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Coming Next Turn: “Nintendo Switch”


Well, here it is. The NX? Nope. It’s got a funny name. The NS: “Nintendo Switch”. Watch the trailer yet? What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s weird and unique upcoming system? Share with us in the comments below.

As for me, I’m excited and hopeful. I really want Nintendo to get back on top and watching the trailer I felt like the boys are back in town. This thing looks crazy and if it’s successful, who knows what could happen? Cartridges and multiplayer and multi-function controllers. This could revolutionize the industry with its innovation, or it could just turn people off like the Wii U did. They even seem to be doing better in the third-party support arena:


Lol… Konami.

I’m more jazzed about this announcement than I was for the PS4 Pro and certainly for VR. They got my money with the NES mini and then Switch next year.


Feel free to not only share your thoughts but informative links and your own blog posts in the comments! I haven’t been following the news for Switch as closely as others. Thanks! Curiouser and curiouser until March 2017.
-The Well-Red Mage



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  1. I’m hyped and can’t wait for this thing! It seems like Nintendo has amassed a strong 3rd party support base. This is something I felt they lacked in previous consoles.

    On a side note, my WordPress Reader page is just a series of Nintendo Switch red coloured posts. It seems everyone is hyped for this thing! *runs off and buys Nintendo stock*

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    • I am so happy to see that Nintendo drops ONE trailer and the world goes nuts. They’ve gotten a bum rap after the Wii but really, everybody should know they helped build the industry as we know it today, and when they speak everyone listens. Hopefully they can deliver. I just can’t wait for this thing to come out, and it’ll mean two new Nintendo consoles on my entertainment center (with the NES mini). Heck, it looks so good I said “I want one!!” and even my wife was like “I want you to have one!!”

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    • Speaking of Nintendo marketing, it’s a brilliant trailer. I don’t know why I was so unimpressed with the reveals of the PS4 Pro and VR, but maybe it had to do with marketing. The Pro is just an improvement and then VR is a gimmick I was tired of by 1998. But this. This could change everything. If Nintendo gets on the ball and doesn’t screw up again. Even the trailer ditches its kiddie appeal and aims for adults who play games.

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      • Completely agree. The marketing really hypes their product, and it is geared towards adults. The Wii (and I’m assuming the Wii U) while seemingly directed towards family play had an appearance more conducive to enticing the younger generation. The Switch looks like a (don’t kill me) switch in the right direction to appeal to gamers who remember the NES from their youth and want a console that speaks to them today.

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  2. NX is a cooler name, but that’s how console monikers go. Wii was daft, I much preferred the development name “Revolution.”

    Compared to other Nintendo gimmicks I am optimistic that a handheld hybrid will be received well by gamers. Best of all they seem to have third party support this time round.

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  3. I have a lot to say about the Nintendo Switch! So much that I had to put it all into words, so look forward to my post to be published in a few hours! 😉 I’m glad you’re excited too! I agree that the Switch could revolutionize the industry, if third-parties are willing to share their best games for us to play on-the-go!

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  4. Can’t wait for this, looks really cool! I mean, I’m saying this on excitable first impressions, but I’m sure the cool factor of the console will last. I was slightly wary of the hybrid idea when it was first rumoured, but the trailer seemed to show it really well. Loved the little details in the trailer, obviously including what looks like a new Mario game – and third-party support from companies like Bethesda and From Software! Interesting they’re going for a new target market of young adults, I hope it goes well for Nintendo – as always. My only qualm is that its size may be quite big for a handheld console, and might be an inconvenience when taking it other places – which I have done many times with my 3DS.

    Definitely agree with you that it’s a more exciting announcement than the PS4 Pro and VR. Much more exciting for me, in fact, because I can’t be arsed with those two pieces of claptrap. I guess the Switch is a piece of claptrap in itself, but at least it won’t make me sick…

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      • This is what gets me with people complaining about the size on FB. Tons of people already carry around a tablet that is probably BIGGER than the Switch so I don’t see how size is an issue. Yeah you will probably want a padded case or a hard/Otterbox type case, but overall I can throw the thing into my laptop bag and be ready to go! I know have a console class gaming tablet on my person no matter where I go. Genius!

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        • Yeah I think it’s safe to say we’ve all seen the Switch but there’s still a lot we don’t really know about it, and that really makes most of the advanced complaints somewhat nitpicky. I also have a laptop bag and it dawned on me after reading your comment that I’d be able to stick it in there. Problem solved if it isn’t exceptionally heavy, or the controller doesn’t have too many doohickeys sticking out that could snap off.

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    • Yeah honestly the portability is icing on the cake for me but not an essential element. It’s a cool factor, yes, but I don’t see myself as needing it. When I travel I’m generally driving and when I arrive at my destination I’m either working or enjoying the destination itself, so the travel element is nigh moot. For that reason, I never really considered the size of it. That could be a downside, with its weight, too. I did think about a case for it and yeah that could get bulky.

      Good thinking!

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  5. I love everything about this 🙂 Apart from the size. I play a lot during my commutes and pocketability is important to me, even more so than price. The Vita is just about on the border of being small enough. The Switch looks even bigger than the Vita. Great for the home but I don’t think it’ll be convenient enough for portability. Especially as it doesn’t fold closed like the 3DS, so you’ll need to buy a padded case for it (which will add even more bulk).

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  6. Personally, I kind of wish that the “Nintendo Duo” name rumor was true. It had a nice ring to it.
    Regardless, this looks amazing. Also, that Mario game better not just be a tech demo. Because if it is, you don’t know how utterly crushed my heart will be.

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  7. It’s hard to control my hype today. Got absolutely nothing done at work. Seriously though, it’s amazing how close the predictions were around this device. I mean they were absolutely spot on.

    Big props to abandoning the 2 screen set up though – while I’d love to see some kind of compatibility with older 3DS games, I think it’s the second screen stuff that made the WiiU and 3DS tough to develop for. Maybe we could be seeing a new generation of game development here? Where developers could ACTUALLY release across all Big 3 platforms? Damn, that’d be the day!

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    • This whole thing made my day the best ever. And it’s a Thursday! Glad to hear your predictions were so spot on. I’m amazed at how well Nintendo kept this thing under wraps though. I didn’t see the title coming.


  8. I don’t know if this is Nintendo innovation or Nintendo repacking already made innovation, but leave it to the Big N to come up with something unique and an instant “gotta have it”. I’m really interested to see where they take the Switch and what it means for the 3Ds line. I mean, the 3Ds is still cheaper and probably more kid friendly, but can TWO portable touch screen systems exist side by side? As always I will be looking forward to Nintendo titles and just about anything from SE. Either way you look at it, this is a surprisingly good looking device, and likely another home run for Nintendo.

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    • I’m just amazed by this thing. Can’t stop watching that trailer. The general buzz seems to be very positive, eh? Only those who never liked Nintendo at all (like a few friends of mine) weren’t impressed by this “gimmick”. I hope they’re wrong.

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