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Super Mario World (1990)


“The screen is a magic medium.”
-Stanley Kubrick



Congratulations! You are reading a review for one of the best games ever made. Spoilers. That’s reflected in my personal grade below.

ryeouokmadri0gex4zvu.gifThe critically-acclaimed, best-selling Super Mario World, known in the land of the rising sun as Super Mario Bros. 4, is a launch-title platformer in the vein of the early side-scrollers released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the 6th game in the Super Mario series and it would be succeeded by Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, another sweet platformer. However, it is Super Mario World which became one of the main reasons why I love gaming so much today.


First off, Super Mario World’s cover art (above) almost exactly matches this hardcore presidential portrait of Reagan on a velociraptor.


“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that I’m packin’ four-score and seven magazines of ammo for all you losers and haters!” -Reagan, Lord of the West

Seriously, that can’t be an oversight. Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, lest we forget, are Italian, so of course they’re from America. New York, New York, baby.

Secondly, I must have been around 6 or 7 years old when I was trailing my mom through a Sears and ran across a demo display with a SNES under a plastic case and a controller mounted on a metal prong. It was mounted a little too high. But I stepped up to it and began to play. Chirp, the Nintendo logo popped on the black screen and then that black opened up as if by some divine edict which said “let there be awesome”, and then there was awesome. Fully fledged, brightly colored 16-bit graphics and a Mario more bristling with shimmer and polish than I had ever seen before. Above was the multicolored epithet: Super Mario …World? A whole world, not just a land but an entire macrocosm awaited me. I played until the timer on the Sears demo ran out and its auto-reset kicked in. Mom was nowhere in sight, so I played it again.

She didn’t buy me the game and its console that day. In fact, I can’t remember when I did finally come to own the cartridge myself, but it’s a game I’ll return to more often than others on my favorite system of all time.

As the opening text explains, the Princess Toadstool (or Peach. Take your pick.) has been kidnapped yet again. She seriously needs to upgrade her home security system. That dastardly prowler, Bowser, is at it again. But this time, it’s no mere walk in the Mushroom Kingdom. Welcome to a strange new world.

Super Mario World
takes all that you loved about Super Mario Bros. 3 and intensifies those things. Dig those overworld maps from SMB3? Primitive compared to the overworld’s seven areas in World. Enjoy the one-two, tag-team co-op of the plumber brothers? Same here, except now you can share extra lives. Tired of tussling about the Mushroom Kingdom in search of a certain princess? In World you’ll follow Mario and Luigi through Dinosaur Land, a far more varied environment with funny place-names like will make you hungry (Donut Plains, Butter Bridge, Vanilla Fortress, Chocolate Island).

Want more items than the paltry pantry of SMB3 could supply? Feast your un-sated nerd palate on the Power Balloon, Wings, Dragon Coins, Keys, and Baby Yoshies. You like the secrets tucked behind corners and white blocks in SMB3? Prepare your bladder for imminent release! There’s a whole secret world to be found in Star Road, which leads to another secret area!

Enjoy the battle against Bowser in previous games? Face off against the King of the Koopas in a far more dramatic and imposing castle as he floats above you, menacingly, in his weird clown-faced dirigible. Hey, I’ll bet you liked the “tanooki” tail Super Leaf flight? Strap yourselves in because you’re headed for the ionosphere with a new flight power up, the Cape Feather, which lets you glide.

Evetumblr_m024jhR4Th1qbxou4r say to yourself, “Self, I know you love Super Mario Bros. 3, but you know what it’s missing? Being able to ride a frickin’ dinosaur.” Well now you can get that frickin’ dinosaur. Super Mario World introduces Yoshi, a voracious bottomless-pit pet dromaeosaurid-slash-cameleon, who is now a Nintendo staple. And he comes in multiple colors. Fashion!

But wait there’s more: game saves, secondary items, Ghost Houses, Bowser’s Koopalings, flying Yoshi, Magikoopas, Spin Jumping, Switch Palaces, Special World and the cosmetic changes for beating it, 72 different levels and secret level exits which lead to even more secrets.

