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“Modern Sonic comes off as annoying at times.”



One of the great joys of blogging has been meeting new people who share the same passions and pursuits as myself. With this, our third entry in a series of interviews on bloggers, I got to meet someone and learn about what makes them tick and what draws them into the wonderful world of gaming. There is no experience quite like getting to know someone. Third time’s the charm. I had the pleasure of talking with The Every Gamer.

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“Alright, so it’s about time we got this interview going!
You and I aren’t too well acquainted so why don’t we start off with you telling me a little bit about yourself. In 4,000 words or less.”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n “I’m known as The Every Gamer (real name classified for security reasons ;)), in my early 20s and I live in a house…obviously. I have autism and I have some of the typical symptoms of it like talking to myself, putting things in order, not liking loud noises I wouldn’t like, etc. My hobby includes playing games (when I figure out which one to play), collecting games (even if I’m running out of space when being in a family home).
But I also like to draw, though it’s something I need to practice if I had the right equipment…like a desk. If I’m not doing any of that, I just surf the internet whilst wishing I did something more constructive XD
Other than that, I like to keep very personal things to myself because this is the internet…well I did explain my autism but I made a post about it explaining in detail…whilst talking about Sonic CD…go figure.”
“Hey I think that’s very brave to be so transparent.
Thanks for sharing. I think that’s inspiring to know that you’re running own blog. It’s not easy! So how long have you been a gamer?”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n “Well, I had been going to people’s houses to play their games before I owned my own console but the memories are pretty vague. It was about 2002 or so that I went to a party and someone was playing a Game Boy Advance. The game he was playing was Sonic Advance 2, he gave me a turn and I instantly loved it, from the character of Sonic, to the fast gameplay. This led me to getting a Game Boy Advance and a PlayStation. So technically I’ve been a gamer my whole life.”
“Beginning your gaming career with a handheld!
You mentioned the PlayStation also, but have you mostly stuck with handheld gaming after all this time?”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n “Now that you mention it, I’ve always been a handheld gamer, I do play console games, no problem there, but I grew up playing my Game Boy Advance, then I got the PSP much later. And when that got busted disc-wise, I homebrewed it and now I play many retro games either I can’t afford or there’s no other way to play some of them. So I’ve always geared towards handhelds for their pick up and play aspect, but it doesn’t mean I’m just a handheld gamer as I’ve played and reviewed many console games. As you mentioned, I had a PlayStation, so I got the best of both worlds.”
“Homebrewed? Do tell!”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n “Well…putting software on the console to let me play old games, it’s quite easy to do. I mostly did it because I can play many games on the go…even if I don’t really go anywhere, but like I said, the PSP can’t run discs properly so I just turned it into a console which can play NES, Sega games, SNES and even Neo Geo. But I still collect games as I still like physical goods…it’s just playing games I’m unable to get.”
“I’m glad you’ve a taste for the classics.
Which would you say is your favorite gaming system?”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n “Ooh, that is really hard. In terms of the amount of games I love that were released on that particular system, I love the Sega Mega Drive. Continuing my love of Sonic, I knew of the classic Sonic games after seeing a cart of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I didn’t get the console until much later, but I have a lot of games for it, and a lot are really good like Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage II, Toejam & Earl, Contra: Hard Corps (or Probotector in Europe), Castle of Illusion, there’s so much games I like for the system, but my ultimate favourite game is Sonic 3 & Knuckles, an absolute perfect game. Also, how could you go wrong with Sega’s twang?”
“Ah I thought I sensed more than a bit of Sega love.
My radar was not far off. I didn’t grow up with any Sega systems except for Game Gear, whereas I’ve owned almost everything Nintendo and Sony. Tell me about your love for Sonic? I genuinely want to know since I’ve personally never been able to get into the character. I have played the original games but found them too inaccessible for me. So what is the appeal of Sonic for you?”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n “The character was blue, fast and ran fast. I didn’t really grow up playing Mario games until after I played Sonic Advance 2 at the time. Also, I didn’t have a lot of games on the Game Boy Advance back then so he was my go-to game for that reason. It wasn’t until I got a Plug ‘n’ Play Sega Mega Drive that I got to experience the original Sonic the Hedgehog and it was my childhood game, then a year or so later, I got another Plug ‘n’ Play Sega Mega Drive, this time having Sonic the Hedgehog 2, it was a great time to be a Sonic fan. Nowadays, I still love Sonic…well, Classic Sonic, his character design just spoke words and he was silent, Modern Sonic comes off as annoying at times. But I guess the appeal of Sonic is his high-speed gameplay and momentum physics…when it’s done right, like the classics, which is why I’m looking forward to Sonic Mania.”
