“Updating Our Well-Red Library”


Bonjour, mon NPC’s!

This is just a quick notification for all y’all to say that we’ve finally renovated our archives. Yes, we’ve blown off our cobwebbed corner of the internets and given it a brisk dusting to a prim polish. The result is a better organized library which makes for ease of navigation, and will hopefully allow for quicker referencing as we continue to pen our works.

Having crossed the 230-post threshold, I noticed it was getting hard even for me to find a specific review I was looking for in our archives (short of hitting Ctrl-F). You, dear reader, can now access our Archives by Year or Archives by Alphabet, or you can visit a generalized Archive where you can find things neatly organized into Categories or Posts by Author. Archives are of course accessible via the top menu.

I do hope this makes your stay with us a bit more comfortable. Settle down for a hot cup of tea and enjoy some reading!


-The Well-Red Mage


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12 thoughts on ““Updating Our Well-Red Library”

  1. I love libraries in video games, from the beautiful hermit library in Final Fantasy IX to the creepy one in Super Mario 64 where the books fly at you. Hmm, what a horrible library to visit actually. Anyway, I’m sure none of those libraries could compare with the Well-Red Library, especially now that it’s been renovated. Mmmm, love that polished library smell. Well done!

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  2. I love organization! I spend my life organizing and then organizing how I’m going to organize. Despite this all, I’m still an utter mess, but my notes are in order! It’s a good idea to rearrange things now that you’re at the point of having so many reviews!

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