Well-Red Mage interviews Reuben from Stuff and That (the Red Hot Chili Mage)


“Using just my left nipple as a weapon…”



We’re already a month into this project on our fourth in a series of interviews of the amazing bloggers out there. Time flies when you’re rubbing elbows with geniuses. If you’re interested in our series of interviewing bloggers and securing a spot yourself, please check out our post “Introducing Blogger Interviews“.

Finally we have the opportunity to interview another honorary mage and a fellow blogger, Reuben of Stuff and That, also known around these here parts of the internet as The Red Hot Chili Mage! The guy brings a lot of love and enthusiasm to the table for a variety of subjects. So sit down, pull up an ice block and enjoy as we talk a little retro, talk a little modern, and talk a little music.



“Aight, mate, I think it’s time we got this interview boat out to sea!
Let’s start with the trademark question: How long have you been a gamer?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Ah, here we go then. I thought I was playing games when I was 2 – 3, but ’twas all a ruse, as my brothers took great joy out of telling me I was playing as the rings in Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive. I actually started gaming once I was about 4, playing a load of hand-me-downs ranging from Micro Machines to Street of Rage. This was all before I started obsessing over Gotcha Force and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, when I was about 5. That’s when I really started gaming.”

“Dang. I know what it’s like having older brothers, because I am one myself!
I took great joy in telling my younger brother he was the enemies on Yoshi’s Island. ‘Course that meant he always lost. Do you remember your first system, then?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Haha, you jerk!! Wish I could have that chance though, would love to take the mick out of younger siblings. My first system I owned was the Gamecube I think. But it’s a bit of mesh because it was a hand-me-down and I’d already played lots of Mega Drive, Dreamcast and N64. I’m in a Sega/Nintendo family.”

“So no Sony/Microsoft love from you?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Well actually as time has worn on there’s become a massive mixture of games consoles in our house, which has meant I’ve got into Microsoft and Sony as well as Nintendo and Sega (it’s just classically I was a Nintendo/Sega guy). Although a couple of my brothers have stuck with Nintendo for the most part, the other two took to the Xbox as their ‘Dreamcast replacement’, and eventually I decided for whatever reason through all the other influences I’d get into Sony, and I now own a PS2, PS3, and a PS4. I’ve got some love for all of ’em!”

“Ah the Sega Dreamcast! I passed on that one.
What are your thoughts on the Dreamcast?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “It’s chaboi Dreamcast, from everyone’s favourite terrible marketers, Sega! It was a great console, but oh so overlooked. I can’t say too much because by the time I was born it was coming to an end, but I reckon there are enough cool games on dat console to make it one of my all-time favourites. I mean Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing? There are some gems on that thing. Also, lots and lots of nostalgia.”

“I do want to find one someday,
but I remember the only thing I ever wanted on it was Marvel vs Capcom and I eventually got that for PlayStation, anyways. Do you prefer modern or retro gaming? Nevermind that I’m reaching for the holster about my waist…”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Haha I don’t mind which one! I’m not gonna say I prefer retro or modern gaming, because they definitely both have their perks. For one, modern games are more likely to look flippin’ nice, and retro games have more of a tendency to look like crap. No, no, I’m only joking, please don’t kill me… Retro games have a certain 8-bit style, and I like that, and modern games tend to just look dull and brown in a done before massive open world. Even so, games have advanced since the retro games and there is probably more variety now than there was in 1990, per say. I also think that whatever was good in the retro games, a lot of those things have been developed to near perfection since – although some were left in the dark, I guess. I think after all I do gravitate more to a nice new shiny game, but that’s just the obsessive teenager in me talking.”

“So this interesting, let’s talk about the definition of “retro”.
There’s no right answer of course, but I think our personal definitions of what is “retro”, “classic”, “vintage”, etc. vary depending on our age and childhood experiences. For example, I’d hold anything prior to the SNES/Genesis generation as “retro” but I couldn’t be “nostaglic” for Sonic since I didn’t grow up on him. So for me it’s everything before the 4th generation, roughly 1990. What about you? Where do you draw the line between “retro” and “modern”?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Well, I was born in 2001, so based on that retro should be before that. So, Sega Saturn, N64, PS1, and everything prior, are probably my “retro”. Even then, I’d consider the 6th generation as kind of retro, with the Gamecube, Xbox and PS2, because they just seem so damn old compared to what I’m used to playing now. But it’s all a massive blur, to be honest, because of the massive amount of consoles my family’s played, so I guess “retro” is anything old…? I dunno. Deeeeeerrrrrrrrrr…”

“I feel ancient. Hahahahahaha!” *hack hack cough wheeze*
“So as you know I interviewed your buddy Milo recently, with whom you share duties on your blog, but whose brain child was it really? Who came up with your blog name or idea in the first place? Who said “Hey, you know my life would be less incomplete with a blog”?

