Celebratory Post: 3000 hits!

Greetings, NPCs!

These celebratory posts track milestones that our beloved blog manages to reach with the support of our lovely readers, and it’s also an excuse to look at some sweet design concepts and screenshots from gaming art pieces. We’ve just reached 3000 hits today (it’s not over nine-thousand!!!). Thank you, from the bottom of my 8-bit heart container.

I don’t normally enjoy survival horror games. In fact, I pretty much never play them. But I’m a science fiction nerd before I’m a video game nerd. And when I heard about Alien: Isolation, how it captured the terrifying atmosphere and moodiness and claustrophobia of Scott’s Alien, I knew I simply had to play it eventually. So I recently picked it up. And man, it’s gorgeous and horrific.

Please enjoy the following screen captures, concept art and character models showcased from Sega’s Alien: Isolation. It’s the perfect game to play at night, in the dark, with your pants off. In space, no one can hear you scream.
-The Well-Red Mage



And for the finale… one of Giger’s original designs.


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  1. I knew it! 1st that ‘barbie shifty eyes’ business & now watchin gigers Alien with pants off!? *Raises Right Eyebrow Intriquedly* I sense that plot twist a-coming! Roll on May 2016 says this observer!!! *Grins*

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      • HeeHee!!! that’s no excuse brotha! Believe Lord C on this, like women arguing, anything you’ve ever said or written, Can & Will be used agin ye at ony moment! Beware!!! *Grins* (In many ways, the internet is a giant woman… *Thinks about what he’s just said, Eyes Suddenly shoot Wide* Good God Y’all!!! *Obsidian Cheshire Cat Grin with Glowing Brown Eyes & Bloody Teeth* hehe! *Bows Politely*


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