Well-Red Mage interviews Milo from Stuff and That


“It’s funny, neither of us can really remember where the name came from, actually.”



Welcome back for the second in a series of interviews on great personalities out there in the blogverse. Get excited! If you’d like to take part in our series of interviewing bloggers, please check out our post “Introducing Blogger Interviews“.

This time, I had the pleasure of talking games and writing with Milo from the blog Stuff and That. His community blog with a large writing staff covers a variety of subjects across the arts and pop culture. And the guy brings some real energy to his words! Listen in and enjoy.


“Hey, Milo, so I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm in being interviewed!
I think you were an immediate responder soon as that original post went up. Thanks for spending time with us. Your avatar interests me. Reminded me of pop art.”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “Don’t mention it, mate, happy to respond! …Oh yes, it isn’t mine, I’m not that talented, it’s by an artist called Flore Maquin. Links please!”

“You got it. Next, I’d like to ask you when you first became a gamer.
Ahem: When did you first become a gamer?”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “It’s a blurry mix of Red Hot Chili Peppers and sugar, but I’m gonna have to say when I was about four years old.”

“And what were some of the earliest games and systems you remember?
Do you recall your first love?”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “Well my dad was and is a big gamer, so he got most of the new releases at the time. I was playing a lot of original Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube. I can remember playing games like Mario Kart Double Dash, Dead Or Alive 3 and Soulcalibur II as some of my earliest.”

“Do I detect that you are an esteemed Englishman?”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “Very much so, good sir!”

“Beautiful country!
I studied abroad in York for a semester and enjoyed seeing Newcastle on the Tyne, the Lake District, and Manchester. Always wished I could go back. Sip some of that Yorkshire Gold for a poor old yank like me. This question just popped in my head: How do you think that being an English gamer makes you unique compared to say an American gamer, like your friend across the pond? Like, you mentioned you enjoyed Xbox. Any particular awareness that it was American hardware?”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “Well York and Newcastle are bit to the north of where yours truly lies residence. I’m not really sure if that exactly makes me a unique gamer, however, because I like to believe that video games are a universal medium and so nationality, I think, doesn’t really have an effect on it, in my opinion. And yes, I was aware that the Xbox is an American hardware. I swear, you guys and the Japanese get all the good stuff!”

“As a Sony/Nintendo fan,
I’m going to say our friends in Japan get all the good stuff! Video games indeed are universal and they help to bring us together and build friendships into …well even other countries, apparently, as we’re discussing. But hey, you should be immensely proud of your own country’s contributions to the beautiful world of gaming: Rocksteady has made the definitive superhero video game franchise with their Arkham games.”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “Oh definitely. The Arkham games are some of my favourites of all time. In fact, I could go as far as to name Arkham City perhaps my favourite game if all time, so I guess we ain’t all that bad.”

“Tut tut! You’ve also given us Rare and Traveller’s Tales.
Glad to know we both loved the Arkham series. So let’s talk a bit about your blogging. Tell us about your blog, mon frere.”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “I’m always one to plug my blog, you sly fox! At Stuff And That, we write about a bit of everything, movies, games, alternative music, comic books and a notch of anime and other goodies. Yes, by “we” I meant a phat ol’ cast of writers including cha boi Reuben, who I understand is also lined up for one of these.”

“Yes, Reuben (aka the Red Hot Chili Mage) and I are well acquainted.
He even wrote up a lovely piece for us on Rocket League, which I have yet to play. I’ve noticed that your blog contains many references to music as well as video games, which I think is something that makes it stand out among the blogging crowd. What would you say is something that makes your particular site unique?”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “Well, Mr Mage, when we set out to start this blog a year and a half ago we tried to approach it with the same sense of humour we approach everything with. This means a lot strange grammar, made up words and slang (cha boi being quite prominent lately) which I don’t see to much of in the blogosphere. I’ve also been we have quite a unique layout as well.”

“So it was a team effort from the get-go?”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “Well it was originally just me and Reuben’s idea so it’s our joint site. However, the more the merrier, I guess, and now we have 7, soon to be 8, guest writers and we’re still open to more, funny how things turn out like that.”

“That’s great that you’re seeing such success in crafting a group of writers
and bringing together people with similar interests. Why the name Stuff And That? Is it to describe the broad nature of your blog?”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “It’s funny, neither of us can really remember where the name came from, actually. From the get-go we knew we didn’t want to be restricted by any kind of category for our site, I think we were just spitballing ideas, Them Darn Kids Doin’ Them Darn Reviews was an odd prospect, and one of us blurted it out. Guess it stuck.”

“There are some amazing games coming out before the end of the year.
Are there any that especially catch your eye and potentially your wallet?”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “Well, as a mah-hussive fan of Sunset Overdrive, the prospect of Spider-Man PS4 is looking mighty fine indeed.”

“Spidey fan?”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “Yeaaaa boiii.”

“I can enjoy me some Spider-Man though I’d consider myself more of a DC diehard.
What is a goal or something you really want to achieve through your blog?”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “Obviously I’d love for loads of people to read our stuff and just to expand our audience. Personally though, my dream is to write for a living, and I’m hoping that Stuff And That could act as my vehicle for doing so.”

“Ah! What kind of professional writing interests you?”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “My two biggest passions are movies and music (and video games, don’t worry) so writing about either of those two things would be incredible.”

 “A lot of people are in need of some inspiration right now
so if you had the ears of the world, or at least those of our fellow readers and bloggers, what word of wisdom could you offer?”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “It’s simple, it’s crude. But, in short, don’t be a d–khead. Don’t be a racist, sexist, homophobe, etc., etc. Because it’s easier not to be. Oh and don’t leave the game if you’re getting thrashed.”

“To the point! Thanks for spending your time with me.
It’s been a pleasure talking to you across all this vast distance yet knowing that gaming and the writing arts bring us together.”

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “It’s crazy what’s possible, eh? Cheers for your spectacular interviewing skills and for the opportunity to shamelessly self-indulge!”

“Ha! ‘Spectacular interviewing skills’?” *swoons* redmage-ff1-nes

14991975_638854339620694_8571673852881096024_n “Umm… He actually passed out. Uh.. Could I get some help over here?”

End Transmission

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