Man, I want to replay it right now!




The 8-Bit Review
Visuals icon Visuals
: 10/10
Sure the backgrounds might look a little like something you could crap out on Microsoft Paint, but upon release, the video game world had never seen anything this vibrant before. Super Mario World‘s candy-colored imagery also boasts some great pixel sprites. It’s as colorful and fun as any Mario game had ever been and firmly established that this franchise was going to be one of the most cartoonishly exuberant in the industry.

Its visual appeal may seem a little straight forward or even archaic in our time but when you consider that World was developed by only sixteen people over the course of three years, and that what they produced became not only one of the most coveted and exemplary games of the 16-bit era but a beast of a game that dominated and defined Nintendo’s look, you may begin to appreciate it just a bit more.


If you watch the animation closely, you’ll realize that Mario punches Yoshi in the back of the head to make him stick out his proboscis-like tongue. Hey, it was the 90’s.

Audio icon Audio: 10/10
Has there ever been a game with a soundtrack that so perfectly matches it? Mario has always had this strange, pseudo-reggae/jazz, steel drum sound. It’s downright bizarre when you think about it, but of course we’re so used to it that it seems a totally acceptable musical accompaniment for an Italian plumber fighting turtles to rescue a princess. Super Mario World doesn’t rehash or rely too heavily but plows forward all on its pioneering lonesome. Instead of using the classic Mario theme, composer Koji Kondo’s keyboard treads out a new theme. The Super Mario World theme is played with great variation in nearly all of the game’s levels: echoing in caves, slowed to a 3/4 underwater, sped up on bridges, and foreboding of danger in a minor key in castles. The result is a unique, broad and lighthearted soundtrack united by a singular theme with bits of synthetic ukulele, bass, keys, and bongos. The last instrument plays an interesting role: saddling up Yoshi will add a layer of extra percussion to the level’s track. That’s innovation, adapting the soundtrack to match what the player causes to happen on screen. This soundtrack has become definitive of the Super Nintendo since its launch.

Below are the overworld, castle, ghost house, and athletic themes so you can hear the recurring melody in its different variants.

Gameplay icon Gameplay: 10/10
Super Mario World is about as solid and definitive of a 2D platformer as you can find. Level design has improved significantly even over the massive stages from SMB3, which opened up vertically to give room for flight. The bonkers amount of secrets helps to drive the endgame forward with multiple exits, warps, Star Road and Special World. Yoshi is a welcome addition to the platforming franchise, bringing with him a whole new variation on defeating enemies by eating them rather than just stomping on them. Plus depending on what kind of enemy Yoshi devours he’ll gain certain unique abilities, such as spitting fireballs or another take on flight that’s different from Mario’s magic cape. And finally, being able to stockpile one extra power up (accessible by pressing “select”) means Mario can explore even further through the many levels without dying so easily, or it means a savvy player can change up his attack strategy by swapping in and out, say, a Fire Flower and a Cape Feather by cycling through his items.


Multiplayer icon Multiplayer: 10/10
The multiplayer concept is practically built on the backs of these two brothers. Mario and his second fiddle Luigi are synonymous with two-player alternating gameplay. Super Mario World accentuates this with its extra life sharing feature. Brother Weegie low on lives? Tap L or R on the overworld map to spread the extra life love. Now your pal can stay in the game longer, rather than face the humiliation of sitting there and watching as you proceed through level after level on your own.

diff Challenge: 9/10
Super Mario World is hard, especially for those unfamiliar with platforming. Though many gamers can muscle their way past Bowser’s ill-behaved children and beat the King of Koopas himself, getting through Star Road and Special World afterward is particularly grueling. Special’s levels (inappropriately named “Gnarly” and “Tubular” when they’re anything but) will push your timing skills to the test. Finding every last secret exit was also quite the challenge. I say “was” because back then it’s not like I could just hop on my smart phone and look up these secrets. I might never figure them out without the proper Nintendo Power magazine from my local library. There were two secret exists that always eluded me. But that’s part of the charm of classic difficulty. You couldn’t just FAQ it. You had to use every resource and skill and trial by error available to you, and by the time you found everything, the game seemed indeed like it was yours.

replay Replayability: 10/10
What keeps us coming back to Super Mario World? Its challenges, its gameplay, its multiplayer, its accessibility, its 16-bit aesthetics, its scope, or is it the mustachioed man himself? Maybe it’s all of these things.


