Celebratory Post: 10k hits! Magify Me


How pertinent! It’s almost the Fourth of July here in the States and The Well-Red Mage is launching the fireworks. We’re celebrating reaching 10,000 views! Yes, that’s over 9,000. Thank you.

No, really. Thank you! I can’t keep up with these celebratory posts because of our active and loyal followers breathing life into our blog. We appreciate you. Normally I’ve tried to give something back to our community with some behind-the-scenes glimpses of our favorite games, specifically with concept art galleries. But this is a 10k celebration. We needed something more.

Cue an epiphany.

Maybe you’ve said to yourself, “Gosh…” if anyone says ‘gosh’ anymore, “Gosh, I sure do wish I was as cool as the Mages over at The Well-Red Mage.” Well, sir or madam, now you can be. Introducing the brand-spankin’ new Magification Name Generator! Now you too can have a smarmy Mage name. Haha, I know! You’re welcome!

Here’s how it works. Select an adjective based on your gender and the first letter of your first name or the first letter of your last. If you’re female, thus, you choose an adjective from the left column based on your first name. Or if you’re male, you choose a word from the right side based on the first letter of your last name. After that, you get your color based on the day of the month you were born.

Example: Slarti Bartfast, male, born July 1st.

Mage Name: The Bombastic Azure Mage.

Do you capiche? Have fun and be sure to share the oddball results with us in the comments below!
-The Well-Red Mage



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