Well-Red Mage interviews NEETaku


“Whether it’s Western style or anime, I’ve always been a fan of animation. The limitless possibilities to be found in this medium have fascinated me ever since I was a child.”



Hey all! Welcome back for our seventh blogger interview. Can you believe it? Almost two months of this stuff. I’m deeply grateful to everyone who has participated and the many who have shown interest in being interviewed and are waiting patiently! Patience is a virtue and character its reward, my friends.

This time I had the pleasure of talking with NEETaku of Just… My 2 CentsHe may be selling himself short with a blog title like that since this was certainly a ten-dollar conversation at least. We got into the nature of animation and the need for fair and open discussion. It’s people like NEETaku who make the wastes of the world wide web a much safer place for conversation. Enjoy!


“Let’s just kick it off right now. Red Mage left
I generally ask, how long have you been a gamer?’ for starters.”

ippo “I have been gaming…since the dawn of time!! Haha. But seriously, I’ve been doing it since the early 90’s. First system I ever owned was the OG NES with the “Rob the Robot” extra. Me and my brother mostly played Mario and Duck Hunt on it, with a sprinkle of Double Dragons. From there I got a SNES with Mario Kart, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat. Then there was a time where most of my gaming was secondhand. As in I’d spend the weekends over at my cousins’ house and play their systems. The best time I’ve had gaming were the countless hours spent playing GoldenEye or WCW/NWO Revenge on N64. Nothing gaming wise will ever compare to that.”

“Aw you had the perfect trio of Nintendo gaming nostalgia. Red Mage left
And you had a Rob the Robot? You know I actually have no idea what those do. Do you still have it?”

ippo “I wish I still had it. Probably could get a few bucks for him, haha. All he really did was spin little tops around on a platform. But, it was the 90s and he was robot. We didn’t ask many questions.”

“Haha, so let me fire off a triple question for you: Red Mage left
You mentioned the NES, SNES and N64… so what is your favorite game for each of those three systems and why?”

ippo “For the NES, hands down it has to be Super Mario Bros. Played that game till it broke. For SNES, it’s Seiken Densetsu 3, Secret of Mana 2 in the States. I first played it on an emulator and absolutely fell in love with it. It was my first experience with a real-time fighting system in an RPG for any console. Since then I’ve never touched any RPG that doesn’t have one. Lol. My choice for the N64, as stated before, was WCW/NWO Revenge. Been a wrestling fan for ages and that was MY LIFE at the time! Sooo many hours wasted playing that game! Even now I still play it on an emulator.”

“Hours wasted? Nay! Those are definitive classics, Red Mage left
but I can’t comment on the wrestling one since I haven’t played it myself. So I notice a little more than just gaming on your blog. What is your blog all about? What is its specialty?”

ippo “My blog was initially created to be an anime based one. I’ve always had all these crazy theories and thoughts rumbling around in my head about the subject and figured I’d give it a shot. Honestly speaking, I didn’t think I would last long, let alone find people who’d actually agree with my inane ramblings, haha. It’s not all anime all the time though. I also write about other topics that bug be as well. I try not to be predictable.”

“Yeah I think it exudes a jack-of-all-trades sort of feel. Red Mage left
So being big on anime, what are three of your favorites, films or series?”

ippo “Hajime no Ippo is easily my favorite anime of all time. Most people would find that strange given that it’s technically a sports anime, but it’s so much more than that. With most shows of that genre it’s all about winning trophies and being the best. Hajime no Ippo, in the other hand, is a coming of age story focused on the main char’s desire to know what it truly means to be strong. He’s in it to better himself, not to win belts.

“My second favorite anime is a little known series entitled Crest of the Stars. It’s another coming of age show with a sci-fi setting that depicts Jinto’s, the main character, to deal with father betraying his people and life under a galactic empire similar to Rome. It’s a good watch if you’re OK with slower paced series. As far as movies go, Princess Mononoke tops the list. Miyazaki’s masterpiece about balancing nature and industry is a flick that I’ve yet to see topped.”

“Well, hey! I haven’t heard of the others Red Mage left
(I’ve not seen a huge number of anime series) but Mononoke has been the recent subject of discussion around here. So let’s talk about that for a bit. What do you think makes the film so compelling?”

ippo “The different take on the environmental message that most of us are used to. We’ve always been taught that industry is bad and that it’ll eventually lead to the downfall of mankind. Miyazaki takes a different approach and says that progression in itself isn’t inherently evil. However, too much of it throws the world out of balance as shown in the film. A mutual respect for both nature and industry is what’s needed.”

“I think the thoughtfulness is what makes Studio Ghibli films so distinct. Red Mage left
What are some of your other favorites by them, if any?”

ippo “Off the top of my head, the only other ones I can think of are My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service. The latter mostly because of the hilarious drinking game I made for it.”

“Haha! Oh yeah, let’s pretend I don’t know about your drinking game Red Mage left
so you can tell the world about it here.”

ippo “Simply put, you take a shot for every panty shot in the movie. I’ve tried at least twice and barely get past the first third of the movie before giving up, lol.”