“You’re making me want to give those classic Sonic games a chance again!
So would it be safe to say that your favorite game of all time is in the Sonic franchise?”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n “Yes and no, I explained why I like the franchise and it pretty much made me a Sega guy for the most part, but no as in Sonic is OH SO flawed, I mean a series isn’t meant to be perfect, but Sonic’s franchise has been through one heck of a rollercoaster that I often get worried. Although I heavily respect the series, it’s not my favourite franchise but I’m still a fan of Sonic, if that makes sense…that honour goes to the Streets of Rage franchise.”
“Woo to the hoo! Streets of Rage! Now how about your blog?
What is your blog about and what makes it uniquely a place that people should visit?”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n “It’s a blog for that one person who wanted to know about a game and I would like to inform them on what kind of game you’re looking for, something simple but often detailed enough for everyone to understand…and to for my small amounts of dry humour (that may or may not be good). Basically, The Every Gamer is about playing anything, mostly retro and sometimes modern, nearly every genre is covered and it’s just me wanting to give my opinions on games because I saw YouTubers do it but because I don’t have the expensive video editing software, writing on blogs is the next decent step I guess.”
“So The Every Gamer is for every gamer. Self-explanatory!
Yeah YouTubing is a whole new ball game. I’ve been rolling the thought around in my mind myself, but that’s a big step to take. Are there any upcoming games you’re looking forward to? Maybe one you’re hoping to secure for a certain winter holiday?”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n “I don’t really buy anything new, I always buy pre-owned, though there are rarely some exceptions, like the Sega 3D Classics Collection on the 3DS, or even Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii years ago. The only upcoming games I’m looking forward to are Yooka-Laylee and Sonic Mania…and maybe Project Sonic 2017.”
“Well speaking of upcoming video games…
Did you manage to get a NES mini or were you interested in picking one up? I assume so since you like retro games. 
I tried getting one but it seems they’re rarer than common sense.”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n “It’s Nintendo limiting their stock again to increase hype, but I believe it only annoyed people to not even get it…as far as I’m aware. I would like to get an NES mini, since I wouldn’t have to get some of those games on Virtual Console. And for the scalpers who are selling them for thousands of pounds can do one.”
“Yeah I tried getting one but it sold out instantaneously.
If they are doing it to increase hype, then shame… Everybody loves the NES. So with your blog, what is one thing you’d like to see it achieve?”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n “I just want more people to see it, talk to people about their own views on the game, just some kind of recognition, but it’s hard for bloggers to achieve that kind of large recognition.”
“I hear you. It is definitely a challenge but keep up your determination!
If you could change one thing about the gaming industry as it is currently, with say the wave of a magic gaming wand, what would you want to change?”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n“Free online services on PS4/Xbox One. I feel left out and I don’t want to pay money a month for something I may not enjoy.”
“I may have to get you that magic wand, then.
So let’s say you’ve got the world as your soap box. What final word of wisdom would you want to share with gamers and bloggers everywhere?”
12990878_199456447105483_4318135244599975217_n “For gamers, I say to enjoy what you’re playing, but sometimes it’s not a bad idea to broaden your horizons, if you only buy the annual games. As for bloggers, enjoy what you do, it will be hard, sometimes you’ll feel like it’s all for nothing, but should you continue on, there may be benefits. And if anyone tries to change games to meet the demands of people who will never play it, then “politely” tell them to go away, we are adults, we’re not stupid.”
“Well, thank you for your thoughtful answers
and for spending your time with us! I appreciate your enthusiasm in setting up this interview, as well.”
End Transmission

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  1. That quote about Modern Sonic is hilarious given that he was marketed to us as the “Kewl”and “Radical”alternative to Mario. The hero with attitude on the system with attitude.

    Good interview. Can’t wait for my turn.

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