Coming Next Turn: “Final Fantasy XV”



Well, NPCs…

For better or worse, Final Fantasy XV is almost upon us. Just a few shy months away. I’ll admit that playing through the free Platinum Demo left me with feelings of remorse, confusion, disappointment and even skepticism. Heck, it left our resident Rage Mage flat out seething. I hadn’t been researching the project much since I didn’t own a PS4 until recently, but even after completing the demo and watching some trailers, I wasn’t too impressed.

It isn’t that I’m not a fan of the modernity or the cover of “Stand By Me”, it’s just that the presentation of this next entry in one of the landmark franchises in the industry didn’t grab me by the huevos with a sharp influx of adrenaline. In a nutshell: I wasn’t too jazzed.

To be honest, the industrial look isn’t something I’m a fan of, though it worked in VI, VII, and VIII, the rest of the series is fairly fantasy oriented with some exceptions. It’s seemed to me for a while that they’ve been trying their hardest to distance themselves from what’s come before, as if it was somehow uncool, anachronistic.

Then a friend of mine, of the Timely sort, shared with me the following “Environment Footage”. Smart as paint, it is. And the music was a nice callback with its variation on the Prelude theme so hopefully there’s more of that. I wonder if this gets anyone else excited about FFXV, or if you already were? Feel free to leave a comment, view a few other trailers (all 1 hour of them) and take our poll, not necessarily in that order.
-The Well-Red Mage


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21 thoughts on “Coming Next Turn: “Final Fantasy XV”

  1. hahha nah, I’m just waiting for the final game. I did watch the trailers though. It’s good to see that they are putting more effort into listening to the players and making changes where they can. I think as long as Square keeps an open mind and approach, they’ll get it down eventually lol (I hope)

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    • I hope so too. I did not enjoy FFXIII or it’s sequels, and handheld FF’s aren’t for me. I’m looking forward to World of Final Fantasy, and to FFXV a bit more after seeing the environmental footage trailer. The demo just wasn’t impressive at all, not even graphically. Especially not in terms of its battle system. This game has been in development for a long time! Hopefully it’s worth it.

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      • hahaha yeah, I know what you mean! Do you play handheld ports? Like if they are available for console? Even though they may not be upgraded in any way lol

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        • I will play them, sure, since it’s more the tiny screen I dislike rather than the game content. There have been plenty of games for modern handhelds I’ve wanted to play but I can’t see myself doing it without a tv screen. Last handheld I owned was a Game Boy Advance. Maybe it’s because I like to say “Hey, look at that” to whoever else might be in the living room?

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          • lol, fair enough. I think the big screen has its merits. I used to play a lot of console games and stuff, but after a while, I mainly ended up playing games on my laptop after I got into college since if I wanted to play a certain game, I could just use my roommate’s console.

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            • Oh yeah everyone’s got their own gaming experiences and I’d be stupid not to accept them, or think mine was superior. It’s just the sort of thing I like. Heck, I was just trading comments with a guy today about how he is disappointed that FFXII: the Zodiac Age isn’t coming to Vita (so far as we know), since he games on his commute… I just like console gaming haha!

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              • Ahhhh, yeah. Recently, I moved to Korea so when I commute using the subways or bus, I’ve needed to find something to do during my down time. I usually just study Korean or read a book, but maybe I’ll pick up a handheld lol

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  2. Yeah, by now, I’m just not going to expect anything or maybe even lower my expectations so that I can be impressed when it comes out hahaha.

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  4. I’m cautiously optimistic about the game. There are some things about what I’ve seen so far that’s making me a little pessimistic. I think I heard a podcast recently say that it seems very easy to “see the engine at work” seems to best describe my concern.

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