“Liebster Award” Nomination


Thanks to BENEZ256 over at iheartoldgames for nominating me for the Liebster (“leebster”? “lai-ebster”?) Award! We’re very happy to have met all of the wonderful people we have, not only in the gaming community but in the arts as well, through this blogging experience. Liebster (“laybstayr”?) is a really cool networking method and it works thusly:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you.
  2. Nominate 11 different people and give them 11 questions to answer.


So here are the questions I was nominated to answer:

  1. Which was your first PC/Console?
    The best system ever made: the NES! Best library of games. Period.
  2. Which was the last movie you saw in theatre?
    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Second viewing. I liked it better the 2nd time.
  3. Which was the most frightening movie you’ve ever seen?
    Probably The Ring. Not much a straight horror fan and I stayed up all night watching Looney Tunes afterwards.
  4. Which vintage console you would like to have and with which game?
    I’m going to say Commodore 64, since I’ve got all the others. Zak McKracken for the game.
  5. If you had the possibility to act in a movie of the past, what would it be?
    Interesting question… Well, in the movie Highlander, Sean Connery himself played me, the Well-Red Mage! See?


    Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez

  6. What is your favourite soft drink?
    Can’t drink soda. Only one kidney. I like Yorkshire Gold tea?
  7. When you started blogging?
    I started blogging originally on a theology-based, personal experiences blog about 4 years ago called nortonliterature.
  8. Super Mario or Sonic the hedgedog? (a.k.a. NES or Sega?)
    Definitely NES. Nintendo had the better lineup and hardware.
  9. Which was the best horror movie of last 10 years?
    I think Alien is one of the best ever made for it’s atmosphere.
  10. What is the best Roger Corman movie?
    Who? Uh, pass?
  11.  If you had time to start another blog what would be the subject?
    I’ve already had a theology one and a comic book one, so many a fourth blog would be on literature.


And now my 11 nominees: (play fanfare)

I. Hatm0nster at We Game United
II. jamym at Games Revisited
III. p2d2 at The Modern Gamer
IV. thecomfyspot
V. Particlebit
VI. The Shameful Narcissist
VII. Cheap Boss Attack
VIII. Jaime Wu at Watch Game Read
IX. the Angry Scholar
X. the Otaku Judge
XI. Mr. Panda

*My apologies if you’ve been nominated in the past.

Be sure to nominate another 11 bloggers! Your 11 questions are:

  1. DC or Marvel? (all that matters)
  2. Favorite superhero?
  3. Favorite console?
  4. Favorite video game?
  5. Favorite video game character?
  6. Favorite film?
  7. Favorite book?
  8. Favorite non-gaming pasttime?
  9. Favorite thing about blogging and your blogging goals? (snuck in two!)
  10. Favorite thing you find most inspirational in life?
  11. Favorite thing about The Well-Red Mage? (shameless, hehe)


Thanks for reading and participating!
-The Well-Red Mage 


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  1. 1. Marvel
    2. Spider-Girl
    3. PS2
    3. Disgaea
    4. Etna
    5. Terminator 2
    6. The Shawshank Redemption
    7. Anime
    8. Chatting with fellow geeks. Hit 500 followers.
    9. Music
    10. Coverage of classic games and witty writing.

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  2. Congratulations on the award and ahhhhh! Someone else who was terrified by The Ring! Every time I talk about how horrified that movie made me, people give me funny looks. I was never big on horror to begin with (well…eh, it’s complicated. Not big on straight, directly named horror. All of my favorite stories have horror motifs. Digressing sorry!), and that movie completely put me off. I said, “Nope” to the genre going forward, didn’t sleep for over a week, and was terrified of my television.

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