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Don’t Breathe (2016)


“Now you’re going to see what I see.”



silverscreenmage1 “The following is a guest post by The Silver Screen Mage.”

Kicking off my fourth review with an impressive, eye-peeling, psycho-thriller film Don’t Breathe. This film will definitely have you on the edge of your seat as you embark on a rollercoaster of shrieks and potential uproars.

Our rollercoaster of a story kicks off with a group of three petty thieves who are tipped off about an old blind man who is in possession of a large fortune within his home. Making this their final mission, they move forward in their robbery, slowly taking you higher in elevation. After being taken to the very top of the coaster, you’re suddenly dropped once the blind old man not only discovers the trespassers, but then traps them inside of his house. You’re now bobbing and weaving on this ride as the young thieves quickly turn into victims and battle their way out of the house.

This wild ride of a film is filled with sudden stops, surprise drops, and is sure to leave that pretty little hair of yours a mess! The casting of this film was impressive. One of trio of trespassers is Alex, played by Dylan Minnette, who is accustomed to playing the role of one who doesn’t take risks. The second is Jane Levy, who plays Rocky, and is known for her role in Evil Dead as Mia. The last of the trio is played by Daniel Zovatto, who takes on the less-desirable character known as Money.


The film’s antagonist is played by the brilliant Stephan Lang, who was just as spectacular in this role as he was as the villain in Avatar. Stunning performance by this crew!

images (2)

For me, I think this film did shockingly well because it didn’t feel too predictable like most thrillers. The idea of robbing an old, blind man, and then suddenly having the tables turn was a brilliant strategy. I’ll admit there were one too many plotholes and moments of nonsense for me throughout the movie. I’ll go more in depth with my pros and cons in the 8-Bit Review down below.

I’ll leave you with this: If you’re into the thriller-type movies, I definitely recommend this film. I also recommend this movie if you’re someone who avoids psycho-hunting films due to unwanted fear upon getting home, because you’re not left with any post-movie nightmares. I couldn’t imagine anyone at home quickly turning on the lights afraid of the blind man being in your home. On the other hand, if you’re someone that needs logic, depth, and a strong detailed plot, this may be a rental for you.



The 8-Bit Review
visual1Visuals: 9/10
I was amazed by the visual aspects of this film. Most of the scenes definitely sent a shiver, and rush through you as you watched this blind man, hunt these teenagers. One, of several scenes that stood out to me was when the old man is walking down the hallway, and Alex bolts to the side of the wall, right as the old man walks past him. That was really fun to watch.


The most impressive and anticipated scene of the movie was the moment the old man shuts off the lights and begins hunting the last of the intruders.


This scene is visually exciting and sharp. The old man slowly steps into a darkened corner and hunts for his prey like a lion pouncing on an antelope. It’s extremely thrilling and quite fun! Unfortunately, it didn’t quite hit a 10 for me due to the fact that the blind man was so mobile, that there were times when I actually forgot he was blind. Other than that, I was extremely impressed!

audio1Audio: 7/10
I was very conflicted deciding my grade for this particular category. The soundtrack by Roque Banos wasn’t very memorable. I distinctly remember hearing a few moments of intense music throughout the film, but I wouldn’t know them if I heard them after the movie. I do recall a few moments of strong vibrations spread throughout the film, so that was appealing to my ears. Overall, it didn’t leave me with any recollection of its motion picture soundtrack. But after thinking about it a little longer, I realized that it was well played for the type of movie it was. Sporadic vibrations, along with scattered terror music was exactly what this film needed. The idea of a movie about a blind man hunting invaders needs to have more silence than anything. Therefore, I gave it a higher score than I initially desired. In this case, silence was the best part of the audio for me.

message Themes: 8/10
So what was the message? What did we get out of this? I believe the answer is, A THRILL RIDE! You were jolted, annoyed at times, relieved, hopeful, aggravated, worried, disgusted, and overall you were on a journey that you intended to be apart of. All of the emotions that you signed up for when you said, “I wanna see that movie” were portrayed in this film. The only reason it missed its mark for me is the fact that we didn’t get a strong message of morality. I’ll leave it at that, because anything further will give away the movie. Normally, a movie without a strong message, or substance will receive a low score for me. But like I said above, this wasn’t the type of movie in which people go in looking for a message to change their lives.

