“Blogger Recognition Award”



What a surprise and a delight! Our sincerest gratitude to a frequent commenter and excellent blogger Rei of Musings of a 20 Something Mom for selecting The Well-Red Mage for the Blogger Recognition Award. This is a new one for us and my appreciation has outpaced my ego! Shocking, I know.

Here’s how the award works:


1) Thank the blogger that nominated you
2) Attach the award to the post
3) Give a brief story of how your blog started
4) Give a piece of advice or two new bloggers
5) Select 5 other bloggers you want to give the award to



Our Magical Origins:


The Well-Red Mage was my first video gaming blog and it stemmed originally from a desire to do a blog on something related to pop-culture and be part of a project with multiple other writers. Luckily, a selection of supportive and eloquent friends took up the role of the Mage with me, and we turned our love for video games of all eras into this blog.

Our focus isn’t primarily on any system or genre or generation of gaming. I envisioned The Well-Red Mage as a blog that can tackle anything it wants to, much like the jack-of-all-trades Red Mage of its title. It’s been a fun and rewarding adventure meeting new friends and learning new things and brainstorming some fun and creative to add to the myriad of other game review sites online.


Wisdom for new bloggers:

Consistency is the key. I’ve launched three blogs now in the course of my life (my friends think I’m a hipster for it), and in each one it’s become apparent that the biggest measure of success on a blog next to creating quality content is to create a sizeable quantity of content consistently. Early on (we started Feb ’16) I made it a point to try to write a blog post every day. I wanted to make sure there was stuff to read and link to on this blog. Not much worse than a new blog that’s got a month or two under its belt with only as many blog posts. Given, that’s not everyone’s goal, but I did want to establish a community of regular readers and visitors and I knew that wouldn’t happen without regular content.

High traffic may not be one of your goals and that’s alright, so let me say this to those who don’t care so much about an influx of readers: blogging is a great way to express yourself, improve your writing skills, and develop your voice through practice. However, it comes with a price in 2016: making yourself vulnerable to criticism of all shapes and sizes. I wrote a whole post on it, so you can read it here if that’s something that you struggle with. You can learn from anything, any kind of criticism.
-The Well-Red Mage 


Our Nominations:

(I owe you a Liebster, so this is a stop-gap!)

(I think you owe me a Liebster post, but I can’t remember lol!)

(This guy’s success tho…)

(One of the best avatars. Period.)

(BFF of nostalgia gaming!)


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