31-Day Mage Challenge: Day One – “Which Video Game Character Are You Most Like?”

31 Day NES Well-Red Cover

Taking inspiration from one of our fellow blogging teams over at Disk Read Error, we’ve decided it’s time for a real challenge. A 31-day challenge through the month of July. It’s another opportunity to be awesome. You’ll be able to hear from the Timely, Black Humor, Green Screen, Rage, and even our White Out Mage editor, as well as yours truly.

Our Magely goal is to answer a question each day concerning our love for the gaming world and flex the muscles of our mighty keyboards. Yes indeed. We’re talking about doing the unthinkable: expressing opinions on the internet. And hey, lucky reader, you can join us for the ride and answer the questions yourselves in the comments below. Imma dying to know all your secrets!

So the very first question the Mages will sound off to is…

Which Video Game Character Are You Most Like?


timemage The Timely Mage

Squall Leonhart. While I don’t share all of his qualities I’ve always had a special connection with the character because of the way he thinks to himself and is kind of socially awkward. You don’t often have an introverted hero whose thoughts you can hear throughout the whole game.




blackmage The Black Humor Mage

Kazuhira Miller. Introduced as a smug, yet intense guy in Peace Walker, Kaz then becomes rage incarnate in The Phantom Pain. He’s also in-your-face and argumentative. Listing out his traits, I see how I can be a lot like Kaz. He also embodies a mix of two cultures, and finds himself at odds with both. Another thing I can relate too as well. There’s really no other character in video games that I am most like. Although, I’ll never embezzle money to run a burger joint, we do have an unwavering love of Big Boss.




ragemage The Rage Mage

The moon on Majora’s Mask. I killed a man with my face.



FF3-NES-Summoner2 The Green Screen Mage

Luigi. Not just because we’re both green. He’s the perpetual second, the cowardly ghost hunter, the overlooked brother. I could go on about the titles and stereotypes that follow my favorite member of the Mushroom Kingdom. Let me toss out my middle child syndrome spiel for a minute. I feel for my guy always being overlooked and passed up by an older sibling just because they’re louder and tend to jump headfirst into situations a little quicker. And yeah, he is a bit of a chicken, but he always steps up when he has to. He might be scared, but that’s not going to stop him from saving his brother from ghosts. And how could you blame him? Ghosts are scary.lm_luigi-screamwhiteoutmage The White-Out Mage

I feel that I’m like Yuna from Final Fantasy X because I can get caught up in my mission and focused on duty in life, and put it above all other things or relationships. And I don’t even care that duty will cost my life because I believe it’s my purpose. And I cried when Yuna cried, too.



Untitled2 The Well-Red Mage

Stubborn. Arrogant. Tenacious. Blinded by his own power. Master of all he surveys. Cold blooded. Who else could I be but Bowser, the King of the Koopas? I can empathize with Mario’s arch-nemesis. Bowser has been dunked in lava, dropped into pits, blown up, burnt to a crisp, and he’s suffered multiple blunt strikes to his cranium yet he still gets back up and keeps going. I identify with that, not that there’s some fat Italian chasing me with his boots, but because it’s one of the most inspiring things a video game character has done in my eyes. Never give up, that’s the Koopa motto. As is being generally a pig-headed bully. Rest in piece, Dennis Hopper.



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  1. Great picks from all! I’m excited to see you guys do this challenge, it was very fun for us! I love that you picked Bowser, Red. Your explanation of why could have easily been penned by my husband, so maybe I’m biased. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great idea! Wish you and the team the best of luck on your month-long challenge!

    I’d have to say that I’m a Pancham from Pokemon. Haha, actually, maybe I’m closer to Boo. I like to go towards people, but shy up when they look at me. At least I don’t go completely transparent though!

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