Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Stories #002


Welcome back for another entry of our Pokémon GO stories series, where we Mages bring you the amusing and mildly adventurous tales that happened to us this past week with the mobile app phenomenon. Shouting out of cars has never been so much fun.

I’d also like to introduce our readers to our newest co-author and contributor:

gmage2   The Golden Godd Mage

That’s two D’s, thank you very much! The GG Mage brings a calm and measured personality to the team, having started from day one with the Pokémon GO North American launch, he possesses a cache of video game knowledge and experience as well. We look forward to your work together with us. And now… on with the Poké-pandering!


“Playing Pokemon go before my class, decided to capture a gym while waiting, and 2 cars, full of college students drive by, right as my Lapras goes up they all start chanting ‘Go Valor!’ Out their windows.

-The Bluebonic Mage bmage2


“Okay, so we need to start a movement: #nameyourpsyduckafterthewellredmageplz ! This is the second one! He’s my favorite. Also, that rumor about Clefairy spawning like jack-rabbits during a real life full moon? Pure hokum.”

-The Well-Red Mage Untitled2



“I woke up to this text from my 70+ year old grandpa after spending the weekend with him telling him about it. He loves how it gets people out and about. Sorry for the typos. My grandpa uses talk to text a lot.

-The Green Screen Mage FF3-NES-Summoner2



“So while looking for my next customers house, me and my coworker got a little lost. Ended up in a mobile home park when he shouted ‘CHARMANDER!’ We were a little late to our customers house.”

-The Bluebonic Mage bmage2



“My first time taking over a gym! I was all on my lonesome against three Instinct trainers guarding this gym tucked in the middle of a memorial cemetery. I took ’em down one by one (they were all fire-types and I had some water and ground for them) and eventually reached the top. Put my highest cp Pokemon I had at the moment there and hoped it would last even an hour! So like I mentioned, the gym was in a cemetery. And it was midnight. And it was really, really dark except for my headlights. While I was battling, every single zombie movie I’ve ever watched ran through my mind. I was expecting a stranger to walk up in the dark and bang on my window any moment. The worst thing was some jerk lit off a whistling firework in the nearby suburb… the high-pitched shriek almost made me a Well-Wet Mage…”

-The Well-Red Mage Untitled2



“While playing last night, a fellow student at my college was walking behind me playing the original song from Lavender Town. Got a little creepy out at night.

-The Bluebonic Mage bmage2



Untitled2 “Has anyone gone up to the Aquaduct? Or Apollo Park?”

bmage2“Yep. Nothing there.”

 “We went to both.” gmage

bmage2 “Aquaduct is very empty. Apollo has Sandshrews and Pidgeys.”

 “And a Goldeen in the middle of the lake.” gmage

Untitled2 “Did you swim out to it?”

 “We were trying to get a boat.”gmage

bmage2 “Lol, we ran around the entire lake.”

 “And the pier.” gmage

Untitled2 “It’s only like 10ft deep, isn’t it? C’mon, what would Ash do?”

 “Ash didn’t have a $700 phone…” gmage

Untitled2 “What? Is it gold plated? Hand it to Misty (Bluebonic Mage) and then go for a swim.”

“…But you need the phone to catch it.” gmage

Untitled2 “…”


Thanks for reading! If you’d like to share a story and a Pokémon GO screenshot with us, contact me and we can feature you on the next post! Have a wonderful day.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewellredmage/


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11 replies »

  1. Naughty Well Red Sir! You can’t jus ‘jack’ a phone like that, also you know it don’t count if ya do it yerself *Shakes Head Sadly, While Grinning* also that last Convo tho (tween Red, Blue & Gold) Funny as all hell….
    My 1 regret about the Pokemon Go phenomenon is that, due to utter fear & pain (not to mention being 32ish, pain & much laziness) I was unable to partake, so now Fomo is Real Dammit!!! *Sighs*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been playing nonstop since release. Did have an interesting encounter when I pulled into a park well known locally for having lots of Charmanders, I got out of my car, looked at my phone, looked up, and a guy (who I didn’t know) just says “Over there” and points. Was it really that obvious?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love that kind of connection! I’ve been able to meet new people really easily. Had one guy pull up in a car next to me as I was walking and he points and says “Pikachu is over there.” Thanks for my first Pikachu, random citizen!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hopefully once you do get it, it’s much more bug-free than it was here upon release. And I’m not talking about Venomoth! It’s been out for a few weeks now and I can’t even connect to the server this morning. On going issues galore. But when it does work… man, is it fun and addicting.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can imagine. But, given the size of the country and how crazy people are for its launch, I think there will be some considerable server problems once it hits Brazil! =P

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Pokemon Go has admittedly taken up a portion of my life. I actually held a gym for about 17 hours, on a Baltimore street corner surrounded by boarded up vacant homes. At the time, I didn’t know it wasn’t really worth holding on to a gym for 21 hours to get 10 coins, but I was pretty concerned for my Pidgeot running the street corner gym.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Holding a gym is pretty exhilarating! Thanks for sharing! I’m hoping my Golem can keep holding down the gym I left him at 5 hours ago… The longest I’ve gone is 24 hours just about. Without fellow trainers, it’s nigh impossible.

      Liked by 1 person

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