Monthly Summary

Reviews of September (2016)

Well I guess we’re going to have to start calling these summary posts “Reviews” of a certain month, rather than “Games”, considering we started reviewing not only movies but also television. We’re branching out into multiple areas of pop-culture! What’s next? Literature? Cosplay? Our own swimsuit calendar modeled by yours truly? We’ll see…

Thank God it’s finally October! Oct 1st is a special day for me as it’s my anniversary. We had a transcendently fun day at the Long Beach Aquarium! Also, Autumn is here. The Pumpkin Spicers may be crawling out of the floorboards but it’s worth tolerating their moaning for Starbucks just for the cooler weather.

In September we reviewed thusly:

I really want to emphasize how supportive our writers have been this past month. There were several days I couldn’t find time to complete a post and then some of our writers swooped in to the rescue. Thank you to The Silver Screen Mage for his continued pace of consistent movie reviews with Sully and The Magnificent Seven.

Also, this month saw the writing debut of The Shamrock Show Mage and his reviews of tv shows Narcos and The Flash! Some straight-up, no-nonsense writing about how much he loves what he watches.

And finally, The Writing Beige Mage wrote his homage to the highly respected Dark Souls! It was very exciting to coordinate with him as I’ve never personally met him and we live in entirely different states!

If you’re still looking for a heavy dose of internet hatred (in harmless, humorous form) check out The Rage Mage’s explosive review of Broforce. It may put hair on your chest. He also did a bit on the high-cal NES propaganda-platformer M.C. Kids

We also wrote a piece on 20 titles we wished had made it onto the NES mini. Kind of like a dream list. But sorry, no list of 20 video game music themes this month, list-lovers.

Lastly, we started a new series that will pop in and out of our home page. The Timely Mage is great at sniffing out sales and any time he drops them in on me, you can be sure we’ll post about it and leave it up as long as the sale lasts. Hopefully that helps some of our more financially-challenged readers get their game on.

My personal recommendations from September are Mega Man Legacy Collection for a clean taste of the classics, EarthBound for the same reason, Final Fantasy IX for every reason imaginable, and Broforce for just plain fun-factor.

Thank you! With your help we surpassed 19k hits since our very first post back in February.
-The Well-Red Mage


Ranked best to worst:

Final Fantasy IX (2000)  9.3

EarthBound (1994)  8.8

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (2011)  8.8

Narcos [Season 2] (2016)  8.6

Mega Man Legacy Collection (2015)  8.5

The Flash [Season 1] (2014)  8.4

The Magnificent Seven (2016)  8.3

Sully (2016)  8.1

Broforce (2015)  8.0

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (1991)  7.3

Metal Slug X (1999)  7.1

Rune Factory: Frontier (2008)  7.0

Little Nemo: the Dream Master (1990)  6.6

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (2007)  5.4

M.C. Kids (1992)  3.1


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  1. I think cosplay would be a wonderful feature! I used to do a daily cosplay post on the site I wrote for, and while it was time consuming, it was still a lot of fun. Alas, I had to abandon it when I started concentrating more on my personal blog, but it’s a great way to showcase fan love 🙂

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