series of articles among us on how to maintain proper health and posture while blogging and gaming… My cogs are turning.

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  5. I always have to use a carpal tunnel wrist brace when I’m typing. Never had a problem when I was younger, then the pain and discomfort just came out of nowhere on both my hands. Don’t know if it’s carpal tunnel or not, but a wrist brace definitely helps me. Well, two actually, but one has been replaced with a pretty much permanent wrist support wrap after having my hand smushed in a car window. A wrap is cheaper, but the brace has more support.

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      • You can find them in almost any big box or pharmacy store, and probably in some sports shops. Look in the first aid and/or the sports sections. You can also find them online. 3M and Ace are popular brands. I would recommend going to the store and trying one on though. (The boxes usually aren’t taped.) At least then you’ll know what type you like and fits.
        I know my mother got tested for carpal tunnel. She just uses the same brace I have. I got tested for the pain in my smushed hand with some shocks, but that didn’t find anything. So I would just say try a brace for now. $10 – $15 US will generally find you a basic one, $20 – $30 for a more deluxe model.

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  6. Would a brace help? My handwriting has always been sloppy because of this very thing (I also write a lot, and before I had a computer or typewriter, I was all by hand). Typing isn’t as bad for me, at least not yet. I hope a solution presents itself soon…one less smelly than catoblepas poo hehe.

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  7. A party member of mine (good friend) said he recently started taking turmeric pills to help with inflammation in his knees and it worked wonders for him. I’m going to give it a shot myself, as I have knee issues, as I think it’s a rather inexpensive buy from the local apothecary (Sprouts). You will, however, have to find your own slick pill/potion bottle to store the stuff in. If inflammation seems to be the problem give it a shot!

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