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Coming Next Turn: “Final Fantasy XII remaster”



Ah hahaha! I am a happy Red Mage!

Announced this morning for a western release by Square Enix is a remastered version of Final Fantasy XII for the PS4, entitled: Final Fantasy XII: the Zodiac Age. Back in March, I wrote a short article called “Top 5 FF’s worthy of HD” where I listed my choice for the best five Final Fantasy games that could use a modern facelift. And lo, and behold! My number one pick was Final Fantasy XII for an HD remaster! I quote myself: “One of the most innovative titles in a series known for innovation and you can’t even play Final Fantasy XII on any system other than the PS2. Let that sink in. Nothing but PS2. Yep, you can’t find it on PSN.”


Not. Any. More. My voice has been heard by the ears of Square Enix!

2017 will see the release of FFXII: the Zodiac Age for the PS4 in both Japan and in the west, and a Final Fantasy that has never been made available either digitally or physically on modern consoles beyond the PlayStation 2 will finally see the light of day again. It will be based on the International Zodiac Job System, which I never got my grubby hands on.

New features to be included are revamped graphics for character models and cutscenes, “reconstructed battle design”, auto-saving, the Zodiac Job System, Trial Mode, shorter load times, a re-recorded score with the option to switch back to the original music, a turbo mode, an upgraded map feature, trophy support and share functionality, and more TBA.

I look forward to grinding out the trophies for the license board and the bounty hunts! …But not for finding those ultimate weapons with the 0.04% random chest rate…

Final Fantasy fans find your fanfare, and enjoy the trailer below! Another great FF will be made available shortly, alongside the coming FFXV and the FFVII Remaster. It’s a great time to be a Mage.

Does the return to Ivalice tantalize or tickle your techno-taste buds? What are you most excited for in FFXII: the Zodiac Age?
-The Well-Red Mage


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You can still purchase the original FFXII here: buybutton




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  1. This is exciting news! I’ve been itching to replay this game sometime especially since it’s one of the few games that haven’t been rereleased even digitally. I look forward to the graphical upgrade as this game already looked amazing on PS2!

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  2. I hate to sound like a downer here… I really do. Ever since I played this game a decade ago I adored it. But I could never find the time to finish and wished it was portable. Bringing X back for the home AND Vita was great, but what I really hoped for was 12 on the Vita. The fact that this is only on PS4 makes me sadder than SE saying “we’re never remastering it” 😦 Still… at least I’ll get World of Final Fantasy to fight those commuting blues.

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    • With an introductory statement like that, I was prepping myself for something like “Final Fantasy XII is the worst game ever!!!!1” I don’t own a Vita, or any modern handheld, so I didn’t think about that. This was announced yesterday for the West, so I’d say it’s fresh news. Maybe Vita will come. I’m not sure how capable Vita is, but XII looks like it’s going to need the backup of some hardware.

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    • Are you not able to remote play titles from the PS4 to the Vita? Or does this not suit your needs? I do not own a PS4, but am taking solace in the fact that recent re-releases have been ported to Steam as well. My kids took over my other game consoles, but I don’t feel bad with a killer gaming laptop.

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      • I do love remote play 🙂 But I spend so much time commuting that I need stuff that can independently on the Vita (and 3DS) without an Internet connection. I’m just disappointed as a portable 12 is a pipe dream I’ve held ever since it came out on PS2 (it was a pipe dream as no device was powerful enough to run it back then). It’s not all bad news though. SE just announced this October the Vita is getting World of FF so that may be a substitute 🙂

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