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Coming Next Turn: “Prey for the Gods”

New trailer! (added 8.3.16)


Prey for the Gods is a brutal journey set on a desolate frozen island, where your only chance of survival is to destroy the very gods you believe in.”

“In Prey for the Gods, you play a lone hero sent to the edge of a dying world to discover the mystery behind a never-ending winter. Arriving with only the clothes on your back, you must survive the colossal dangers that you encounter. To restore balance and reclaim the land from the brink, you will be faced with questions that not even a god knows the answer to.”

I first heard about Prey for the Gods from the Gamer Dame and her exceptional gaming blog. I’m more interested in the project than an obese man is interested in MacDonald’s new all white-meat Chicken MacNuggets.

If you liked that PS2 masterpiece of aesthetics Shadow of Colossus then watching that reveal trailer above might make you sweat a little. It’s got climbing the monsters and such. Seems as if it could be something in the vein of Colossus’ unique mood and gameplay, or… it seems like it could be a cheap rip off made in Taiwan.


It’s been in development for almost to years, but here’s to hoping its a winner. You can visit their website for more information:

-The Well-Red Mage 



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  1. Lord C’s obese, but he’ll let that slide cos the metaphor was so good! *Grins* (not mcnuggets tho, devilspawn they be, Big Mac & medium fries £2! Hooray!!!) Also, it turns out FYI it was kinda a rip-off, I eard some1 got sued but I could be wrong?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha no worries, I’m obese myself, which is probably why I felt comfortable making that joke. In retrospect, it’s not something I’d write today. You’ll find that my language has changed over time.


      • I’ve noticed that indeed! But C’ll say same thing I always say (usually when being mocked for my terrible singin or bad dancin *Grins*)
        1stly, always ignore people who say ‘Just be yourself’ cos they lie! You’ll be judged anyway! *Grins*
        But as long as you are happy with what you do, say, write, sing, etc & as long as you ain’t hurtin anybody (least not deliberately, remember: ye cannae Give offence, it can only be Taken [Not the film, Sadly *Grins*] usually by fools!) You’ll be doing OK says me! Kudos to ya Well Red sir! *Bows Politely*

        Liked by 1 person

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