Monthly Summary

Games of May (2016)

Guess what? It’s not gonna be May. It’s gonna be June, a hotter but less memey month. June the first be with you. Below are the games we had the pleasure of reviewing in the merry month of May:

Sixteen games is by no means a record for us here at the The Well-Red Mage, but the month of May was a good one for us. We hit 6000 views and began the month with the wonderfully Ghibli Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and finally got around to beating and reviewing The Legend of Zelda‘s “Second Quest” for the original Nintendo. Speaking of the NES, Adventures of Lolo proved to be a popular comment-net for those who recalled the obscure puzzler with fondness. Keeping it retro, you remember Robo Pit or Super Mario Land 2? A review of Flower rounded out the full thatgamecompany trilogy (together with flOw and Journey), and an impulse buy on a PSN flash sale led me to play two really great indie games of 2015: Grow Home and Downwell, both of which I highly, highly recommend.downwellMore significantly, the month of May saw reviews from each of our author-mages! The Timely Mage took us through the heart of adventure with Uncharted 4: a Thief’s End. The Black Humor Mage reminded us “in space no one can hear you scream” with his tense review of Alien: Isolation, AND he also brought us back to the arcades with one of the best coin-drop fighters of new millennium, if not ever: Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. The Rage Mage lambasted the time-killer Duck Hunt in typical fashion, guns a-blazin’. The Green Screen Mage opened up a can of spookiness with horror-title Until Dawn.

ragemage  blackmage  FF3-NES-Summoner2  timemage  whiteoutmage  Untitled2

With the “coming next turn series” we had a bit of a hopeful touch with the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, specifically with the “Environmental” trailer which you can peep in that post.

FFXV chocobo original

On the musical end of things we took flight to review a Top 20 list of Sky themes in video games for all their delicate, ethereal glory.


For our comic book loving readers, we posted a slightly accusatory, slightly jocular post about the true civil war: Marvel vs DC. I’d pay to play that game!


At the culmination and climax of a massive project, we reached our 100th post and celebrated with our contributors by posting a collage of 100 gaming snapshots, the memories of gamers from all across the world. A big thank you to everyone again for your support and for sharing!

100 sprites

And finally, we were most excited to take The Well-Red Mage to a new level when we announced the inception of our new Item Shop! With the advent of our affiliation with the Amazon marketplace, we can now make it even easier for our readers to find and get a hold of the games they’ve just read reviews on. For a more streamlined shopping experience you can now view Amazon’s extensive library of games, consoles, and devices through our own Item Shop (selectable from the main menu), or you can click on the “Buy from Amazon” or “Pre-order” buttons to jump straight to the marketplace to purchase the game, even in digital form, for yourself.UntitledThanks for reading and supporting, dear NPCs. We’re not sure what’s next or how we can do better (suggestions welcome) but here’s to June! “May the hair on your toes never fall out!”
-The Well-Red Mage


Ranked best to worst:

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016)  9.9

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (2011)  9.4

Downwell (2015)  9.1

The Simpsons (1991)  8.5

Tower of Heaven (2009)  8.4

Alien: Isolation (2014)  8.1

Flower (2009)  8.0

Until Dawn (2015)  8.0

Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (2000)  7.8

Grow Home (2015)  7.4

Adventures of Lolo (1989)  7.4

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992)  6.9

Fat Princess (2009)  6.5

The Legend of Zelda (1986) “Second Quest  6.2

Robo Pit (1996)  6.1

Duck Hunt (1984)  5.2


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  1. I appreciate the effort it takes to organize a post like this and also the transparency you’re operating with by sharing stats with the readers. Keep up the good work! Everything looks really solid.

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