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The Magnificent Seven (2016)


“Man carries a gun, he tends to use it.”



silverscreenmage1 “The following is a guest post by The Silver Screen Mage.”

I’m super excited to kick off my sixth review with The “gun-blazing” Magnificent Seven film. If you loved the original, you’ll absolutely love this one. A movie like this has one job and that’s to entertain. They brought nothing but entertainment to the table with this film. From the on going shoot-offs to the scattered humor throughout, you couldn’t find a boring moment in this film. I definitely recommend it! Go see it if you’re a fan of the “Western-type” movies. I personally am not into the “wild wild west” type films, but this one was different and quite frankly, fun! I sincerely enjoyed myself. It was hilarious at points and action packed, and gave a great definition to the word loyalty.

This action-packed film jumps off when a lowly town is heartlessly taken over by the infamous and ruthless Bogue and his cohorts! While attempting to defend the townspeople, Emma Cullen’s husband is publicly shot down by Bogue in order to send a message to all those who think they have a voice. Emma then seeks out help from a bounty hunter by the name of Sam Chisolm who takes the job of helping her get her revenge. Sam then ventures out to recruit a force of seven extremely talented men to win the townspeople their town back! Can they achieve the impossible odds of a magnificent seven versus an army?

I love reviewing films like these because I love giving my feedback on the different characters! Each recruited gunslinger has a story and a personality that defines them. Their job is simply to stay consistent with that characteristic, and they nail it in this film. Check out the diverse seven as they enter the town they mean to save.


It’s addressed a few times how random, and loony of a squad this is, but YOU GOTTA LOVE IT! Even down to culture and race, they hit almost every spectrum. You have to see how a wild bunch like this coordinate in order to take on an army of men. They certainly surprise you, and I know you’ll enjoy yourself.

The one who starts it all is the widow Emma Cullen played by Haley Bennett


Emma manages to get the ball rolling when she relentlessly seeks out here first recruit. She plays hard-ball throughout the film as she hits everyone with her sassy personality. She’s one you can’t push over without a fight, and not to mention, the girl can shoot! She’s the perfect symbol of girl power as she fits into the crowd of dangerous men. She’s a force to recon with and she shows it several times throughout the film. Go Emma!

So let’s talk about the head honcho in the line up of the seven. Sam Chisolm, played by Denzel Washington, the first to be recruited for this impossible task.


Being the leader of the seven, he brings everything to the table that you expect. He’s the toughest of the group and he exemplifies that by being the first to step up in all battles. He’s the most skilled of the group when it comes to negotiating, riding and shooting (which you will experience), and leading a band of misfits. He has a dangerous past that you slowly get introduced to bit by bit. There is truly no better commanding officer for this group of rebels. Thumbs up Sam Chisolm!

Next in the line up, you have the comedic reliever of the team, Josh Faraday played by Mr. Chris Pratt.


You gotta love Chris Pratt in this role because he does what he does best. He brings his “little brother” humor into the mix and knocks it out of the park. He was extremely likable, yet, at times easily disliked. Being a gambler, and lover of “blowing things up”, it’s expected that he would annoy you and capture your fan-ship all at once.

We then get introduced to a Mexican outlaw by the name of Vasquez played by Manuel Garcia


Running from the law, Vasquez is recruited with the ultimatum of being taken into custody or joining the cause. You can guess which one he chooses making his way into the number three spot of the the seven. He brings a lot of jokes and silliness to the table, but when the battle begins, he’s all work no play. Vasquez is a lot of fun.

Next we are introduced to a tag team by the names of Goodnight Robicheaux played by Ethan Hawke, and Billy Rocks played by Byung-hun Lee. Goodnight is a sharp shooting legend, who creates a brotherhood with the assassin, Lee.


Within the team of the seven, there is no better coordination than with these two. They know each other in and out and take care of one another throughout the journey. Lee excites you with his skilled ability to kill with knives, while Goodnight drops your jaw with his long rang sharp-shooting. They are amusing to watch as they team up against all adversity. Love it!

Who’s next? They find themselves a man-hunting tracker who is about the size of a bear. They recruit the husky Jack Horne played by Vincent D’Onofrio.


Jack Horne is the man of the movie. He is funny, wise, respectable, and most of the film prefers to use brute force rather than a gun. You absolutely fall in love with this tracker as he brings faith into the mix. He may look and fight like a giant grizzly, but underneath all of that, he possesses the most honor and love of the seven. Hands down my favorite of the group! Two thumbs up, Jack!

The last of the seven is a Comanche warrior by the name of Red Harvest played by Martin Sensmeier.


He is definitely the outcast of the group since he eats freshly killed animals, speaks very little English, and doesn’t use a gun once throughout the movie. But with his bow and arrow, aggressive face paint, and very few words, he puts on a show that will thrill you. He’s hands down the most unique and coolest of the group. A lot of fun to watch!

Let’s talk about the villain of the film. Mr. Bartholomew Bogue played by Peter Sarsgaard.


