“What Spooky VG Music Scares You The Most?”


*Cue lightning, thunder and evil laughter* NPC’s!

Alright, down to business. So I’ve been wanting to put together one of these A-Side/B-Side Top 20 Video Game Theme posts for a while now. We didn’t do one for September, and haven’t done one since our Ragtime countdown in August.

Since last month I thought it’d be appropriate to put together a list of Top 20 Scary Video Game Themes, but I hit a snag. Turns out (and the revelation hit me like a gold brick wrapped in a lemon wedge), I haven’t played that many scary games. Ever. I adored Alien: Isolation, and I’ve played Silent Hill and Resident Evil back in the days of yore, but there’s a whole wealth of terrifying games out there I’ve never ever touched. I don’t even know what Five Nights At Freddy’s IS!   /s

So… that’s where our community comes in. This is the first time I’m giving the world a chance to speak into this process. If you have played a scary game and can think of some pee-pee releasing music that you think should make it onto a list of the Top 20 scariest video game music ever, then leave the name of the song and the game it’s from in yon comments below!

We can have this ready before Halloween. I’ve got a few tracks in mind. Remember to think outside of the box, as there may be a ton of creepy music out there in non-horror categories.

I’m a guy who doesn’t play scary games. How badly can you scare me?
–The Well-Red Mage


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20 thoughts on ““What Spooky VG Music Scares You The Most?”

  1. I do not play many horror games either (I do not really know what Five Nights at Freddy’s is as well). One of the most prominent scary music I have heard is from the game Labyrinth of Time. The game used this slightly lazy classical music as a soundtrack, with the sound of heavy footsteps added. Considering there were only very few living creatures in the game, the sudden sound of footsteps terrified me as it gave the impression of the player being followed by a ghostly stalker.
    I also liked the haunting music to Shadow Temple from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the slightly creepy music of the haunted house from Super Mario Land 2.

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  2. Some of the tunes in Super Castlevania had me going as a kid. A lack of music also works a great deal at times, such as in Resident Evil 4 when one of those sniggering Iron Maiden creatures turns up. Oh man…

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  3. Trepidation from 999 (and the entire Zero Escape series) is the scariest video game song I’ve ever heard. It’s even scarier if you’ve played through the game, because some off the most gruesome, disturbing sequences happen when this song is played throughout all 3 games of the series. This is a just a link to the music. If it linked to the stuff that happened in game during the song, then I’m sure more than pee would come out.

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  4. Well as I said on the Book of Faces “Those Chosen by the Planet” from FFVII still sends a chill down my spine 😉 It’s a combination of being in that eerie, basement library down that spiral staircase and the drums and bells that play throughout that scene finally joined by the organ, and you know before it even happens that everything is going to burn.

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      1. Yessss, that song is so creepy and well following a trail of blood will never lead you to anything good. There’s also “Chasing the Black Caped Man,” which has an excellent version on Voices of the Lifestream. So sepulchral. FFVII has quite a few eerie offerings.

        There’s a song in IX I want to say it’s the music in Fossil Roo. It has almost a Nightmare on Elm Street vibe to is. I may be mixing up my horror movies…

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  5. Outside the box? Okay, how about “Alchemist With a Wavering Heart” from Super Robot Wars: Original Generations?

    “Lavender Town” from Pokemon Red and Blue. (The urban legend of kids killing themselves because of it is absolutely not true, though.)

    “Holy City Pentagulia” from Lunar: Eternal Blue.

    “The One Who Is Torn Apart” from Xenogears.

    (I’m sure you’ve already thought of “Big Boo’s Haunt”.)

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