Well-Red Mage interviews Raccoon Daddy


“Oh and the Raccoon thing is because the blood oath involved a sacrifice of a live raccoon.”
-p2d2, Raccoon Daddy



Thank you for joining us for our first interview of a fellow blogger, NPC’s. If you’d like to take part in our series of interviewing bloggers, please check out our post “Introducing Blogger Interviews“.

A big thank you to our blogger under the spotlight today, Raccoon Daddy, for sharing some of his experiences, history, and distinctive fatherly humor with us. You can check out his blog and enjoy a variety of posts of all kinds with a community-oriented emphasis on appealing to an audience in their 30’s and 40’s.


“Hello, Raccoon Daddy, and thanks for agreeing to an interview.
You’re our first and our first question is: How long have you been a gamer?”

transparenttanookimario “Sure! Pretty nervous!! My hands are sweating so much…

Been an OG (original gangst…err gamer) since 87′. I was 5, and had a sleep over at my cousin’s place. His dad had Super Mario and Duck Hunt. All I remembered was how we kept dying and falling down pits. After a few retries both he and I (both the same age) found it more entertaining, to just jump into the pits. Simply laughing at poor Mario dying was pretty entertaining. That and we thought that damn dog from Duck Hunt was funny, but we’d shoot at him anyways.”

“Ah, what better games to introduce you to the digital world than those?
Is it safe to say that the Nintendo Entertainment System was your first game console?”

transparenttanookimario “Yeah, there was also a blood oath to ensure my allegiance to Nintendo. Of course I broke that, since then I’ve been cursed with horribly bad luck, among other things.”

“Oh no! You broke your allegiance to Nintendo?
Here I was going to ask about your blog name Raccoon Daddy.
Why break that allegiance?”

transparenttanookimario “Yeah, I own both a PS4 and Xbox. Not a Wii U, I kinda felt it was doomed to fail. Not to say Nintendo’s games aren’t fun in recent days. As a matter of fact, fun is all that their games are, there’s still tons of respect there. I’m probably gonna be getting the new console in a year or so. It was the PlayStation, at the time my bro had that and I eventually got the Nintendo 64. But I dropped off mid way through the Wii’s lifespan. Nintendo just doesn’t have that solid third party support on their consoles, which is weird cuz…THEY’RE NINTENDO. I still have it and a few games collecting dust. I guess I’m saving the best for last.

Oh and the Raccoon thing is because the blood oath involved a sacrifice of a live raccoon. Problem was, the little guy kept moving and trying to eat the Cheetos I had on the table. I just ended up stabbing my hand. *shrugs*
In honesty, I love raccoons, I want to have one as a pet, love Tanooki Mario, Resident Evil and most things raccoon related. Except for the whole dumpster diving thing…EWWW!”

“I’m glad you included that disclaimer. What if a raccoon read this?!
So you brought up Nintendo’s next system, which we all know has now been revealed as Nintendo Switch. What are your opinions on it? Do you think it will succeed or fail, and what do you think Nintendo could remember from the success of the NES to help with the Switch being awesome?”

transparenttanookimario “Third party is gonna make or break it. Despite the fact that Nintendo never pushes its hardware specs like Sony or M$, yet always innovates and gives us consistently great 1st party titles. Yet that hasn’t truly done it. Why?? 3rd party.”

“Couldn’t agree more, and in a large way that’s what made the NES so great.
So you blog. Are you a writer? Have any lofty writerly goals beyond blogging such as becoming a novelist or journalist? Why do you blog and why do you blog about what you blog about?”

transparenttanookimario “I’ve always enjoyed writing…when I was 14 years old, I hand wrote a 45-plus page fan fiction remake of the original Resident Evil. Hell, I even redrew the in-game maps and made scene recreations for many of the rooms. So, yeah I loved writing but not until two years ago, did I pick it back up. I initially wanted to do journalism, but I felt my agenda would get in the way of the “yes sir/ma’am” kind of writing the media does. I’m looking at writing stories that are grittier, stuff that will pull you in, but happens more like real life. A perfect example of this is The Witcher series which takes fairy tales and give it a grittier yet different story.”

“So that love for writing has influenced your blog. rmage2
What would you say your blog particularly specializes in, setting it apart?”

transparenttanookimario “Most of the Nintendo and Atari generation are in our 30’s and 40’s. We’re fathers/mothers, married and have families. Raccoon Daddy is supposed to be that place we all can come together and discuss things we all had memories of. Albeit, in regards to gaming or not. At the same, this is a site where we’re all adults, so language and adult themes are shared. Then there is my different twist of humor I put into my writing. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of odd that I wish to write darker material in publication, yet I have a humorous tone in the blog.”

