“Time is Short: Save your Memories!”


Mahalo, NPCs!

We’re prepping for our 100th post soon. This post here takes us to 94 in total. Wondering what we’re going to do for our 100th post? Put together a collective verbal collage of gaming memories from all across the world! That means we need your help.

Check out the original post, “Your Gaming Memories in a Bottle?”, and leave us a comment with some of your favorite video game memories and personal experiences. You can even leave a comment on this post, if you like.

We’re at about 40% capacity for getting to our max goal of memories. Time is short! Comment today, even if you’ve already shared in the past. Commented memories will contain links to your blogs or webpages, so this is a good opportunity for some cross-community exposure.

Ever in your service,
-The Well-Red Mage


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3 thoughts on ““Time is Short: Save your Memories!”

  1. Fine! I guess I can drag up a few more đŸ˜‰

    1. Spending 3 hours playing Dr. Mario with a friend to help her get good enough to beat her husband. She beat him.

    2. Waiting in line for the Halo 4 midnight release and getting to talk the books and extended universe with the other fans in line while watching a multiplayer tournament.

    3. Watching my dad play FFVII with my siblings when I was 7 and getting so wrapped up into it that we would make up our own stories with the characters in our treehouse.

    4. Playing Knights of the Old Republic II and getting stuck on a boss. All of my characters were dead except one, Atton Rand. Any hit knocked my health down significantly. I finally had to hand it over to my brother, who, after running around and nearly dying multiple times, found a weakness. Corners. He managed to run around a large pool in the center of the room and catch the boss on the corners. He was able to get far enough away to chuck a grenade and then repeat the corner process for a good 5 minutes until the boss went down. We refer to it as “Atton Style” to this day.

    5. Playing Mario 3D World with my friend’s kids, age 4, 7, and 9. There was quite a bit of dying and me making sure we actually passed levels. It was great how excited one of them would get when they would make it to the flag first.

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