“Bound Photo Contest #2”


This is why I love writing these reviews. Today I was contacted on Twitter by Santa Monica Studio (THE Santa Monica Studio) and they let me know that there was going to be a second photo contest for Bound. I’d entered the first one but failed to place.

If you haven’t yet experienced Bound, you’re cheating yourself out of something unforgettable.

When I first played Bound, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But everything I thought it to be ended up in the trash bin. It is one of the most moving video games I’ve ever played, without being trite, masked under layers of transcendent, original, surreal, ethereal beauty. There’s a sense of timelessness to its dreamscapes. It reached out of my television and grabbed hold of memories I thought I’d dealt with long ago, and helped me face them in a new way alongside the wordless, emotional journey of the woman of the story.

I could gush about this game for hours. And you know what? I already did when I wrote its review, scoring it a 7.8. That’s nothing to sniff at. In addition, the game made it on our list of 200 games you should play before you die.


When I entered the first photo mode contest, I thought I had it in the basket… until I saw the images far more talented people across the nation had conjured up. If you have the game and want to enter the contest yourself, you can check out further details here:


The deadline is this Friday! Wish me luck!
-The Well-Red Mage 


Some of the images submitted by the deserving winners of the first contest:



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  1. Best of luck! It’s on my backlog list, and I hope I can kick my husband off the PS4 long enough to play it hehe. Even if I only get to do so once a week on Wednesdays when he comes home late, I will experience what appears to be a transcendent story.

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