“You ever get the feeling like you was bein’ watched?”

unique Uniqueness: 9/10
Though Super Mario World was built on the foundations of the previous titles in the Mario series, it was the first step taken in this new age of the 16-bit systems. It is fresh enough to put those older Mario games, as great as they are, far behind it, in the distant past. Super Mario World was nothing short of revolutionary upon its unveiling to our world, its many elements and upgrades setting the bar for platformers higher than ever, indeed higher than many thousands of games could ever reach. Paradoxically, it is both classic Mario while being cutting edge. Being instantly recognizable doesn’t just happen without a huge helping of distinctiveness, and Super Mario World has that in bucket loads.


“Who left-a all these a-coins up a-here?”

pgrade My Personal Grade: 10/10
Super Mario World is the standard for 2D platforming. Period. Though the SNES also saw fantastic platforming titles in Mega Man X, Donkey Kong Country 2, Super Metroid, Earthworm Jim and Yoshi’s Island (to name just a few), but Super Mario World doesn’t overcrowd itself with a multitude of weapons, mounts, bosses or complicated controls. It’s simple enough for a 6 or 7 year old to pick up and play on a demo in Sears, yet challenging enough to keep an adult from mastering its every secret on a whim. As a launch title and one of the best games on the system, Super Mario World has come to represent the Super Nintendo more fully than perhaps any other contemporary game. What more can I say? Who doesn’t love this game? It’s worthy of being creator Shigeru Miyamoto’s favorite Mario game of all time.

It’s what Super Mario World taught us about ourselves. I know now I can always believe in myself, and you can too, because:

Aggregated Score:


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    • Unlike this review haha! It’s so old I need to come back and revisit this game in a review again. I know my writing has changed since I wrote this. Crazy how that happens huh? Have you noticed that yourself? How long have you been writing reviews?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Don’t be too hard on yourself, your writing has certainly improved, but it was still quite good on this review.

        Yeah, I’ve been writing reviews for quite a while. I used to work professionally for a website called The Paranoid Gamer, before it got bought out by another owner. The first review I wrote for them was back in 2011.

        Going back and reading some of my old stuff is jarring. The sentence fragments alone make me want to cry.

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        • Haha! Wow well it’s a pleasure to be chatting with a professional! And actually that website sounds fairly familiar, too. I appreciate the kind words. I know that looking back at my old stuff I really just want to get away from making so many lame jokes when I didn’t know what else to say or how else to close out a thought. Also, I’ve given up on making political references not only because they date the article themselves but because they invite a lot of ugliness into the joyous world of gaming (as I personally like to see it and present it, that is).

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          • Professional probably wouldn’t be the word I would use. I didn’t make much, and it was only part time, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

            I’m actually quite envious of your follower count, that must have taken a lot of hard work. I just came in to a pre-made community to read my stuff.

            On a good day I’m lucky to get 20 views.

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            • Making something for writing on games, though. That’s more than a lot of us can say! I’m certain also that it was a valuable experience beyond the pay as well.

              As far as followers, it took us two years to build this so it was a lot of hard work. Lots of late nights for me but it’s something that I really enjoy. When this started, I didn’t envision what it turned into. I thought it was just going to be me and two friends writing about games we like. There’s more on that in our About section.

              All that to say keep at it. I’m sure you know this from having your past experiences, if that’s not too audacious of me to say, but they’ll come if you keep at it. Right now we can do 200 views a day on average but I’ve contributed to a site that does ten times that! Something that helped me is being happy with where I’m at in the moment.

