Celebratory Post: 2000 hits!

Hello again, NPCs! Back so soon?

Apparently, because just a little over a week ago we posted our first celebration of breaking 100 daily views, setting a new record of 136 views. And today, we broke another record. Since our launch in mid-February, we’ve now received a total of over 2000 hits! And we made it to 2k in half the time it took to reach 1k. That might not be much compared to some of our established friends out there in the blogscape, but we here at The Well-Red Mage are simply ecstatic.

We’re on our way but it’s dangerous to go alone. So that’s why we’re going to reward our faithful followers with more concept art, fan art and official art. I guess now this is our thing. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Legend of Zelda in image, game by game, and thank you for your continued support!
-The Well-Red Mage


1533114027674995883500full-zelda-ii -the-adventure-of-link-artworkthe_legend_of_zelda_a_link_to_the_past_conceptart_E4lt9028oot-covermajora_s_moon_by_vincentbisschop-d7m35ohzelda_oracle_seasons_conceptart_YdrCGzelda_oracle_ages_conceptart_bOditshrinetumblr_mutxuraRuV1r1arg3o1_128085b9d498e9e7123b39b9594c6474a655Characters_(The_Minish_Cap)b7d19525b7015d73d26812247fe77081zelda_phantom_hourglass_by_vegand-d4ihzc2spirit_tracks_by_tellie_tale-d9jhuki100837283b3288069dea1ef3933ceb672572973-jstriforce_heroes__by_thebatclam-d92f4j5Zelda


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  1. Again I say kudos upon kudos!!! Kinda sad I missed ‘gettin in on the ground floor’ as it were, as commentin is fun, but aa replied be nice frae time taetime! *Grins*

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    • Thanks much! I’m far from an expert. Still learning. I’d suggest two things, though. Content and comments. I made it a personal goal to crank out a post every day when possible to quickly beef up the content of the blog. And then I also made it a goal to leave at least 4 substantial comments on other blogs daily, to introduce myself to the blogscape. That inevitably brought some folks here out of curiosity and then I hoped the content could speak for itself. Beyond that there’s social networking too but be very patient as it can be initially discouraging to write so much and only see so little traffic. We’re by no means where we want to be but as long as we keep raising the bar we’re happy. Best of luck to you and Godspeed!

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