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A Boy and His Blob (1989)

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A Boy and His Blob, sub-entitled Trouble on Blobolonia, was released in 1989 from the sweaty, unwashed butt crack of Jabba the Hutt. Over time, sitting in its petri dish, it evolved into a barely playable puzzle-platformer. I mean, I’ve had strokes more exciting than A Boy and His Blob.

Was the trouble on Blobolonia the fact that they couldn’t make a decent video game if they tried? I guess I’ll never know because nobody on planet Earth has ever beaten this game. Nobody has ever wanted to. They even child-napped the creator of Pitfall and forced him to develop this game by threatening to make him play it after it was finished. But, c’mon. The guy from Indiana who made Pitfall? Not the wisest choice of programmers, unless they wanted something with a higher degree of pent up frustration and shouting than sitting through a marathon of the O’Reilly Factor.


It’s the age old tale of boy meets tapioca diahrrea.

The only way to get from one soul-deadeningly empty screen to the next is by walking. Yes, walking. Doesn’t get much more cutting edge than that. The downside is that all of the floors in this game are slipperier than Hillary Clinton trying to evade indictment. You’re skidding around constantly. But, ironically, when confronted by an obstacle in your path to victory, you do exactly what Clinton does: shapeshift. This is accomplished by “simply” feeding your blob jelly beans.


“The joke’s on you. I didn’t pack your insulin!”

See how I put quotation marks around the word “simply”? That means I was being sarcastic. While it might seem easy to toss candies into a gaping hole, what isn’t easy is that this blob couldn’t catch a jelly bean if its life depended on it, even thrown underhanded. Why would it jump when you throw a bean at it only to miss catching it entirely? Why? And if it lands on the ground, forget it. Blob be too proud to eat a jelly bean off the ground. It’s a good thing you only have a limited number of them.


And oh yes, each of the flavors change the blob into some bizarre and unhelpful shape: cinnamon jelly beans turn it into a blowtorch, licorice jelly beans change it into a ladder, and so on. You’ll inevitably forget what each flavor does which means A Boy and His Blob is an exercise in endurance through trial and error. Guarantee you won’t remember that tangerine jelly beans turn the worthless protoplasm into a trampoline which launches the kids so high in the air that when he hits the ground it immediately breaks every bone in his body. Satisfying, yes. But you won’t beat the game that way. In fact, you’ll give up on beating it long before you let the kid get murdered again and again by every caterpillar, swimming pool and stubbed toe in existence (literally everything in this game will kill you).


Walk into that cobweb and you will die, but this game’s rhetoric is so horrifically dull, you’ll welcome death.



The 8-Bit Review
visual Visuals
: 2/10
It’s like somebody scraped the tiny shred of talent off of Mila Kunis’ acting career and then made a painting out of the feces that were left to be used as a poster selling antidepressants.

audio Audio
: 1/10
The music audibly feels like getting shot with a semi-automatic. And then after you’re dead, getting shot some more. At least the soundtrack is only looped infinitely. It’s little more than five minutes long because that’s how many minutes it takes to replay the same song over a hundred times.

gameplay Gameplay: 2/10
The game has a unique idea going but the idea itself doesn’t go anywhere. Yeah, you throw jelly beans. Big deal. There’s so much trial and error that cycling through the different flavors is like trying to find a smiling employee at Walmart: tedious. It’s like childhood celebrities. They got fame but they don’t know what to do with it.


The blob is such a sphincter that if you whistle to change it back to normal, it will… and the bubble will pop and you drown.

story Narrative: 1/10
Why does the boy have a blob? It’s his frickin’ amputee brother fed on a diet of pure sugar.

accessibility Accessibility: 4/10
Easy controls belie a more sinister agenda: making you regret paying for this game.

diff Challenge: 4/10
This game is hard but for none of the right reasons. It’s hard because you’ll feed the blob a punch flavored jelly bean to make a hole in the ground and then step in it and fall 50 feet to your death. Makes you wanna give the blob a punch flavored punch in its stupid grinning face.

replay Replayability
: 1/10
I would rather drown in a swimming pool of boxer-briefs recently used by fat Italian men than play this game again.

pgrade My Personal Grade: 2/10
A Boy and His Blob sucks, which was enough to earn it a remake for the Nintendo Wii. But, hey! It did win the Parent’s Choice award! So there’s that. You want a cheap trick on how to beat A Boy and His Blob? Check it:

Aggregated Score: 2.1


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  1. Well! I’m terribly sorry but soggy trousers & pants to you, Rage Mage sir! I cannot agree with this at all! (The original I have no disagreement with!) But the Wii one fills my dark & evil heart (I’m a sociopath) with joy! I’ll admit to being stuck near the end on a dastard of a rocket level, but, until that point, I was rocketing along (even secret levels!)
    I get you’re ‘Rage’ n all, but this is just like shooting a kitten in the face: needless! You might as well say Pong didn’t have enough tits or violence! (It didn’t but that’s neither here nor there!) A boy & his blob, gave me nigh on 3 mnths of joy (shared wi Mum, who’s in a home now, friggin dementia!) So my memories will always be of shared joy & cups of tea! I repeat: custard tarts of doom to you sirrah! *Sticks tongue out & waggles eyebrows furiously*


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    P.S Apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!


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