“So, let’s imagine the ghost of Roger Ebert is sitting down here Red Mage left
and he looks at you wistfully and asks “Why anime?””

ippo “I’d probably answer first with “Why animation in general?” Whether it’s Western style or anime, I’ve always been a fan of animation. The limitless possibilities to be found in this medium have fascinated me ever since I was a child. And I think that’s what keeps me coming back no matter how old I get. I’m always yearning to see what new imaginative world the next Disney or Miyazaki is capable of creating.”

“How would you respond to the allegation that animation is for children Red Mage left
and should be kept in that realm? Of course one could say limitless possibilities, but what are some examples of how animation can tackle adult themes? Beyond Mononoke, of course. For the sake of variety.”

ippo “Anyone still claiming that animation is kid’s stuff clearly hasn’t watched a single Disney movie or anime in their life. It’s just like the argument that watching R-rated movies filled with profanity and violence makes you more mature. I would point those types of people to the Cowboy Bebop movie and ask them how, outside of it being animated, is any of that not adult?”

“Oh yeah I was hoping that Cowboy Bebop would come up. Red Mage left
My favorite anime series. I never get tired of saying that. As an anime fan, what are your thoughts on the series?”

ippo “Like many others I think Cowboy Bebop is untouchable. The expertly crafted story, the spectacular cast of characters and that hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. It’s one of those series that gets as close to perfection as you can get. To this day it’s one of the few anime I refuse to watch subtitled due to excellent job done Steven Blum and the rest of the cast.”

“Yes! I was and I’m still blown away by it! Red Mage left
Definitely it’s a work of art. How long have you been blogging for?”

ippo “Apparently longer than I first thought! I missed my own 1 year anniversary a few months back and didn’t make a post about it until 2 weeks later!” XD

“Haha stuff sneaks up on you, I suppose! Red Mage left
So you’re in your second year? How long do you plan to keep it up and what is something you want to see your blog achieve?”

ippo “What I want to achieve most from this blog is open discussion about a subject matter I enjoy quite a lot. That’s why I’m always asking for people to comment on my posts. I don’t want to be just another talking head just blurting out my opinions with little regard for those who take time to read them. The exchange of thoughts and opinions is like the backbone of any fandom, and I’m much more of a listener than a talker.

“As for how long I plan to do this… Either until I get a podcast of some sort, or until the voices in my head stop feeding my ideas for blog posts.” :3

“Open discussion is important. Red Mage left
What are some things which you think facilitate open discussion and what are some things which hinder it?”

ippo “We live in a world of extremes. You either agree or disagree, love or hate. People today are too busy trying to make sure their opinions are heard that they drown out everyone else’s. Closed minds are the greatest hindrance to open discussion. Until we look past ourselves, we can never achieve it.”

“What’s an example of a recent discussion on your blog Red Mage left
which you felt was very open, objective, and fair?”

ippo “The best example would be my post on the show RWBY:

“As you can see in the comments section, there’s no trolling or posts calling me an idiot for even thinking RWBY can be an anime. Instead what we have is a peaceful exchange of differing viewpoints. THAT is how it should be.”


“It really sounds like you’ve created a haven for fair discussion and Red Mage left
expressing opinions. Maybe someday people like you will be able to change the way that people behave on the internet. Two final questions for you, my friend: First, what present could someone give you next weekend that would make you absolutely lose your mind and run around the living room?”

ippo “Honestly? I’d be psyched of someone gave me enough money to buy a new Master Grade Gunpla kit. I haven’t built one in ages and sooo have an itch to do it! Building models is a surprisingly satisfying experience.”

“Hey I used to do that, too. Warhammer to be exact. Fun stuff! Red Mage left
What is Master Grade Gunpla? I snuck in an extra question there.”

ippo “Gundam model kit.”

“I should’ve guess that, if I’d had my thinking cap on. Final question: Red Mage left
What word of wisdom would you offer to the world right now under pressure to be profound? And GO!”

ippo “Normal is overrated. Never accept being part of the status quo. As long as it’s morally beneficial to you and the world, do what you want to do. You’d be surprised who’ll actually like hearing what you have to say.”

“Well-said to a well-red mage! Thank you exceedingly Red Mage left
for participating in this interview! I do hope that you continue to be a beacon of open discussion in the wilderness of the internet.”

ippo “No problem. Thanks for taking the time to listen to a weirdo like me, haha. Hope to do this again.”

End Transmission


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  1. Yet another brilliant interview with a genuinely lovely sounding chap!
    “So Shines A Bright Light In A Weary World” Indeed.. *Grins*

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with the animation assessment. It’s a medium that allows you do much more much more easily than live action. The possibilities are literally endless, and people who think it’s just for kids, do not understand this. Even the Looney Tunes cartoons of old were never intended for a younger audience. I think this is the third time I’ve mentioned Princess Mononoke in a comment on your site, but you only need look to that to see how epic animation can be.

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  3. Wow! Has it really been seven already? This is was really neat idea Mr. Mage.

    Another great conversation. The world would be a much better place if more people kept an open mind. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      • Very true! When I started my WordPress blog I was expecting to have to slay some evil trolls, but everyone I’ve have the honor of meeting on here has been really nice.

        You were one of the first great people to follow me, and I’ve met several wonderful people from your awesome blog alone. I hope you keep shining this bright beacon of positivity against the dark forces of the internet.

        Liked by 2 people

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