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Coming Next Turn: “Injustice 2”


New trailer added! 6.12.16


I suppose you can expect to see several of these “Coming Next Turn” posts as E3 2016 approaches. Of course, The Well-Red Mage is not a gaming news blog, as we prefer to focus our efforts on restoring that which was lost in reviewing games of any era. But, how can I not write about upcoming games and fresh announcements that send my little magey heart all aflutter?

I’ll make a confession to you: I’ve never played Injustice: Gods Among Us. I read the book.


The comic series is pretty amazing and the closest to pure horror that DC gets with Superman going completely over the deep end and becoming this unstoppable force. And every time it seems like there is a ray of hope, the writers smash it into little bits. A real page-turner and a definitively DC storyline.


Putting the “graphic” in graphic novel.

Maybe I haven’t played Injustice because the character design looked so off to me. All bulky and neckless. But after watching this announcement trailer for the sequel, simply entitled Injustice 2, is definitely definitively DC! All that smoke and sparse lighting, dystopia and icons. It may not be everybody’s cup of black coffee but that’s why there are other superhero franchises with endless quips.


Put the kids to bed! This ain’t Marvel!

Injustice 2 is set for 2017 and will include new characters and environments, as well as a “Gear system” with RPG/custom character elements. I liked this trailer enough (especially the Flash) that I do believe I’ll get me around to playing Injustice: Gods Among Us. For now, we DC fans have merely this announcement trailer with which to bide our time, and perhaps wash some of the flavor of Batman v Superman out of our mouths. This is what I want from the DCEU: real tragedy, real horror, and actual consequences!

Is it too late to ask them if they’ll put Gentleman Ghost as a playable character in Injustice 2? Any DC favorites you’d like to see in this upcoming title?
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  1. I absolutely loved the first game, so this is definitely great news. WB should seriously consider turning this into a franchise, especially since there’s still kind of a huge gaping void in their video game division since the Arkham series ended.

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    • Well, hi there! Thanks for your comment. As a matter o’ fact, I’ve been invited to share and contribute and collaborate with other blogs. We’ve done a few inter-blog projects but I’ve never pointedly shared content with another site or written for them. I’ve been invited to a handful of times. There are several friendly writers out there.

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  2. Awesome news! I played the first one free with PS Plus. It had a decent storyline, though I’m not really a fighting game player, so I only played the story mode and a few vs matches with friends. That said, I’m going to check this out too. There’s also a Suicide Squad game rumored to be in development. Pretty swell time for DC fans.

    And I’ve a feeling you’ll be pretty busy next week. Haha, with E3 and all.

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    • Yes things are looking up. Well, there’s only one way to go after Batman v Superman: up. Hopefully. I still think they ought to fire Snyder, but anyway. Suicide Squad looks great! I will indeed be busy, but I won’t burden myself to write on every game announcement. Only those I find interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      • I seriously hope they fire Snyder. Max Landis seem to have a few good ideas about the universe. I hope he gets to work with one film at least.

        Looking forward to your E3 posts!

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        • I guess I don’t stay current enough on directors. Landis? Snyder needs to go. Each film he makes gets worse and worse, and he clearly has the palate of a prepubescent teenager. Murdering Jimmy Olsen by terrorist was “having fun with the character”?! #firesnyder before he ruins the entire DC universe and lowers everybody’s general opinion of DC since the Dark Knight trilogy even further than he already singlehandedly has!!
          And thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

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