              Also, TWRM offers the platform with its audience to writers interested in becoming a mage and writing reviews with us. It’s not an issue of being noticed or promising exposure, to be clear, but I’ve helped promote writers’ other works and generate mutual traffic. Contributors get their links here and what not. If that interests you there’s the Join the Party page you can check out, just throwing that out there. It’s something I want to pay contributors for eventually once crowd funding grows. I don’t mean to give a shpiel to you but that’s part of how TWRM became what it is now.


  1. Took a sec outta comment huntin to read this un! (bout ta rip thru Apr again!) Good God Y’all!!! What a game! (Admit it, ya played it again didn’t ya!? *Grins*) C don’t blame ya at all!!!
    Lil tip tho, as gamers, we don’t use ‘The R word’ *Tuts & Shakes Finger while Grinnin Widely* cos gamin is mostly about avoidin the horrors & hideousness of the real world (at least fer Lord C! *Grins Tigerishly*)
    We jus politely look at the simple facts that Bowser has ALL these kids with NO wife, (Birdy don’t count yo! *Grins*) Peach is almost always in or around his castle, & all exchange knowin looks whilst grinnin & noddin!!!
    Other n that, crackin work as always Well Red Sir! *Bows Politely*


  2. Excellent review! SMW is one of my favorite games of all time, and I replay it at least once a year. I just recently replayed the 3DS VC version for a mini-review, but I plan on making a full review of it as well. Thanks for spreading the love of this masterpiece!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. From a purely technical standpoint, Super Mario World could very well be the greatest video game of all time. On a personal note, it’s easily one of my favorites. One of the first games I ever played along with Super Mario Bros. 3 and the Mega Man titles. I think DKC2 is the only 2D platformer that matches it (though Yoshi’s Island and Tropical Freeze come close). It’s a masterpiece.

    Great review! If you want, you can check out my review for Super Mario World as well. It’s currently one of the few games I’ve rated a 10/10.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope that I expressed both how much I love this game and also how great it is from that technical standpoint. It’s such a definitive platformer. Definitely a 10/10.
      I’ll make sure to check out your review on SMW also! Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, I absolutely agree. It was my first game and I play through it probably at least once a year, along with Earthworm Jim and Lemmings. What are your other favorite SNES games?
    You’re a rock-solid writer, man. Keep it up. I look forward to your posts since I followed you, just haven’t been able to make time to comment till now (busy busy).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, busy busy, tell me about it. Between work and our baby (Kal, named after Superman heheh) writing often takes a back burner spot, so blogging is nice since it’s bite-size. You’re too kind!
      SNES is my favorite system and there’s a massive amount of classics on it. Earthworm Jim, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG and World, Link to the Past, Turtles in Time, Breath of Fire II, FFIII, Chrono Trigger (fav game of all time), Mega Man X and X-2, Aladdin, Super Metroid, ugh sooo many!
      I’m trying to do as many SNES reviews as I can, since it’s such a great system but so few have even touched it nowadays.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hey dude, I feel ya. Between work, commute, and school I’m swamped too. (Do not be shy, Yuna is on our list for a girl’s name someday.)
        SNES is ridiculously good and I too love tons of titles. Sadly our second controller is f–ky so we can’t play versus though. :,(
        SNES is getting plenty of love this month on DRE for this challenge, make sure to check it out. We’re all VERY different kinds of gamers so our collaborations get silly – which only makes it more fun!

        Keep up the good work!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Hey man, I loved the review. Well-formatted, thoughtful, and with a clear love for the game and all it’s unique and revolutionary aspects. It’s a game I’ve played over fifty times easily, and will be featured as my pick on an upcoming “Game You’ve Played More Than Five Times” post during our 30 Day Video Game Challenge! If you’d ever like to guest write or throw down an opinion on a post, we’d love to have you. Your writing is quality stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks very much for your kind words and that sweet offer! I felt like Super Mario World can’t be applauded enough, and it was truly a mindblowing experience for my younger self. There’s just something about it, a whole bunch of things about it, that keep bringing me back. Thanks again for your compliments! I hope I can guest write soon! Blogging has been a great opportunity for me to write as much as possible.

      Liked by 1 person

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