“Rage Mage Assemble!”

This rage-post is just one sentence long… because, as all you bottom-feeding, basement-dwelling, like-fishing bloggers know, the plebeians at Square Enix thought it was okay to get the entire gaming community all up in a hissy-fit of excitement for what turned out to be the ultimate example of lameness: that they’re going to be making a stupid Avengers-themed game, probably in the vein of the Lego Marvel thing, because let’s just come right out and say it: nothing is more appropriate for the Marvel brand than getting the shameless, angsty, pandering treatment from the same company that crapped out Final Fantasy XV in all of its fetch-questing, female-objectifying, open chit-chatty anti-glory, and after all, the cast of FFXV with monotone Noctis, dude-bro Gladio, anime-cliché Ignis, and professional whiner baby Prompto are the perfect archetypes for the whitewashed, mansplaining derpsters crowding Marvel’s list of C-tier… Continue reading “Rage Mage Assemble!”