Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Stories #003



Hello, fellow trainers! We’re back for another week of Poké-stories for your perusing pleasure.


“I can’t believe I haven’t shared this one yet! My first week of playing Pokémon GO, I took my family to the park and I was searching far and wide and goofing around and I slipped off a curb backwards and sprained my ankle really bad. I tried walking it off. Barefoot. For another hour and a half. I guess that just made it worse because the next day I hobbled into work and my boss took one look at me and said I had to go. Being allergic to pretty much all pain killers made it an even more funner experience! Hey, it was like a 4 inch curb, dude. Might as well have been a cliff… Took an entire week for my then-swollen and tender ankle to heal up after all the babying and nursing. Was it worth it? Hey, I did catch a Scyther, so…”

-The Well-Red Mage Untitled2




“On July 30th I got the opportunity to attend a Pokémon GO event in Little Tokyo, hosted by an animal club out there. My friends and I almost didn’t go, due to the preconceived ideas we had about how the event would be. We assumed it would be a small, pointless gathering. However, we still decided to go. Upon arrival, our entire idea was changed when we saw near 300 people all in one small outdoor market with several vendors spread out. The turnout we saw was remarkable and everyone was so friendly. It just shows that even if it wasn’t official, the amount of people to show up was remarkable. Regardless of teams, the Pokémon community has a legitimate respect and pride for each other and for the nostalgic childhood past time.”

-The Golden Godd Mage gmage2



[At the same event] “I’ve never seen so many Pokémon players outside, truly a great achievement for us nerds.”

-The Bluebonic Mage bmage2



“I took a gym at a park from Valor (I was camping waiting for Gastly spawns) and then a car pulled up opposite me and took out my Vaporeon. When the gym cleared, I sniped the guy and put in another Pokémon before he could. The guy took it out, and then I did it again. Once I did it the third time, he leaned out his window and said “You can have the gym, bro”. Then I received my first middle finger with Pokémon GO. I know, I know. I felt like a jerk. But I just wanted to see how long he’d keep it up! Does that make me a troll?”

-The Well-Red Mage Untitled2



Have your own tale to tell? If you’d like to share a story and a Pokémon GO screenshot with us, contact me and we can feature you on the next post! Have a terrific day.

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  1. Yet more Pokemon gloriousness! In order: Ouch! My ankles are an ongoing concern so you have my upmost sympathies on that, & as to the gym battle with ‘Car Guy’ you’re NOT a troll!
    A troll woulda giggled n swore more (their gits!)

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  2. Ouch! The perils you must face on a Pokemon journey. Hope you’re okay now, Well-Red! That Pokemon GO event sounds really fun! It’s great that you got to go! I was also fortunate to be at a Pokemon GO event in a city, and it was filled with crowds and news reporters. People were shouting their team name, and there were people in Pokemon costumes walking about. Lots of people got to make new friends and bond over love of Pokemon. It was a great time!

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