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “I’m the better one, obviously (actually he might lynch me for saying that). It was my idea. I thought about doing a website with Milo as a kind of grand idea for the future, but then he just said, “Hey, you know our lives would be less incomplete (quicker) with a blog”. So we made it on WordPress. It was my idea, but Milo was actually the proactive one who pushed it onto the web.”

“Is it your first blog?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Well, I actually started with a blog on MyIGN, and managed to get over 100 followers boiiii! Not that impressive but you know, I was about 12.”

“Nice! So I guess it just took a little teamwork to get the second one off the ground.
That’s impressive for a twelve-year-old. So what drew you to blogging at such a young age?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Just liked games, ‘n stuff. Also I was a bit of a geek! Guess they go hand in hand though. Would explain it more if I said I’ve always been into writing too.”

“Have you always been?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Well, I’ve always been inclined to a good game, film, comic, rock song or what have you, although I was more interested in running around and playing with Sonic toys when I was really young. I guess the fact they were Sonic toys tells you I was a bit of a geek even then though haha. With writing, I dunno, I’ve just written a whole buncha stuff since I was a litt’lun.”

“Beyond blogging, have you written anything else you’d be glad to mention?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “I tried that NaNoWriMo thing last year but failed, written a load of stupid short stories, and one called The Miraculous Adventures of, Well, Me? that I’ve been working on since I was about 11. Here’s the latest paragraph from that last one: ‘My entrance to the ‘Terrorists Next Door’ was even more entertaining than my entrance to the restaurant. There were a few Ukdens wondering around outside who I’d taken care of, but now it was serious raiding time. Using just my left nipple as a weapon, I managed to eradicate every single Ukden who dared set up camp in this terrible hell-hole. Once I was done with this little objective, all that was left of the li’l activists was their splattered remains, which in all their glorious gore were for some reason yellow like some kind of delicious Thai curry.'”

“Oh don’t even get me started on NaNoWriMo.
I’ve finished one novella in my lifetime and it wasn’t done in no month. Dude, thanks for sharing a bit of your work! Do I detect the aspirations of a novelist?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Eh, maybe, but a flippin’ weird one at that.”

“Hm. Left nipple. So! Music. Music plays a big part on your blog.
Is that a passion of yours or Milo’s?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Yes, music. That probably shares the top spot for attention on our blog with movies, although we have an equal interest for games. Just don’t complete too many games, so those don’t get loads of coverage. Music is definitely a passion of mine and Milo’s, we’re pretty much constantly listening to some sort of alternative tune when we aren’t at school or whatever (heck, I’m listening to Korn right now – they’re my latest obsession). I don’t think we’re that great when it comes to the technical terms ‘n all of music, but we love to talk about whatever the hell we’re listening to whoever reads it, and whoever criticizes it.”

Korn, eh? What are some other favorites, like if you had a Top 5?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “At the moment, it’ll go like this: 5. Korn, 4. Mastodon, 3. Porcupine Tree, 2. The Mars Volta, 1. Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

“Do you play any instruments?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Kinda-ish when I can be bothered. I’d love to get good at guitar or bass, but I dunno if I have the commitment. Still time though!”

“Yeah it takes a lot of determination and practice to git gud at a musical instrument.
So not to long ago you wrote a piece here on Rocket League, which I really enjoyed, under the guise of the Red Hot Chili Mage. I think we now all know where that exact name came from. I’ve wanted to ask you why you thought fit to render us a service such as writing an article like that and joining the magely ranks?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Just like your website, mate! Wanted to write some stuff for someone else too, for no real reason. ‘Course, I guess a little part of the motivation was that you’d put the Stuff and That links in there, but that’s pretty much in vain and ain’t my big reasoning anyway. The main reason is probably so I can write stuff for an expanded audience and just see what they think, as well as trying my hand at your review format. Expect another review soon, anywho!”

“Well, I wouldn’t say it’s in vain and I hope our mutual partnership
continues to flourish. We’re looking forward with held breath to your next review! Someday soon I can hopefully prod the Rage Mage into repaying the favor, as per our blood oath agreement.”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Haha, I don’t really mind whether you do or not, although gallons of blood were spilt in the process.”

“One last question:
if you could say anything to your fellow bloggers and gamers out there, one word of wisdom, what would it be?”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Just one word?”


FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Okay. Oh wait…”

“Okay” it is. No, hahaha, word in terms of a phrase or something.

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Keep on writin’, playin’ games and all dat. Also, listen to “Here to Stay” by Korn, I CAN’T STOP, PEOPLE. Oh, and Trump is actually a robot.”

“You can safely say that from your roost in Great Britain. How I envy thee.
Anyways, thanks very much for spending your time with us, Reuben! I appreciate your enthusiasm for this interview and we look forward to hearing from you again.”

FF3-NES-Magus2.png “Thanks for a great interview man! Don’t faint again…”

“No promises! I feel a wooze coming on.”

End Transmission


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  1. Great interview, glad to know a fellow Brit likes Korn & Videogames…. Now if I could just find some1 who likes videogames & Slipknot!? *Grins Darkly*

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