“Nostalgia is a powerful thing. rmage2
What are your goals for your blog? What do you want to see it accomplish?”

transparenttanookimario “I wanted to have a big community, somewhere gamers can come together as adults and discuss things that apply to us now. Such as juggling responsibilities, how we manage to get time to sit down and enjoy a game. (Some don’t at all, which is fine and they’re welcome to join in, too.) Actually, pretty much anyone can join so long as they’re relevant with what’s going on.

Hopefully, along the way folks can look at the community as a way to express themselves, despite all of pressures of life. Video games are an outlet for most gamers, but once we get responsibilities in our life that outlet is diminished or gone. Here, I’d like to bring that back!

Hopefully, in a couple years I’d like to have a dedicated site, video sections, etc. EXCEPT there aren’t reviews, guides or cheats like most gaming sites. I’d like it to follow a community like a online forum, but with more social material added in.”

“Gaming has definitely gotten harder to devote time to rmage2
what with adult responsibilities…
What’s one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had in gaming?”

transparenttanookimario “Soooo soo many…it’s REALLY HARD to put a finger on em’ I’ll give you a couple. The opera house scenes from Final Fantasy VI. Wow! Yeah, I fell in love with video game music and Final Fantasy after that. Playing GoldenEye on N64 and realizing how cool it was play with four players, yet you know someone had to be screen peeking!!”

“Who can forget that opera scene in beloved Final Fantasy VIrmage2
What is your favorite game or series of games?”

transparenttanookimario “I don’t know. Again so many, most have declined in quality in the years. Mario, Zelda, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield and Metal Gear have all stayed consistently great. Resident Evil would be my favorite, simply because I’ve obsessively played EVERY one released in the US. Not that they’re better games than the others.”

“What’s something about you rmage2
that people would be surprised to know?”

transparenttanookimario “I was in the Navy, where I served on a Los Angeles-class submarine. There I piloted the helm (steering) and stern planes (which controlled the depth of the sub). Also, I’ve been to 5 different countries and 23 states (including Hawaii). I’m not the most interesting man in the world, but I do drink Dos Equis.”

“You are in my book. Hawaii is my home state! And now for the ultimate question: rmage2
If you could impart one proverb of wisdom to your fellow bloggers, what would it be? Impart!”

transparenttanookimario  “Never lose your purpose in writing. Write for your enjoyment and to educate or entertain others. Whatever it may be, never forget why you chose to dedicate the mountains of hours and times of frustration. It will get better, just keep working hard and it’ll pay off. That was a little self therapeutic, in itself. Wow, possible self actualization moment.”

“Thanks very much, Raccoon Dad, rmage2
for participating in this interview and being the first blogger-interviewee here on our blog! I appreciate you spending your time with us and I enjoyed doing this with you!”

transparenttanookimario “Of course, my pleasure and thank you for the support and positive motivation.”

“The pleasure is mine. And here is an honorary transformation into… rmage2
… the Brown Raccoon Mage!”


End Transmission



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  1. Awesome interview! This was equal parts adorable and informative. Opera House scene from FFVI for the win! That helped shape my love of video game music, too. First time I ever played a game with an opera. It seems serendipitous that I’m reading this four days late because I can say Happy Veteran’s Day to Racoon Daddy since you were in the navy 🙂 My dad’s my favorite vet (of course), but I respect them all ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “I wanted to have a big community, somewhere gamers can come together as adults and discuss things that apply to us now. Such as juggling responsibilities, how we manage to get time to sit down and enjoy a game. ” I like this part, I can relate to it since becoming a mother has changed my priorities but I still try to find time to play. great interview :p

    Liked by 4 people

    • That part got me, too. Since having our first child, my genres of choice have changed from hardcore RPG’s and strategy games to indie and art-piece games that are shorter and easier to finish in good time. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 2 people

      • I’ve always found that when you’re able to have more time to play. SPACE IT OUT! There is nothing wrong with taking a month or so to go through a good ol’ JRPG. I honestly have to keep notes or some way of bookmarking where I left off in the game or I just end up detached from the story and the experience overall.
        I will admit, with less time these days, my patience with playing RPGs have changed. Before, I was didn’t mind mastering materia in Final Fantasy VII or working towards getting every side quest done. Now, I’ve tried to avoid side questing unless I’m serious into the game.

        Liked by 3 people

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