familyfriendliness Family Friendliness: 7/10
On this review I’ve had to modify my category scores in order to be able to give a more accurate score. This movie is 100% not family friendly, and definitely deserves like a 2 out of 10. I’ve decided to rate the film based on what was advertised to us. I believe this movie almost hit it’s mark perfectly when it came to – “this is what we were expecting to see” vs. “this is what the movie delivered”. There wasn’t a huge gap between our expectations versus the delivery. Unfortunately, I had to lower the score because there is one disturbing event that takes place “smack” in the middle of the film. I think it threw a lot people off and could cause a lot of discomfort to many. It’s a very small portion of the movie, but it’s also a strong meaning for the antagonist’s behavior. But as I said above; What you saw in the preview is what you got. Definitely do not take granny or gramps, or your pastor.


narrative Narrative: 9/10
The character development aspect of this film had a lot of holes. BUT it was extremely necessary for a film like this. When I’m watching a thriller-type film, I need the story to get to the climax and it needs to be done swiftly. The crowd this movie appeals to is not looking for depth in the character’s background story. Sure, we want to know what drives the characters to make the decisions they did, but it can be short and sweet. You have Rocky who comes from a broken home, and longs to move to California with her little sister. That is motivation enough to rob the blind man. You have Money, who is the juvenile one in the movie, but also, ignorantly wants the best for his girlfriend Rocky. Then, you have Alex, who secretly likes Rocky and has the most resources in order to do the robbery. His incentive is possibly getting Rocky in the end. Lastly, you have the old man, who lost his daughter in a car accident and receives a large settlement. After these invaders break in, his obligation is to protect himself and his money. You get just enough of a background story for the characters in order to know the “who, what, where, when, why”. Awesome job!


challengeChallenge: 10/10
The challenge of having to break out of a house that you originally broke in to was intense! This blind man is hunting you, and within his own house. He knows every corner, hallway, room, and he’s coming full throttle. These kids literally were battling for their very lives, and that made the movie so much more of a thrill ride. As soon as you think they have a chance, the movie allows you to play with the idea. But then they shatter any ounce of hope you may have for these teens to escape. And through it all, having to stay silent in the midst of the most horrific moment of your life is a genius concept that was well played. It’s incredible and actually quite aggravating. Overall, I wouldn’t wish that challenge on anyone.


uniquenessUniqueness: 8/10
I’ve never, truly seen anything like this concept. It’s an idea that is incredibly original and they nailed it. The only reason why it didn’t quite hit the 10 mark was due to a few cliché scenes. The majority of the movie was filled with new ideas and could stand on it’s own in the thriller industry. But it did fall into some of the same runarounds that we see in every thriller, that made you go from the edge of your seat to sitting back in your seat and looking for your popcorn bucket. It’s nearly impossible to be entirely original but they came awfully close to me.

my personal gradeMy Personal Score: 8/10
I will try my best not to mention what I did above. I’ll get right to the point for this final category. How did I feel about this flick? I enjoyed it and walked out with a sense of getting my money’s worth. The acting wasn’t fantastic, the character development lacked a tad, the cat-chase-mouse moments were a little cliché, and the movie lacked a moral message. BUT, through it all, the movie nailed it in originality, suspense, momentum, consistency. That’s what I came to the movie to see and that’s what they delivered. The negative sides to the movie were too minimal to kill the overall enjoyment of the movie. Like I said above; If you’re into thrillers, this is all you.

I’m honored to be able to share my opinions about this film. If this impacts one person then it was all worth it. Please stay tuned for more reviews I’ll be doing.

Silver Screen Mage out


Aggregated Score: 8.3


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  1. Solid review Silver!
    I don’t do stuff like this, due to general apathy for the ‘human condition’
    Being ‘Broken’ I know I wouldn’t really care if they escaped or not, but I appreciate the detailed analysis nevertheless! Excellent!

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  2. Kinda wanted to see this one when it was in the cinema, but we never got the chance (me and Milo that is). Looks a good horror movie, nice review. I’ll probably get it on Blu-Ray once it comes out.

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