31-Day Mage Challenge: Day Sixteen – “A Game You Rage Quit On”

31 Day NES Well-Red Cover

Sometimes you just gotta throw something through your TV. At least now I know as an adult that my parents were wrong when they said “Be careful or you’ll break the controller and I’m not buying you a new one!” They may not have purchased another controller for me but the fact remains that it takes an luxurious amount of strength in order to snap one in half. I tried with a broken SNES controller. No way I could do it as a kid. Therefore, childish rage quitting justified.

Today’s angry question is…

What is a Game You Rage Quit On?



timemage The Timely Mage

While the best answer is probably Bloodborne, one of the most memorable rage quits from my childhood was making a simple platform jump in Gex: Enter the Gecko. No matter what I did and no matter how many times I tried I couldn’t make that darn jump! I was so frustrated as a kid I melted down in tears and after coming back to the game later in the day I made the jump easily.




blackmage The Black Humor Mage

All of them. At some point with any game I play, I will get mad at something I can’t beat and turn off the console.




ragemage The Rage Mage

I drooled all over my keyboard. Rage quitting is what I do best! Oh it’s so hard to choose just one! It’s like picking between my own children (that is, if I hadn’t sold all my children one by one). Once I rage quitted on Super Smash Bros. Brawl so hard, they were picking up debris and shattered glass in a 55-mile radius after the blast. The shockwave caused a server crash that could be felt from Tokyo to Cincinnati, like a tsunami of righteous wrath. They say that Shigeru Miyamoto himself felt a tremor in his loins at the ghost-echo of my Rage Mage rage! Art.




FF3-NES-Summoner2 The Green Screen Mage

Arkham Knight… Well the Riddle Trophy bit. I’m still working on it! It’s just FRUSTRATING and the Riddler opens his STUPID MOUTH!!




whiteoutmage The White Out Mage

The first Super Mario Bros. I was a small child and kept getting frustrated that I was dying and stuff.




Untitled2 The Well-Red Mage

Most recently, Pokémon GO has caused a lot of rage quitting. Mostly because the app quits on me. It’s been a frustrating week and a half with one of the buggiest launches I’ve ever personally experienced. It’s the worst when I run into some rare, high level Pokémon I’ve never seen before and then try to catch it only for the game to freeze. When I boot it up again after the crash, the Pokémon is poké-gone… It happened to me with a Rapidash. Insta Rage Quit. But I won’t try to snap my iphone in half.




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  1. Surprisingly (to gamers at least) Lord C’s never Rage-Quit! (Not even in Destroy all humans 2.. Bloody tanks Feth Off!) I simply accepted there wasn’t gonna be any joy & stopped.
    I then proceeded to spend a good hr online looking for invincible ship cheats (invincible main dude cheat works fine, but doesn’t extend to ship, annoyingly)
    However, I can agree with the ‘Walked Away’ sentiment. Halo ‘The Library Of ‘Oh God No, Not The Bloody Shotgun!’ (Until some1 explained to us that you can get assault rifle + ammo back pretty much immediately, but it’d been a good 6-7 mnths at that point… & even if govment bs wasn’t currently a thing, still wouldn’t go back to Halo 2 (over a yr) as stuck on ‘Zombies in dark hovertrain stationy segment, got a sword & pistol & it is an utter ballache… *Walks Thru Door, Dies, Starts Again, Swearing Heavily*
    Damn it all!!!

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  2. I rage quited a game of Worms 2. I was playing a multiplayer game and it seemed like the game was against my team of worms. My opponents managed to hit my worms using unlikely shots and one of my worms died while using the ninja rope. I angrily threw a grenade straight up into the sky and managed to hit another of my worms, which caused me to storm off. I came back to find my worms were waving white flags and my opponents were continuing the battle.
    I also rage quit while playing Indiana Jones and the Emporer’s Tomb. The game only saves at the beginning of each level, so when I nearly reached the end of levels and died by accidentally walking off a cliff, I would rage quit.

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  3. Every arcade fighting game in the 90s ever!! Seriously, there’s no other genre of games that have made me get as angry, especially Street Fighter!! How does Blanka do his ball up move while moving forwards!? That shouldn’t be possible, game! What? Guile did a Flash Kick without crouching?!!!


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  4. I recently played through this game, Paranautical Activity for Wii U. It was a horrible game. It was a first person shooter with an unforgiving difficulty and roguelike mechanics that didn’t work. There were only 7 levels, but it was extremely difficult to get to the end. Every time I got close, I would lose and have to start over all the way at the beginning. It frustrated me so much. I’m no Rage Mage, but I definitely had to rage quit by the end.

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  5. The Riddler driving sections in Batman Arkham Knight were horrible, so frustrating at times as well. Probably ‘casue I’m so rubbish at driving sections anyway. Had to beat them all though, and get all those riddler Trophy as well. Just had too… never has victory felt so sweet to finally shut the Riddler up in that game LOL!

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  6. It’s hard to say. For sure I agree with the White Out Mage about Super Mario Bros. which causes me severe troubles while trying to defeat Bowser in the very end of the game. I was raging also at NES Duck Hunt (on the same cartridge of SMB). For the nature of the game itself the most frustrating game is Pro Evolution Soccer, while playing against a human opponent (usually a friend). I’ve broken my vocal cords once and destroyed 4-5 controllers while playing it. The problem is that I’m a rage gamer, so I can get mad also playing on Solitaire or Mahjongg…

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  7. I love each one’s response to this, i can feel the memories of these games just replayed in your heads and you try not to mash the keyboard button with rage. I get angry pretty fast so rage quitting is my favorite bad habit, it starts with PaRappa the Rapper on ps1 … and Dark Souls obviously

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  8. I usually try to remain cool and collected, but The Impossible Game has caused even this collected Narcissist to rage every now and again. Some of the timing is brutal, and just a millisecond off will have you starting back at the beginning. The music and the sweet dreams of finally completing Level 1 keep me coming back though.

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  9. It’s hard to think of a single case to talk about, so I’ll just use the latest example: I had just died to one of those retchmaw creatures in Salt & Sanctuary, losing a boss’s worth of salt to it, and when I went to claim it back and died in the same, stupid way. Quit and haven’t gone back yet.

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