Pokemon Go Stories #001



Whilst searching far and wide today, an epiphany struck me. Pokémon GO is so fun and it’s brought me into such interesting situations, why not start a weekly(ish) series with interesting snapshots and stories from the augmented-reality game? So here we go.

Oh but before we catch ’em all, allow me to introduce not only a new series but our newest author-mage! I present to you…

bmage2   The Bluebonic Mage

He brings a wealth of gaming history and poké-enthusiasm to the team. On with the show! Pokémon GO has really taken off in our town. It’s  cultural phenomenon. I could tell this was something big when I passed through “the boulevard” in the middle of the city at 9pm and the streets were full of people walking, talking, laughing, hanging out. The businesses had mostly already all closed. There’s barely anything open that late out here. Somebody needs to capitalize on the crowds. A coffee shop open to midnight on the boulevard would make bank. Here’s our stories of the week:



“By far my favorite Poké-story of the week. I awoke one morning to find that a fellow blogger from a blog by the name of Games Revisited had honored my humble (and frivolous) request to name his first Psyduck after me. It’s my favorite Pokémon. And he did it, all the way on the other side of the world! Sent me the pic on Twitter! You can be absolutely sure that when and if I catch a Psyduck (I live in what you might call an “arid” environment) I’ll name my psionic fowl Van Rockingham.”

-The Well-Red Mage https://thewellredmage.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/rmage2.jpg?w=36&h=50



“Taking the gym at the top of Mammoth, then losing it within 30 minutes. Stupid Jolteon. Oh, and it was my first time taking over a gym.”

-The Green Screen Mage ff3-nes-summoner



So the servers are down… (Saturday morning, 7/16) due to us playing it too much. No, it’s down down. Like, 18 million new players just downloaded it cause it released in 26 new countries, down. I don’t think you really understand. It’s never been down for 3 hours straight. They have almost 40 million users in 10 days.”

-The Bluebonic Mage bmage



“An Abra landed on the lap of my Baby Blue Mage! And the world would never be the same. Cuteness overload!”

-The White Out Mage whiteoutmage2



“So besides for my first gym takeover test, our Pokémon GO trip to the city park was eventful. Water-types are rare out here in the hot California desert so we were on the lookout. Speaking of “hot” (ugh, I’m sorry), we were hunting a Krabby when we came across two people having sex behind the baseball diamond, butt naked and in fairly clear view of all the families and kids walking about. Two wild Wigglytuffs have appeared! I called the Sheriff for their indecent exposure. Nasty Justice.”cSAEF.gifWell-Red-Mage-Black-
-The Well-Red Mage 


That’s all folks! See you next time. If you’d like to share a story and a Pokémon GO screenshot with us, contact me and I’ll weedle you in to the next post! Have a lovely day.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewellredmage/



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12 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Stories #001

  1. All pokesex jokes aside.. (Diglett Go!) As always, C’s jus happy when people are happy.. (That baby tho.. I’m allergic to them, so less of that please *Dry heaves*)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m loving this game and so is my wife! When I saw the trailer for it last year I said it was the slickest trailer Nintendo had done in years… but I never anticipated it would be THIS popular. Everyone is playing this game and I love it! : D

    Liked by 1 person

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