Being a corrupt industrialist, he plays a convincing role as an offender. He sets the tone for who he is early on in the film when he terrorizes an entire town. But unfortunately I wasn’t fond of the the route they went with this role. Bogue had all the characteristics of a coward with a strong ability to take power behind a line of soldiers. But standing alone, he was weak. Since they decided to go the route of making him cowardly yet ruthless, he would have fit more of the description of a spoiled son of a heavy-hitter father. Playing the son who gets whatever he wants under the real boss, daddy, would have made a more convincing role. My thoughts were, what would make an army of men follow this weak-link? His fearful father! The army would have to listened to him because they would have had to answer to his father if they didn’t. Or, just make Bogue a hardcore villain that can’t easily be taken down. A great example would be someone like Bane from the Dark Knight films. I have to say thumbs down for Bogue.

Let’s jump into…



The 8-bit Review
visual1 Visuals: 9/10
Amazing, amazing, amazing! The visuals hit every mark from explosives, to shooting in every position, to knife throwing, to arrow shooting, to brute take downs, and even unleashing machine guns.



You truly felt the Western atmosphere in this film. The only reason it didn’t hit a 10 was due to the fact that is was a little too perfect at times. I didn’t see much struggle with shooting among the seven. Of course they were magnificent, so that’s just the way it had to be.

audio1 Audio: 5/10

Why didn’t we get any of the original music in this film? I think I only heard it at the very end in the credits. I was a little sad to not get that during a battle scene or shoot out. I did feel some Western-ness through the music played, but I wanted that original theme music that everyone knows.

familyfriendliness Family Friendliness: 9/10
With a few foul words, innuendos, and tons of violence, this movie did not cross the line. Going in, you had expectations, and they matched everything you received. You go in expecting violence and language, and you weren’t handed any surprises. It wasn’t gruesome, or sexual, or inappropriate. Feel free to bring most of the family. Definitely recommend 13 and up.

narrative Narrative: 10/10
Loved it! The exposition was very very minimal! They gave you this incredible amount of backstory for each and every character and they did it with style! They didn’t sit in a room and tell you word for word who each person was. They showed you! You learned about the past and present of each person through an event!


One of the coolest things about the character development is the fact that you were given details in pieces. Some history of the characters weren’t revealed until the very end. You knew what each person was fighting for and what their incentive was as well. It was flawlessly done! As I said above, I wasn’t a fan of the route they took with the villain, but at least he had a story and an incentive.

message   Message: 9/10
This film had substance! It had a great message that touched on faith, trust, loyalty, team work, and love. What’s a better message than a group of diverse men with pride and ego and skills coming together for one cause after barely meeting? I believe that it showed a way to partner with those different from you by using each others’ talents. There was a huge amount of trust and belief in one another which was portrayed really well at the dinner table. It wasn’t just an action packed brain-cell-killer, it left you with deeper thoughts and a sense of admiration for each and every character. They even took on the challenge of female pride by making the only female in the movie a hero rather than a sex symbol. You can’t beat that!

challenge Challenge: 8/10
As far as the conflict, and challenge goes, the end battle saved this category. Throughout the film you never saw a real challenge for the seven. But the preparation for the final battle and the actual final battle itself literally raised my score from a 5 to an 8!! I couldn’t believe how amazing the last few scenes were. You were on the edge of your seat wondering how they were going to survive this or get out of this situation! Amazing job on the final battle of the seven versus the army!

unique Uniqueness: 8/10
A group of the unlikeliest of men, using their skill sets and coming together for one cause has most definitely been done before. But what puts this movie on a higher level is nailing the consistency, originality, and skill set of this diverse group. It didn’t feel forced or unreal for me. The only reason it didn’t hit its mark is due to the fact that we have seen most of the gun battling before, and a lot of the cliché jokes before. But tossing in men with an arrow, a knife and an ax in a gunfight was extremely rare and loved by me!

my personal grade My Personal Score: 8/10
I sincerely enjoyed myself! Most people went in for a lot of action, character development, humor and a great story and that’s what precisely  you got! To be honest I didn’t have high expectations for this film seeing as all it was a remake and a Western. The combination of the two didn’t excite me. So I went in thinking it would be corny and lacking a lot of substance. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. If I could describe this film in one word, it would be fun! I laughed, I was on the edge of my seat, I was worried, and I was entertained! The film did what it set out to do. The villain and the somewhat cliché aspects of the film lowered my score, but I still loved this film! Definitely a two-timer for me!

I’m honored to have been able to share my thoughts and opinions about this film. If this impacts one person then it was all worth it. Please stay tuned for more reviews I’ll be doing.

Silver Screen Mage out


Aggregated Score: 8.3


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  1. Hey Silver, apologies, but didn’t read, as already know how good it looks, plus it has Denzil Washington in it!
    Given current world, he may well be the only ‘Trustworthy’ (take that however you please) left in Hollywood, let alone america!
    Well-Red sir, Sept 2016 done, Oct/Nov/Dec 2016 b4 Feb 2018!!!!
    Great Writing!!!!!


  2. I usually don’t see many movies, especially those in the “Wild West” genre, but this one looks decent enough! Excellent cast, at the very least, so the acting should be worthy…and the scenery and landscape will be a treat.
    Good post!


  3. I don’t normally see a lot of western movies, but I might try and see what this one has to offer, which is surprising considering that one of the distributors, Sony Pictures, are the kings of cinematic ineptitude.

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