Monthly Summary

Games of August (2016)

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Before anything, let’s not forget that I was born in August and that therefore it’s the best month ever? Thanks for this, you guys. Okay, on with the show. Here are our game reviews of the month. We started reviewing film, too!


Not quite as accomplished as July with its 31-Day Mage Challenge but we managed. One of the hottest months of the year was kicked off by The Green Screen Mage with her review of Kirby: Triple Deluxe! The Rage Mage brought his particular brand of hateful satire to a post entitled “A Review of the Reviewers of Suicide Squad“.


And let’s not forget a rather objective look at the controversial and ambitious indie title No Man’s Sky by our founding member, The Timely Mage! We were also treated to the introduction of three new mages (The Silver Screen Mage, The Shamrock Show Mage, and The Writing Beige Mage). Two of those three gentlemen I’ve never met personally but they expressed interest in joining our staff (actually I slipped them each a Benny Frank) and they’re now tirelessly slaving away working to create more great content for you… *sniff* … our beloved readers.


The boys are back in town.

August marked milestones for The Well-Red Mage. Firstly, we received “The Entertainer Award” and the “Blogger Recognition Award“. Secondly, we successfully branched out to Facebook. And thirdly, we began writing movie reviews. Though we’ve played around with the big screen before (see a ham-fisted review of the prequel to Rain Man called The Wizard), we’ve never seriously tackled the task of film criticism. Until now. The Silver Screen Mage especially has taken charge and really pumped out a good set of fresh film takes. Be a doll and check them out.


Speaking of dolls: Ragtime! Yes we took our turn to music this month by putting on our rags, specifically Top 20 video game Rags! If you aren’t exactly sure what ragtime is, click the link and be whisked away to a simple explanation. Once again I hold that that is the only such countdown on the internet. Bully!


And oh yes, another milestone we hit was reaching 2o0 posts! The sound of the Final Fantasy victory fanfare resounded across the spheres. To celebrate, several members of our darling community pitched in to put together a list of 200 video games you must played before you die! Check it out, before it’s too late…200thNot as productive as July but I blame it on the apocalyptically hot weather. And by Jove we’ll try harder next month! Below are the scores for the movies and games of August, in order of significance. My personal recommendations to you are to play Crystalis, Mega Man X, Bound and Hyper Light Drifter.

Thank you!
-The Well-Red Mage 


Ranked best to worst:

Mega Man X (1993)  9.8

Hyper Light Drifter (2016)  9.1

Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)  8.9

No Man’s Sky (2016)  8.5

Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014)  8.3

Don’t Breathe (2016)  8.3

Bound (2016)  7.8

Pokemon GO (2016)  7.5

Crystalis (1990)  7.0

Gradius III (1989)  6.3

Suicide Squad (2016)  6.3

Ben-Hur (2016)  6.1

The Killing Joke (2016)  4.0


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  1. This is absolutely incredible!! I’m extremely thankful to be apart of the team! I love hearing about the success of the team, motivation to push harder each month. I’ll definitely keep pushing and with time, growing stronger in my writing. This has been a fun experience and I’m glad to continue writing for the team!

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